27Corpus Christi, United States
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My self-summary
Okay here's the new deal with me. I've been on this site for a very long time so I've probably seen your profile already.

I'm a boardgame designer, for R.Spark Studios.
I drive a motorcycle, and a car.
I'm in a relationship already so I don't need you for that.

I have a job and it's anti social.

What I need you for is: gaming buddies, and general friendship. I get along better with women because of my feminine nature but men and non-binary are more than welcome.

I am probably a sociopath.
What I’m doing with my life

Board-game Design



Trying to inflate my retirement fund at an acceptable and yet risk averse rate.
I’m really good at
Charm, wit and miles of arrogant intelligence.
You'd appreciate my cooking, but you're too busy.
The first things people usually notice about me
How courteous and well mannered i am. I was born from Dutch Nobles.

My taste in clothes.

How fucking crazy my sexual experience is.
How fucking weird I am.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Drum and Bass, Electro-House, Glitch Hop.

Thrillers, Foreign, action, espionage, conflict, drama, and dark humor.

I would tell you about the books i once read, noticing several key authors like Clive Barker and Mark Z. I'd show you my kindle, which i recently acquired - but I left it at home, not thinking you would actually care to see what was on it.
Six things I could never do without
I love a place to play. Be it from a swing set near the beach, or a bedroom. I need some where to be silly and have fun. With out some thing to explore, I would die. Don't tell me how bored you are with Corpus, because you're obviously a Peasant.

Fun or interesting conversations. I write a letter that takes two pages. I giggle when you find a subject i can talk about for days and days. Next thing you know, we're writing long ass texts to each other at 1 in the morning, well past my bedtime.

Cellphones, laptops, consoles, pirated Nintendo Clones.. if it has a motherboard we probably want to play with it. if it has a touch screen we probably want to play with it. if it makes noise we probably want to play with it. If it shoots, shakes, rumbles, walks or makes us giggle.. we probably want to play with it.
RC cars are our favorites.

I love to show off, though. "Look how cool they are, and i am friends with them. No, seriously."
I never compromise my personality or my sense of who i am. I flirt with the waitress by drawing for her, and leaving her cute notes on the napkins.
Eventually you might get one of those yourself, but right now its too early, you figure. So you decide to pass the time flirting with the waitress too.

I am very passionate and you can try to handle that, but you never slink away into the darkness. Eventually I shush my face. In one ear, out the other.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
I mention skateboarding or golf and how much i miss it. You might mention tennis or cycling. I can relate to those sports.

We worry about jobs and working for the rest of our lives. Maybe you don't but i do. You're supportive but you let me handle my own business.
On a typical Friday night I am
I like to hang out. I'm fighting for free time and eventually we will have to settle on a walk around the mall or a little time sitting on the beach having a picnic.

I'm from classy folk but getting crazy is always a good idea.

Playing any of the following:
DnD, PC games, Dank Memes, Magic the Gathering, X-Wing Minatures, warhammer, loud music, or Fetch with the dog!
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm incredibly kinky. I've done a lot of stuff.

I'm looking to do some more.
You should message me if
Wait, wait, can you waltz? .. How about swing?
Archery? .. What about golf?
Do you know X-Step? Have you ever bopped along to DnB?
No? ... Okay well then you'll have to check yourself against the next block of text. dammit.

You should message me if you want. I will always be glad to message you back.

My name is Charles.

Go ahead and get in touch if you're a Table Top gamer, PC gamer or would like some one to host your teamspeak needs.

Even if you're not a computer nerd like me, we can get in touch any time and i will have the utmost patience with your computer illiteracy, should any occur.

Skype: sdk_exile
Steam: sdk_exile
Phone: i enjoy texting folks.
Have a Facebook too but you need to ask about that one.

Don't be afraid to ask me about any thing - i'll gladly answer questions - but when i do answer them respect my ability to be open and clear with you, and at least be willing to say you don't wish to talk about it any more when the truth displeases you.
The two of us