53 Caribou, United States
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My self-summary
To start with I very seldom send the first message. So if you are interested in talking you should send me a message.I'm not sure why I stiil keep this online dating thing going. I will try to explain why say that. I have alot of health problems. I have talked to a few women but as soon as they hear about the health issuse that puts a stop to any communication.
I will tell you some of my health issues, and if you want to still want to talk let me know. they are as follows.

heart problems
disk disease
joint disease
my sternam was crushed due to hospital malpractice
I am looking for someone to spend the rest of my life with. I am not interested in anyone who plays head games,Life is just to short for that. I am a believer in GOD,and I would like to meet someone who at least believes in GOD to. I am a smoker and at this point I do not intend to quit. I like to go camping,swimming,fishing,horseback riding. I like to go to flea markets,yard sales,auctions , and many other things.Some times my mouth gets me in trouble,because i have a habit of saying what is on my is not a bowl of cherries. some times the truth hurts.I say what I mean and I mean what I say.I am not looking for a one night stand.What i want is to find someone to spend the rest of my life with.So if your not looking for a life time commitment, or you like to play head games Please don't respond. Life is just to short,and hearts are meant to be cared for not broken.I grew up in Athol mass, but have traveled all of the USA except the islands.The person i am looking to meet must like church,animals exp, Horses:fishing:I really wanted to move back to Tennessee but I guess God has other plans for me. God does answer all prayer, It just might not be the answer we want. He answers in three ways Yes, No, or not right now, and we must learn to understand that, and realize that God knows best

I am a very quiet person, I am quite shy until I get to know a person. I don't go looking for trouble BUT I WONT BACK DOWN from it either. I am very protective of my friends and family. I used to be a hell raiser so to speak until I found god and Jesus. well I should say until I let God and Jesus into my life. I am far from perfect, I still make allot of mistakes, but I try to learn from them. I will never give up on life or trying to find my soul mate. I know that she is out there somewhere. Top reasons I think I would make a good boyfriend. I can put a new roof on your shed. or fix your car. I love making people laugh. (Are you ticklish?) I will rub your back . I will not move into your home the first chance I get. Like you, I am scared of commitment. I I'm genuine. I've traveled and will travel more
I collect blue glass and antiques You'll have to prove to me you really want me and that you're worth my time. (I'll always have time for you) I learn constantly

I love horses, dogs & cats, and all other animals I almost always smell good. I know what makes the rocking world go round. Girls who wear glasses are sexy. spoon me every night ( I like waking up that way) I'll put sunscreen on you before you go crispy. I am a good cook, I won't ever cheat. I stand up for myself, and the ones I love I'm gracious. I will hold you when you need it, I listen when you need to talk. I will remember your birthday .
I don't do drugs. I won't sleep with your best friend. (Don't sleep with mine!) I hate the phone, but I'd love you to call I keep myself groomed (for the most part) I Shower at least once a day I don't hog blankets.
I'm geeky enough to take care of my computer. I can carry a conversation for longer than 30 seconds. You have already invested by reading this, so take a leap *Do not be looking for only sex. (I do not come as a sex-only package.) *Be unique, but not TOO unique. You should add me to your friends list or message me if able to carry conversation) Do not be looking for only sex. (I do not come as a sex-only package.) Be decent enough to send a pic of your face Be unique, but not to unique. Please respond if you are still interested. Peace to everybody and may God be with you always.

About Me I am a firm believer in god and Jesus. I believe that what comes around goes around. I am not into head games or people who play them. I like church. yard sales. Flea markets. Fishing. Camping. The beach. Horse back riding. peaceful romantic times and many other things. I almost never make the first contact so if you want to know more JUST ASK. I have health problems so if you can't accept me as I am then don't waste your time or mine. I am so sick of the BULL $#/+ AND People who want to play head games You would think that by the time a person is in there 40s AND 50s they would have GROWN UP You people who still want to play head games and use people need to grow up and get a life
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men do cry. and we do have feelings
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