48San Diego, United States
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My self-summary
NOTE: My time is pretty saturated right now with current relationships and friends on here... I'd still love you to say hi, but I may not get back to you in a timely manner. If I'm slow, it's definitely not personal!


Hello, Dear Reader.


I love talking about gaming as an art form, and how dynamic, emergent narrative arises when people play together.

I'm something of an aesthetic/design formalist: I like to take apart things to find out why they are the way they are, why they work or don't work. I'm told this can get irritating to people around me. Forewarned.

If you like, we'll get along pretty awesomely.
What I’m doing with my life
So I'm a programmer on large, massively-multiplayer online role-playing games... which, while it might sound like a somewhat boring tech job, is actually exciting and scary and intense and humbling and very very challenging.

I'm both available and happily attached... Yeah, I'm one of those polyamourous dorks: I've got a breathtakingly wonderful female life partner (serafina_says) who is expanding her poly chops, and an intoxicating girlfriend (Myfreudianslit) who has an awesome poly constellation of her own. These loves are non-negotiable.

Things I'm not doing: unicorn-hunting, looking for partners for my partners (talk to them yourself if you want, they're awesome!), or otherwise trying to find anyone on here to "complete" our relationships.

If you want to make out with me, however, hi! ^_^
I’m really good at
I write nice computer code.

While I'd still consider myself a hobbyist, I'm getting fairly good at alt photography, and we've produced a few pretty successful glam/goth/fetish photo sets for friends.
The first things people usually notice about me
Not sure, I'll ask!
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
some tv i like:
archer, being human, breaking bad, burn notice, community, doctor who, endgame, game of thrones, house, the it crowd, leverage, lost girl, merlin, metalocalypse, my strange addiction, mythbusters, new girl, portlandia, rupaul's drag race, sherlock, so you think you can dance, sons of anarchy, supernatural, true blood, venture bros.
- whedonverse stuff (buffy, angel, firefly)
- trek variants
- stargate variants
- british panel shows (qi, etc.)
- various dumb competition reality shows (top chef, project runway, antm, face off, etc.)
- TED talks

some music i like:
bauhaus, beatles, bongwater, brainiac, breeders, camper van beethoven, cocteau twins, dandy warhols, dead can dance, dead milkmen, death cab for cutie, deerhoof, eno, enon, guided by voices, husker du, ice t, imperial teen, jazz butcher, mates of state, mazzy star, negativland, nick cave, pixies, the postal sevice, redd kross, rasputina, rilo kiley, robyn hitchcock, shesus, shonen knife, slug, spot 1019, that dog, the amps, the muffs, the unicorns, this mortal coil, veruca salt, zoe keating

some books / authors i like:
aleister crowley, bondage fairies, charles bukowski, clovis, daniel pinkwater, dork tower, douglas adams, edward gorey, fox in socks, fred saberhagen, harlan ellison, hunter s. thompson, jim butcher, john kovalic, keith laumer, neal stephenson, princess bride, robert a. heinlein, rudy rucker, science fiction, scott mccloud, spider robinson, sylvia plath, theodore sturgeon, timothy leary, understanding comics, william s. burroughs
- william gibson... especially the "blue ant trilogy": those books just do it for me.

some movies / writers / directors i like:
david lynch, kevin smith, ridley scott, robert rodriguez, fifth element, ghost world, hackers, lost highway, pi, pulp fiction, real genius, rhps, shaolin soccer, waking life... and primer omg!
I spend a lot of time thinking about
astronomy, astrophysics, bdsm, coding, comics, computer games, curvy girls, design, drugs, fetish art, formalism, gaming, goth, graphics, hackers, hallucinogens, alternative radio, linguistics, mnemonics, n-dimensional geometry, poly, poly-friendly, reading, scary girls, science fiction, sleep deprivation, sleeping, snarking out, transfinite numbers, vampires, world of warcraft, writing, xkcd
On a typical Friday night I am
This is just an awful question. I'll subvert it later.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
The song I'm Your Moon by Jonathan Coulton makes me cry, every time.
You should message me if
- You geek out over any of the stuff i mentioned above...

- You want to debate the merits and flaws of various MMO design decisions...

- You're interested experimenting with TFP/TFCD/TF* photo sessions in a supportive, creative and non-creepy-dude environment...

...and basically you should totally flirt with me cos i'm adorable!
The two of us