35Calgary, Canada
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My self-summary
I would like to maybe meet a nice people and make some friends.
Take me outside to play and go for walks!

I like people and I don't usually judge on the package they come in. i've dated many different kinds of people. I AM NOT HERE TO BED YOU ON THE FIRST SECOND OR THIRD DATE... you have to buy me dinner first! or in the very least some candy.

I like Spiderman, but I am pretty much uneasy when it comes to actual spiders. Don't worry though because i am working on that and i can be extra brave about them if i have to rescue anyone from those guys.

My hockey team has never won the Stanley cup, but I still believe they will one day.

I can pick up any musical instrument and play you some songs within a few hours. Except for the guitar I have, I wanted one for a long time. I have short fingers. maybe someone can teach me how to do c#446664.
I am told i can sing. that's good because i enjoy it. I would love to embarrass myself at karaoke sometime
What I’m doing with my life
I'm usually working.Ive recently crossed a lot off of my bucket list and recently completed one of my biggest life goals. now to find other stuff to do.
Ive started taking steps on different kinds of physical self improvement. someone stole my bicycle :(
I love my industry but might go to school to find a career i will be able to do for the next 30 years.

working towards a promotion. the cards are in my favor!!! I am very excited.
I’m really good at
making people smile.
making you delicious food.
keeping you warm.
solving problems and fixing things
The first things people usually notice about me
what is up with that guys arm?
is he going to beat me up for staring too long?

for the record it is not deformed.
i have a large scar that a tattoo will someday cover.

i look like a tough guy, but im the best teddy bear ever!!
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
books: deamons dont dream by pierce anthony, he writes good books. Kitchen confidential. uncle johns bathroom reader, i LOVE random facts. ripleys believe it or not. archie comics. i like books with pictures. i can read stuff for hours on the internet though. most likely because i am multitasking and there are pictures somewhere.

movies: the fifth element, plup fiction. big fish. up. trainspotting. requiem for a dream. battle royale, Django Unchained, fight club. finding nemo. land before time. fear and loathing.Flight of the navigator. The great outdoors. Zombie movies lots n lots n lots i mean LOTS more. I'm man enough to admit i saw the notebook, i liked it, and someone started chopping onions.

shows: game of thrones. walking dead.adventure time. big bang theory. the Simpsons. archer. futurama. master chef. chopped. how i met your mother. shameless. modern family. little Brittan. legit, Parks and Recreation, 30 Rock. Orange is the new black. Arrested development.

YAY for Netlflix!

music: pretty much all music. every song has its own special thing going on. if i can sing with it bonus!!

food: pretty much all food. picky about seafood. i don't like runny whites in my eggs. and blue cheese has a horrible aftertaste i will never be comfortable with.

color: blue followed by black
Six things I could never do without
food: when i make a dish i try to make every dish sexy. i was once asked what makes it sexy. i said its like sex on on a plate. it looks delicious and you want it in your mouth, it may even make you drool a bit. then you have a taste. you melt. you start with small bites. getting introduced to new flavors, layers, adventures. you know you're full but you keep going back for more. until you burst. then it lingers. seconds anyone?

Juice: i LOVE juice

Air: i would not like to drown.

Family: my family is very important to me.

Thumbs: totally taken granted for.

Cuddles: because boobs?
(for more than boobs of course but sometimes i think i am funny. that is an example of a time i thought i was funny)
I spend a lot of time thinking about

zombie Apocalypse

how shitty the merican government is

the kids the way they are now a days and how they will someday be in control of my pension/life/ect
On a typical Friday night I am
I work at a restaurant on 17th ave downtown.
on friday night i am busting my ass to please a bunch of really drunk people who make way more money than i do. all the while being grateful that my chef has gone home and isnt around to yell at me anymore. I genuinely love every minute of it.

on my friday night i am getting off work, unwinding and wishing i could stay awake long enough to enjoy myself lol
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I am the oldest of a large family. I value family. I like kids, they like me. I cannot produce children.
You should message me if
If anyone would like to talk, send me a message. If you need someone to listen, send me a message. If you have a question about anything, anything at all, send me a message. Feedback is welcome. Have an excellent day. Also if you are more odd than not... message me! BE BRAVE. If anything on my profile interested you, drop me a line. These things only skim the surface of what we have to offer. Ill give you fair chance if you give me one.
The two of us