49San Diego, United States
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My self-summary
I am the unrelenting blackness that creeps into your soul. Turn
out the light I am there. Even in the light I am in the shadows
waiting to slip forth and envelop you as the light

If I decide I like you, you'll find out right away that I am
actually warm, extremely sensitive - empathic even, and just
maybe handy to have around; that's probably why I am so dark,
the world is not too kind to those like me.

If you look edible watch out, I do tend to nibble a bit. I am
not afraid to be seen giving someone a long hard stare and a
growl if I am interested; nor will I withhold glare and the
other kind of growl if aggravated. I won't hold back on
displays of affection, public and private, nothing too
gratuitous but it has sometimes gotten me into small amounts of
trouble with stuffy people and even a mate or two.

I have a long term significant other right now but looking; no
secrets though, everything is on a full disclosure basis,
besides she may very well want to play too! We'll will be
friends before anything gets TOOOoooo naughty should anything
end up headed there. As for whats too naughty, just use your
imagination, I am a bit of a pervert. Are you?

I detest things that are false, or are superficial and lack substance; I feel that strength, durability and clever design far outweigh how pretty something is. Jewelry is mostly just expensive gravel and Id rather get or give something genuinely needed and useful.

I love to help solve problems, have long discussions about the minute details of stuff and solve the mysteries of the universe with a friend over a 20oz mocha, double-chocolate, extra-sweet (the friend or the drink). I have a great amount of knowledge about stuff but I'm not afraid to say 'I don't know' if I dont. I have a background in science, aerospace, computers, forensics and manufacturing but never had the time or money to get a degree.

I am reticent at first, then talkative, and playful later.
What I’m doing with my life
I blacken everything I touch... even if neither of us knows it at the time ...And that's a good thing.
Well, that's pretty true; I have spent a fortune on flat black spray paint and black dyes trying to darken all within my realm.
Mostly I'm working doing boring stuff for interesting projects, playing Second Life and trying very hard to be a little more sociable. I have a lot to offer but don't get to too often because I just don't socialize with that many people and lately I've been incredibly busy with frustrating things.
I’m really good at
Making stuff, breaking stuff, fixing stuff, feeling stuff, tasting stuff, analysing stuff, obsessing over stuff, biting stuff, suffering, healing, giving, needing, loving, listening.

I am also exceptionally tolerant and hard to offend although I may just give lip service to someone terribly offensive then simply avoid them in the future.

Believe it or not I can even do girl talk... I am not afraid to use my X chromosome.

The first things people usually notice about me
I look like a bouncer. I frighten small children too, but that's mostly just my tough outer shell. Typically anyone who gives me 2 seconds will get a warm smile and everyone will always be kindly treated unless they give me a good reason not to be.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I like a lot of everything...

music) I have a vast music interest and like most of what I hear.

movies) I catch a movie once in a while but most of them are so poorly written all I can do is critique the effects. I buy the good ones later on DVD anyway.

books) I love books but rarely have enough time for them.

foods) Chocolate, Human Females, Surf and Turf, Chicken, meat. Except for the chocolate, I am a carnivore all the way around.

Six things I could never do without
chocolate - love - sex

air - water - food

and in about that order probably
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Absolutely EVERYTHING !!! Seriously, at any one time I may be working on up to three big things, a dozen little things and hundreds of little processes or questions way-way in the back of my mind just waiting for the right bit of data to give me that "Ah-Ha!" moment.

At every moment of every day, with every action I am overanalyzing everything I do and see. Some people think that is too much, but I think it's a good thing, I absolutely insist that I not just observe but actually understand every little detail of what happens or how something completely works.

...And of course I spend an inordinately large amount of time thinking about sex and chocolate... Usually at the same time.

On a typical Friday night I am Cafe Cabaret coffee shop with my laptop, ya can't miss me.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I am terribly lonely, even in a room full of people and with friends at my side I'm still missing something.
You should message me if are interested in talking or starting something and don't already hate me from my profile or think i'm a sick wierdo (except that i sorta am).
I also dispense advice (occasionally good advice), answer technical qustions about the universe, from quarks to cars to stars and everything in between (often correctly), and rail against established govrrnments and religions (almost coherently).
You will likely be subjected to my dreadful spelling and complete lack of punctuation and capitalization too.
The two of us