25San Bernardino, United States
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My self-summary
Well like everyone says there never good at writing about themselfs. I'll try and do my best, My names Frank I'm 21 years old working and going to school. I been working for about a year now (not at the same company). I just recently moved to Anaheim Hills a little over a two years ago, So I'm looking to chat with new people and get some help on knowing where the hot spots are. I'm looking for friends and a LTR I been using this site for about five years now and got somethings out of it, but nothing really seriouse.

Well as for my education I just graduated from San Joaquin Vallet college (SJVC) the Rancho Cucamonga Campus back in September of 2011. As of Febuary 2012 I will be attending University of Pheonix (UOP). At SJVC I obtained my Associates of Science Degreein business Administration. It took about fourteen months to do, it was an accelerated course which cutmy scholing in about half, but it comes at a cost 30K lol. I Attend UOP to get my Bacholars of Science Degree in Business Administration Emphasis in Human Resources.

As for what I am looking for on OkCupid, Friends are great, as long as we clickor get along we can definatly be friends. As for the LTR I had a couple of relationships in my life and i think ihave figured that taking the time out to find the right one is better then going thru men like waterto find him. I am not looking for sex; however, when a relationship starts thats a part of it, but thats the last thing on my list of what i am looking for. The type of guy physically doesnt really matterto me, but if your not at least keeping up with some kind of swag it might be a little turn off. What i mean is making sure that your outfit is tight meaning no wrikles, stains, or holes would be great. I've done that whole ripped pants and stained clothes before and i feel if i take time to fix myself up i would liike the same back.

The kind of guy mentaly is someone who can relate to me and see where I'm coming from and correct me if I'm wrong. Someone who i can go to when i need them as for if they need me i'll be there as well. I'm not looking for Prince Charming, but it would be nice ; )
What I’m doing with my life
well right now i just recived my associates of science degree in business administration and working lol i want to open up a law firm so i will get 2 masters in business administration and pre-law (hopefully)
I’m really good at
things i am good at well there are some but i dont know if they afre that important well i am good at cooking and making creations to try new and next would be dancing i love to dance my butt off well anything else you would like to know you can just hit me up here or on Facebook
The first things people usually notice about me
well when i first meet someone i try not to put on an act like some people do but i am very respectfull and try to make that person feel comforatable when they are around me so yeah anything else i really dont know wat to say untill someone asks me but if you feel like you want to take a chance with me hit me up and we can chat but until then i am waiting lol
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
my favorite food would be puerto rican and mexican food lol but as for dishes the puerto rican side would be pasteles which are a puerto rico's tamale and for mexican it would be tostadas lol they are bome- bay ;)

My favorite movie is so far been tyler perry movies and the plays i love thouse movies and he is a great director but i am not really good at rembering names but faces i am really good at so if you ask me do u know this actor i am more likely to say no lol but i will catch on eventually

As for music i looove hip hop i can dance to it really good and i try to dance when ever possible if i hear some music i am the 1st one to tap my foot or bob my head i love music so much and i can surely say that, i am super good at it and i love doing it
Six things I could never do without
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Well like most people i am always thinking about my futur and how i can make it better and not live pay-check to pay-check like a lot of people which i am not saying that thats bad just i want more then that

I also spend alot of time thinking about what can i do to make my life better like will this course make me more money and if so how much i am all about if your not doing anything why not go to school it is better then just being at home all day.
On a typical Friday night I am
Well lately i been chilling every weekend at home let me tell you my house is like a party lol also tryin to figure out if there is anything to do that night i am alwasy down to party u love to party but i know when to and when not to
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
well i am not really shy so i really don't have anything that is too private to admit and if you want to know anything all you have to do is message me.

But when it comes to chatting i am kinda the one asking questions so just go ahead and ask i love answering and asking them so......message me
You should message me if
u want to talk or get to know me i am a very good listener lol but yea hit me up if u wanna talk and get to know a stranger. lol like i said about i can ask alot of question but i am really good at keeping and makeing conversation you can give me a topic and i will run off of it lol
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