32 Millbrae, United States
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My self-summary
Dating after 30 is like... Are we doing this or not? Because I have shit to do.

Looking for a woman who has their affairs in order and is willing to put in the effort to foster a mutually beneficial and healthy relationship.

I'm generally loyal, affectionate and dedicated to the people I know very well.

Geeky introvert with extrovert tendencies in things I'm passionate about
What I’m doing with my life
Glorified bureaucratic accountant/auditor;


PC gaming;

Memes, especially dank ones; and

Paying my own bills/mortgage.
I’m really good at
Being punctual.
A good memory (according to people other than me).
Trivia (see above)
Bringing my A game to karaoke (according to my friends)
Dank memes.
References (see above), they're out of control
Star Wars lore (which was ret conned because Disney and money).
No I'm not bitter...
Sarcasm (my own opinion)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I heard you liked lists...

American Gods
Band of Brothers
A Song of Ice and Fire

About Time
District 9
Star Wars (IV - VII)
Fury Road
Rick and Morty

Dr Dre
Kendrick Lamar
The Game
Bruno Mars

Mass Effect
Overwatch (usually main support or tank...that's pretty telling imo)
The Division
Stardew Valley (gotta get my farm on)

Nerdist Podcast
Giant Bombcast

Cooking for myself mostly (mostly healthy carb-light)
Chinese (Cantonese) food (mmm..rice)
Pizza/burritos (mostly on cheat days)
Trying to cut down red meat, fortunately I don't get tired of chicken and seafood...
The six things I could never do without
1. Family and friends - they are my rock
2. Internet - it's hard to stay connected without it
3. Burritos, especially CA burritos.
4. Exercise/Fitness - because I love burritos and PC games
5. A daily dose of humor - reddit, television, reading, etc.
6. Sleep
7. PC games (what is this sleep thing?)
8. Science
IX. Your rules (I ain't a part of your system)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
How to improve myself to be a better person.
Climate change and how to stop it.
Cars and the mighty V8 (this conflicts with the environmentalist in me).

Why/how we elected an idiot Internet troll to run the country.
On a typical Friday night I am
Usually playing video games online with my friends. Or browsing reddit or watching a movie/show.

Can't refuse karaoke if you're willing to put up with my enthusiastic but probably horrible singing.

Sleeping in because I have to hike early tomorrow.
You should message me if
You "liked" me. I dont have "A list." Plenty of lists on my profile though...

You have your affairs in order (stable career and plan to have a family one day).

I am interested in getting to know people who share similar values as me and who might be a good match.