62 Bethesda, United States
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My self-summary
I am creative and passionate and curious about life. I am open to possibility and to exploring new experiences. I am affectionate, kind and nurturing, and feel best about myself when I am giving to and helping others. I enjoy spending time with close friends and have a wide range of intellectual and cultural interests (including nature; city walking and hiking; arts and crafts festivals; live music, dance, and theater; workshops and lectures; museums; and dining at ethnic restaurants).

Some recent experiences I have enjoyed? Sitting in on a rehearsal of CityDance; hearing about the plans to develop the DC waterfront district on a guided walking tour; discovering I actually like the blues; taking a contact improvisational dance workshop; watching the sunset on Torrey Pines beach in San Diego; cooking Indian food for the first time; watching the newest baby ape go ape on top of her mother’s head at the National Zoo; and playing vintage pinball machines at the Smithsonian American Art Museum. I especially enjoy discovering that I like things I have never previously tried or thought I would not find fun.

I greatly value learning (about self and others and the world) and seeing beauty in the world. My sense of humor usually keeps me balanced and happy. Life has taught me the importance of mindfulness and resilience and that honesty, integrity, and dependability are keys to building trust and respect. I can be intense and outgoing as well as calm and contemplative. I am analytical and a planner but am also playful and spontaneous. I feel most fulfilled when I am being innovative, discovering deeper truths, and bringing people and ideas together. I value independent thinking and a willingness to question and challenge convention.

I am creative, passionate, and curious
What I’m doing with my life
Working as a public health researcher, program director, and educator for the government
Enjoying nature‎
Being out on the town taking advantage of all the amazing things the DC area has to offer‎
Spending time with friends
Being an aspiring artist (jewelry design, mindful photography – just had my first gallery exhibition!)
Trying to improve the world, one small act of kindness (and a few big ones as well) at a time
I’m really good at
Living in the moment‎‎‎
Indulging my playful, creative, curious, and adventurous sides‎‎‎
‎Embracing ambiguity, complexity, and change
Challenging convention‎
Being grateful