54 Seattle, United States
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My self-summary
Now hold on a second.

Have you ever heard of synchronicity? Do you understand it? Do you buy it?

I do. One moment ago, we didn't know the other existed, and now we do. We'll never be the same again!

I am a curious, open-minded, open-eyed person who engages sincerely with everyone I meet, regardless of whether it's totally random, or if we're working together, or if our children are going to the same school, or if we've known each other since preschool. Every day I meet someone new. Every day. I strive to know everyone I meet, and for them to know me, because I don't believe we met by accident, and I want to know why we've met.

If you ask any friend of mine to describe me, you will probably hear words like, crazy, fun, smart, witty, irreverent, strong-willed, hedonistic, passionate, intense, opinionated, persistent, impulsive, direct, flirtatious. I don't do anything halfway. I'm all in, or not in at all.

Ideally, you've just read the above and get it. I love women, everything about them, and have no checklist of desired traits. I cannot "order" my ideal woman by checking the right boxes and "adding you to my shopping cart." So... all I ask is that you are a woman, you consider yourself desirable, can enjoy a good laugh, and can handle a sincere compliment. Anything further is out of our control at this point.
What I’m doing with my life
I've spent my entire life up until now pursuing success as a classical musician. I have attained the highest rung on the ladder of classical musical success. If you go out to see shows or concerts in and around Seattle, you've probably heard me play, perhaps you've even seen me, especially if you've gone down to the orchestra pit and leaned over the rail.

However, my aspirations include many other things, artistic, social, financial and romantic, that do not come neatly packaged in consistent gigging and other forms of traditional employment. I believe that many of you have attained a similar situation; successful, yes, happy, yes (hopefully), but longing still for our true meanings, to become what we really are. Finding each other is definitely part of these longings. Would you agree?

Oscar Wilde said, "The very essence of romance is uncertainty." I am truly a romantic; I'm not looking for security. I'm looking for the bubbles that change my wine into champagne. Is that you? Could that be us?
I’m really good at
Spotting bullshit.
The first things people usually notice about me
Many random passers-by have been surprised by my spontaneous conversation with them. I also hand out compliments to complete strangers, often receiving a blush and a smile. I've stopped worrying about what others think of me. This activity makes me happy, and I think it makes others happy too.

You'll notice that I have an irreverent sense of humor. If I think you're beautiful I just tell you. I'm often dressed in a tux. If you're smiling, I will tell you it makes me feel good.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Brothers Karamazov (literally changed the way I saw life at the time I read it in my late 20s)
Everything Alexandre Dumas ever wrote
Snowcrash and Diamond Age (Neal Stephenson)
Song of Ice & Fire (George RR Martin)
Anything from Orson Scott Card (so he's a bit torn between the teachings of his faith and his own personal beliefs...maybe that's why he's such a wonderful writer)
Jitterbug Perfume (Tom Robbins)

Movies (I generally love movies. These are films I'll see over and over):
A Hard Day's Night
The Godfather I & II
Most Disney Animated Features, but especially Finding Nemo
Band of Brothers
Monty Python's Life of Brian
Blazing Saddles
The Princess Bride

I play shows for a living, but I still enjoy them. My all-time favorites:
Sweeney Todd
Guys & Dolls
Beauty & the Beast
The Who's Tommy
Jesus Christ Superstar
The Producers
Les Miserables

Everything, especially:
Classic Rock & Roll
Tango (new tango, i.e., Astor Piazzolla)
Talking Heads
Peter Gabriel

Literally anything from any ethnicity
The six things I could never do without
My daughter
The Cascades
The sight and feel of a woman's skin
Direct eye contact
My mathematical cognitive skills that tell me there are six items on this list
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Why we've met.
On a typical Friday night I am
No such thing.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I am an open book... or a book waiting to be opened. I've nothing to hide... It could be that my deepest fantasy is just what you're looking for too. How will we find out if we aren't willing to ask or tell? Just not yet... when we're ready. :-)
You should message me if
You are here to find a man, you're ready to go, and you can listen to your heart as opposed to fighting against it. I'm very intimate with my mind and desires, and therefore trust my impulses. It may seem like I'm moving too fast, but it's just me being me. I'm much more open with my feelings much sooner than most people. No fear. Nothing to lose.

You are who you say you are. It's understood that we are all presenting ourselves in the most positive way on this site. I'm looking for a person who presents herself honestly. I believe in WYSIWYG.

Please live in or near Seattle. Like within 10 or 15 miles. I'm not interested in pen pals or long-distance flirtations. Look around you...your man is more likely to be living around your own corner!

I'm not expecting forever at first contact. I'll settle for just today. In a nutshell, I'm looking for a playmate or conversation partner today; if tomorrow we turn out to be soulmates as well, we'll both know it, right? So, send me a line! I always respond.