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My self-summary
Hello there! A knight(and a randy pirate!) in shiny steel armor here! Though, you know, when in pirate mode, I'm dressed in leather and loose fitting cotton and silk -easy things to get out of when one finds oneself captivated by a bit of fine booty, lol!

I'm looking for someone to share thoughts and ideas with. I'd like to find a traveling companion who isn't afraid to help me slay a dragon(presuming we find one and it's mean, lol), as well! These days, I'm feeling more like a randy pirate, however. It's easier to dress the part, lol -loose fitting comfortable clothing, as opposed to all that heavy armor ;) - I can be either, depending upon the situation...

I'm a hopeless romantic, who wants to find a beautiful, sexy, adventurous and intelligent woman to share a whirlwind romance with -ideally, she will possess the spirit of Eowyn. She will be a lover and a fighter(if need be, of course, lol) capable of taking care of herself and the people she loves, while also being able to let herself be taken care of, too.

I don't care about your social status or any of that bullshit. If, however, you are the kind of woman who has a loose relationship with honesty, truth or honor, you will likely do something to piss me off, and I will call you out on it. I am not going to be disrespected by you, or anyone. There are a lot of you out there, and I seem to find you. Let me offer you some advice, if you think that lying to me, for any reason whatsoever is a good idea, reconsider. I am a natural detective and WILL find out that you have been less than honest. There is nothing worth the damage that dishonesty causes to the relationship between two people. There is almost never a way to restore trust, once lost.

I also believe that a relationship must be balanced. In other words, if I do something for you, there is a hope or expectation(whether implied or not) for you to offer something in return as a balance. Too often I end up with women who have no sense of balancing relationships, are selfish or are not interested in a real 'give and take' relationship. I am not here to be used by you. I am here to help you, if needed, and I expect the same in return.

It's worth a mention that with regard to communication, if I take the time to send you a message, text or whatever, it's a matter of respect that you make an attempt to respond as soon as possible. It does not matter if you don't like this, it's a matter of respect. I don't waste time sending messages that don't serve a purpose, so I expect a response. If this is too much to ask of you, a simple response to my thoughts or request, then you are too superfluous to really want anything between us to work.

I'm open to all possibilities, but would love to simply make a new friend in this journey of life. If the journey takes us beyond that, then all the better! Looking for adventure? Fetch your herald(or just send a message with the answer of the riddle in 'you should message me if') and drop me a line!

Despite the lackadaisical attitude I usually project, I can be serious minded when necessary -although I much prefer to be playful and romantic....Life is too serious, so don't be that way all the time!!!

BTW, I have Scorpio Rising and Moon in Scorpio. If you know what that means, I'd love to hear from you! If you enjoy the music of Enigma while being romantic, then we've got a lot in common!
Anyone interested in knowing me better needs to understand the description of the INTP and INFP personality types, as I waver between them.. It will save you a lot of misunderstanding. The full text of this is on my my space page. You will also find my photography there, which is cool -check it out if you dare, of course!
I believe this profile should be used as a tool to not only weed out those who are too, something-or-other to get and/or respect me, but to attract exactly what I want, so I'm upping this just a notch here. I am looking for the last, best relationship, but I am also looking for friends who share my perspectives. There is nothing traditional about me. I do not view sexuality as a perverse or bad thing. "All acts of love, honor the Goddess". I live this, and believe that "Love is the way". That means that if we are so attracted to each other, that we have sex on the first date, I absolutely respect you, then, the next morning and forever. If you become my lover, you become a life-long friend, whom I shall never abandon.

I was a firefighter for nine years, and a 911 dispatcher for three. I have learned that life is a something that can disappear in one second, so my attitudes to living are edgy, and non-traditional. I am committed, when in a committed relationship. Until that point, however, we are 'dating'. For my part, I have no problem with the concept of polyamory or open relationships, as long as they are completely based in truth and honesty.

You may think this means that I am promiscuous, but being in the medical field makes one skittish about disease, so that limits my sexual exploits to a very few. It also makes those generally long-term, which is fine by me. A caveat -or warning- is needed here:If you have sex with me, you will likely fall in love with me. This is not a boast, but an observation of the last four years of my life, with four different women. I was once told that I have powers and abilities, and that my specialty was the 'movement of energy through sexuality'. I suppose that's like sexual reiki, or something, which I have no training in, yet.

At this point in my life, I am old enough to know what I want, and honest enough to handle what life gives me. If you are alright with what you have read here, please make a new friend for life...Namaste

I am Adventurous, Enigmatic, and Hedonistic

I am also extremely liberal, except with regard to guns. If you don't like guns, don't own one. If you don't like abortions, don't have one... IF you support trashy trump, we have nothing in common, whatsoever. Anyone who supports someone documented as lying 91% of the time is no one I will ever trust...
What I’m doing with my life
I'm employed by a global monstrosity and spend my nights working for them. When I do get free time, I sacrifice sleep in order to have some fun... Unfortunately, by the time Friday comes around, I'm exhausted.

Finding myself back in the singles pool, I am looking for a sexy, beautiful, intelligent and adventurous damsel, who can handle whatever life throws at her and conquer it, and then be as soft and sensuous as silk when the battle is won... She should enjoy being close to the man in her life, and willing to share in new experiences. She should also have the ability to just spend the day lounging around the house, every now and then. Similar outlooks and interests would be fun, but definitely not essential. I am more than happy to find new experiences and share differing viewpoints on everything.

If you lean toward the eclectic, or your friends might describe you as a little eccentric, then that's probably a plus -but certainly not mandatory. Do you enjoy music? History? The night sky? The ocean? Traveling to distant locales and wandering off the beaten path? Do you have the courage to do things your way? Do you like the thermostat set to 75, 70, 65 or 55? Do you like bold colors or neutrals? Are you creative or artistic? Do you enjoy mystery? Have you ever enjoyed an eclipse, comet or meteor shower? Do you like snow, and taking a romantic walk in it?. Does the sound of the ocean soothe your spirit? Would you love to hike to a secluded waterfall, and sneak a dip in the cool mists? Ever wondered what a volcano looks like up close? These are some of the things I enjoy and plan on doing eventually(haven't made it to the volcano yet, lol). If you think you'd like to share in some of these wanderings, please, let me know. You're the dreamy goddess that I'm waiting for...

I lost my dog, who was like my first child, on New Year's Eve, from congestive heart failure, which resulted from being attacked by a larger dog six months earlier(he got out of my grandmother's house). I spent New Year's eve burying him on her land. Requiescat in Pace, Maximvs Baggins. I like dogs and cats.

I got a new Jeep Wrangler, soft-top, and have been in the process of adding things to make it more adventure-friendly -such as a cargo rack for my kayaks, and new bumpers, which required some plasma cutting and welding to make it work with the aforementioned cargo rack, but hey, I got to buy new toys like a plasma cutter, and some welders! I also have a sit-on-top kayak, tandem(two-person), as well as three other kayaks to share... I hope to be able to spend some peaceful time on the water in the next few months....Update to this:I am now spending a few hours each week, with my crimson sit-on kayak(and a 'Surrender the Booty' flag, flying from the stern), on Belews Lake. If you see me, while whizzing by on a much faster vessel, say hi!

In anticipation of this upcoming total solar eclipse, in August, I made the expensive switch from cheap DSLR cameras, to the Canon 5DSR, a full-frame tech leader with a 50mp sensor. It will, hopefully, provide awesome images of the eclipse, as well as everything else. My first shot, which I may as well add to the secondary album, here, was of a flower growing outside the front door. The quality difference between the images of the new camera, versus the old ones I had, are striking... Of course, I will be hiking a lot more, as it warms up, to really experience the world all over again, in glorious 50 megapixel beauty! I would love to have you along for the journey! :)
I’m really good at
Spending I'm not bad with computers, either. This list will grow when I really put some effort into being a little less humble... ;)

At being brutally honest. Hey, I'm a Sagittarius, after all -it's what we do- foot in mouth or not, we shoot 'em straight! In frank Sag manner, I finally figured out how to make all those silly questions public. I'm not sure I like that they were ever hidden, in the first place. Why hide your opinions? They make you uniquely your own person, so be proud of your answers. If someone judges harshly upon those results, then let their narrowness of mind be your freedom from such people! If someone really takes issue with your opinion, they have an obligation to inquire, do they not? It's not like these things have an essay section where you can explain your answers -because, by the gods, I probably would expand on them a bit, lol.
The first things people usually notice about me
An incredibly good question. I need to get some feedback on this... I would say my sun and moon with ankh tattoo that covers my entire chest. Also my naturally curly hair gets a fair bit of attention, too...

For years now, all of my coworkers would notice that my hair is almost never within corporate guidelines, lol. Newsflash for you corporate diehards, it's gonna get worse! muahahahahahah! After three years of growth, you realize that, I'm sure.

For you corporately minded fools who think that employment gives you control over someone, well not me. My hair is much longer than you like, and it's getting longer, still.. :)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Most recently, as this has not been updated in years, I have fallen in love with a Chinese drama called Ice Fantasy. It's 62 episodes, released over a four month period, instead of wasting several years of your life, as Western serials do, like Game of Thrones, giving you only ten or so episodes per year. I tend to like movies and shows with subtitles, as English language offerings sometime leave lots to be desired.

I genuinely love a Game of Thrones, for its gritty portrayal of medieval life, and its lack of value for those who were not rich and powerful. Having read histories of the English wars of the roses, I immediately saw the similarities between the storylines.

I also love anything by Joss Wheadon, and the Marvel group(film and series-wise). I never really got into the comics scene, however.

I did enjoy the Harry Potter series of books(the story as told from Hermione's comprehensive perspective), as well as the movies(the story as it would be told by Ron and Harry).

Also loved the Lord of the Rings movies,(extended editions only) though they would have been done greater justice if they had played out in a TV series format, like Babylon 5 was.

I recently became enthralled with Joseph Campbell's series of video lectures, of which the first installment is called "Mythos", it's available on Netflix Instant, and is hosted by Susan Sarandon. I am convince that this lecture series should be required education for high school students. It shows the origins of man and his mythology, and how that became religion. It puts religion into proper perspective as how it should be a PART of life, not your entire f*cking life -or something that you TAKE life for! Overly religious people can arouse great disdain in me, especially if they believe their way is the only way and love to shove this down the throats of others. I quickly put those people in their place as ignorant savages.

Very fond of Italian and Mexican food. Love fondue, despite the hours of prep work involved. Not a snob, I'm just as eager to hit McDonald's or Wendy's. I forgot to add CookOut to that list. My apologies to them! I eat fairly healthy, with salads being a daily lunch item, almost exclusively, so I can visit those other places without a guilty conscience...

Musically, I like everything from classical to metal and punk. Anything but rap, and please, let us keep the country to a minimum(I actually like some). I think it would be an endless task to try and list my favorites here. I need to give an example, however, I know...

I recently upgraded my blu-ray player to one that has Netflix, Youtube and Pandora internet radio on it. I spend a lot of time letting Pandora blast through the surround system, usually rocking the house(literally -since it's a decent quality system).
Six things I could never do without
I)Sex. I like it a lot. I'm not promiscuous, thankfully, but I'm a big fan...Thanks to OKCupid, I am 42% more interested in it than the average person, lol(so this is an honest trait) BTW, if you don't enjoy it, any kind of non-platonic relationship we have will be non-existent...

Crap! What happened to the rest of my list??? ugh (honestly, I had spent a lot of time typing up five other items -with descriptions- here and saved it, but when I looked at it to proofread, all that was left was the first item. I took that as some sort of divine signal, and just left it be, lol)

II)Intelligent interaction
III)Music, of some variety(not exclusive against any, but minimal on the rap and country)
IV)The internet
V)Humor and Sarcasm
VI)All things metaphysical
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Who the idiot was who thought that we should spend all of our time working, as opposed to developing who we are or spending time with our friends and families. How will we ever achieve any spiritual breakthroughs if the majority of our time is spent at work?

I, for one, would like to be able to get off this planet before it's blown away by the Vogon Constructor Fleet -or just a random asteroid. How can we evolve into a galactic power if we have people who spend all their time at work, or homeless, or starving, or being repressed from basic human rights?

Why Facebook is so popular? Hey herd, all the stuff you put on there is attached to your REAL NAME, and your employer knows this...give them an excuse to fire you, lol.... No, MySpace is way cooler, more anonymous and far more enjoyable for anyone with a hint of creativity... I have started using Facebook regularly, but as a platform to educate the morons I went to high school with, about the evils of Republican legislation and religious issues, when it comes to them pushing their shit down the throats of the rest of us. I am none too nice about it, either. I don't like it, and I'm not shy about expressing this...
On a typical Friday night I am
Dead tired from not getting enough sleep during the previous five days, working nights...
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Well, there was this one time I.........

I reluctantly admit that I seem to be attracting women who are not good for me. I find myself attracted, and then end up getting used, abused, misled or lied to. Are there no women who have an obligation to the truth, or a sense of honor? I'm officially lowering my standards to sexual attraction. At least I know if that kind of relationship continues for some time, there may be enough stability there to actually risk my heart...

I also reluctantly admit that I am too much 'the nice guy'. I know, for a fact, that nice guys truly do finish last. I'm becoming less nice, and am hoping this will achieve some kind of balance so that I only finish last half the time...

I fight for the rights of people to be themselves, regardless of consequence. I fight for religious freedom for those of the pagan path, primarily, though religious freedom should stand for all. I am tired of being tolerant of intolerance. I do not respect any religion that preaches it is the only way, and that anyone who does not follow that path is damned. If you believe that your way is the only way, then I do not respect you, if you need me to spell it out. No religious system that alienates others is valid, as we are all created equal, which is reality. If you come to me with ignorant belief systems because you have never questioned their validity and value, then prepare to be annoyed by me...I will challenge your beliefs and make sure you have them for reasons that are honest, just and right for you...

My astrological information:
Asc - Scorpio
Sun - Sagittarius - House 2
Moon - Scorpio - House 1
Mercury - Capricorn - House 3
Venus - Aquarius - House 4
Mars - Libra - House 12
Jupiter - Libra - House 11
Saturn - Aries - House 6
Uranus - Libra - House 11
Neptune - Scorpio - House 1
Pluto - Virgo - House 11

My perspective of a sexual encounter with me:
The seduction starts like a gets dark and still, the winds caress your body, and then the electricity arcs and the thunder rolls...for a long time, the winds and rains drench us, and we are carried away with the sparks, arcs and the crashes of thunder...the Earth moves, and the rains and wind dissipate...the sun comes out again, and we share the rainbow that is the inevitable end of a good summer storm...only hours have past, and it's hard to regain your sense of's also difficult to walk straight for the next day...yeah, it's just like that! :)

On the other hand, I'll admit to writing some tests for the site -that might be embarrassing enough, lol. With that said, please take my latest test: The OKCupid Stupid Photo Restrictions Test

The OKCupid Stupid Photo Restrictions Test

Another thing I admit to is having a desire to be an awesome dancer -things like tango, and other sultry styles...and I'm not letting the fact that I don't really know how to dance stand in the way of that dream! :)

Oh, and in case you're still clueless -I'm a witch! <|=)

You should message me if
You want to! If you want to contact me, have the courage to do so. Do not be one of those women who are waiting for guys to contact you -you are wasting your lives away..."Who dares, wins!"

You can actually handle me...90+% of you cannot... :) I am not overly bothered by this...

You want a decent, high quality profile pic for free! There are a lot of beautiful women on these sites, but you would not know by their profile pictures. Some of them are not very good at all. I know how hard it is to get a good profile shot. In the interest of showcasing all the beauty that is hiding behind some bad profile pics, I am offering to use my pro digital SLR to take you a few shots and give you some pics that you really like for your profiles. This is a free public service offered in the interest of helping others where possible! If interested, just let me know and we'll come up with a plan! I'm no pro -but you're not paying, either, lol. I have a pretty good eye and know how to capture anyone's good side to make them look sexy and beautiful!

Up for a mental challenge? See if you can reach the destination of this riddle:The constellation containing the star Antares, spelled with V instead of U (Latin style) AT The name of the Roman goddess who was known to the Greeks as Hera -research, complete and win the admiration of your mind(okay, if you've read this far, you already have that, lol! ;) Consider this extra credit!)

Hey, ladies, I have some wonderful astrology software, so if you would like a free chart and interpretation you can print out, please let me know! Thanks! BTW, if your an astrological skeptic(as I once was) I invite you to get the chart and then tell me how accurate it is!
The two of us