38Istanbul, Turkey
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My self-summary
Healthy, conscious, and mindful individual I am. I'm living a healthy lifestyle and learning so much. I take care of myself; I like when my partners do as well.

I'm staying anonymous, because I wrote some great stories here about friends that like me and my personality. But I keep their names private on OKCupid, because these are their fantasies I'm writing about!

Let me know if you have stories...
What I’m doing with my life
Who wants to talk about their job? I think we're here on OKCupid to get away from our regular life.

I'll tell you a sad story... This reminds me of the time I taught at a private university and I got paid a lot of money to teach students how to be self-aware. My favorite answers for most of the university students were something like "My gaol in life is to have money, suces, an power." I quit that job, because most of them wanted to cheat their lives; I wanted to teach them about life. :(
I’m really good at
Kissing. Girls have said this to me. I have to admit, good kissing is quite addictive. It's like a conversation that you don't want to end. Kissing leads to the next paragraph.

I'm good at letting girls let out their secret desires on me & being quiet about it. No names. One time I was being undressed by a fun witty girl (from university) in the back of a cafe. The spot was a bit hidden from all the other customers. We were sitting on a long couch, hidden. As we were kissing, she started to unbutton my shirt & put her hand inside. I had to stop her when she unbuttoned my pants... it was too public for me, haha!

Another time of secret desire, I was at a club with friends. A cute female friend of mine started to dance with me a little differently. I didn't even know why, because she told me before she didn't like me, so I stopped chasing her. She kept dancing and flirting with me on the dance floor. I had to kiss her. We kissed, in the corner against a dark wall. She grabbed my hand and walked me to the bathroom. The men's bathroom! She locked the door, put the condom on, and the rest was... amazing for both of us.

Do you have any secret desires? I can probably make it happen and none of your friends have to know...
The first things people usually notice about me
I'm am really different, not average, relaxed towards you, pissed off at Turkish men on the street! "Buyrun, come, yes please, gel gel gel gel, my friend." Guys, quit it... it's enough.

No body hair, so I smell quite nice. :)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I'm going to be sarcastic here (& hopefully a little funny, hehe). Do you like the movie Pulp Fiction? You do? I do too. I'm glad we met on OKCupid, because we can get married now. We'll tell our kids we met on OKCupid. But wait, you like Justin Bieber. Oh, that's a deal breaker!
Six things I could never do without
This question doesn't help anyone on OKCupid. I can see it now. "I met my husband/wife on OKCupid, because he put me as one of those six things..." Neeeeeext question! :)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Sharing my lifetime of great dating experiences with you women. I'm staying anonymous, because I want to keep it a secret.

One of my favorite moments in life... I used to have an apartment that had a beautiful roof-top terrace that looked out to the Bosphorus. Everyone who lived in the building was allowed up there. I dated a short, curly-haired, intelligent Turkish girl before (I miss her a little too). We went up to the roof and we watched the sunset. She asked me, "Can we do it tonight on the roof? I've never done it before." I said "oh yeah" and we did it under the blankets. It was so scary and exciting at the same time...

Haha, I was in New York at night and this girl I had a great conversation with... we were kissing on the street. She brings me to a dark building entrance, kissing some more and touching. Ten minutes later, the fire truck comes and stops in front of the building. We're still kissing. They walk up to us and say, "Excuse me, someone called in a fire here?" Hahaha. I guess we were creating too much heat in the corner...

Want to share a story?...
You should message me if
Ooooof!! Why do I have to write this damn essay like I’m applying for college? Why don’t we just admit that’s what this web site is for? You’re not gonna meet your husband on here. You’re gonna meet your husband at work where you’re forced to be around him without an agenda. You two will slowly grow on one another. That’s how relationships happen. Me, you’re gonna have a fun conversation with me, let me buy you a couple cheap wines, and wake up groggy in the morning with my hands holding your pretty face. We will make a half-hearted plan to meet up at some art show; whichever one of us is better looking will flake, and we will never speak again. Why do this fucking kabuki dance? When you meet your true love in ordinary life I will congratulate you.

For now, let's remove the polite talk and think what's in both of our heads. This web site is for fucking the guy/girl that meets your standards. But you can’t fuck unless you say you’re not interested in fucking. If I'm looking for “just friends” up there, do you believe that for one second? You have to pretend to like the same music, or the worst of us have to talk about passion career ambition blah blah blah. If we don't like the same music, it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t have a warm body to hold on to for a couple drunken nights. I’ll even cook you some good Turkish food. We’ll see each other at a party in a few months and make small talk and your eyes will be nervous and I’ll see it’s because your boyfriend is elsewhere in the room. Good for you. I won’t make a big deal about it.

We’ll meet and we’ll have a good talk and we’ll smoke a couple cigarettes and then we’ll walk around the park and play with the cats for a minute. Then we'll take a dolmuş to your place, because you work early in the morning after we've had sex.
The two of us