37Derwood, United States
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My self-summary
Straight away: the screen name is just a screen name. I thought it best to arrive at a sexy moniker. 'sexyscreen' just seemed most intuitive. It's not about smut, or whatever.

Apollonian/ Dionysian duality

*I have little problem with a language barrier provided you're patient and, preferably, educated*

I was reading Chris Hedges before I was reading Adbusters (I think), which I was reading before OWS (which I was privy to months before its onset). I'm less engaged now, but that's a bit like noticing Chris Christie may have lost a few pounds... I've been a Bill Maher fan for probably close to a decade.

I don't like bland food, I don't like cream or sugar in my coffee, I don't say "dude", or "bro."
I guess I’m shallow, but, at the same time I’m anything but
I like esoteric things and things that no one cares about (art, language, taking care of self)
I was raised well
I’m not a typical white guy, though I, of course, totally am (if you can’t reconcile that…)
I don’t really fit into one of the constructed identities and I never have
I like sex and sexy things more than most people
I like beauty and I recognize beauty more than most people (I know how that sounds, but it’s true)
I’m particular (you’re going, “what about that bit about seeing beauty?”) A rust pitted first generation MR2 is a VERY beautiful car, but I don’t have a burning desire to drive one.
I’m very patient
I like quiet
I like intimacy and intimate things generally
I don’t really care about the latest cell phone (and shit)
I’m Armenian*
I’m French*
*I’d typically say that these things are meaningless, but I’ve listed them because I understand why they mean something to some people (with my grandfather straight ‘off of the boat,’ it also contributes to the ‘atypical white guy’ thing).
What I’m doing with my life
I just landed a paid internship at a pretty serious institute, which I'm pretty excited about. I just finished working in the IT dept at my school for work study. I would help with domain issues, hardware issues and updates. Now, I work two jobs until my internship starts. UPDATE: I've begun the internship. yay

I've earned a bachelor's degree in Art History/ English. I took nearly enough Philosophy for it to have been my minor (instead of English). Looking a second time, I think I took more than enough Philosophy (lol).

I've —recently— earned a degree in nanoscale materials technology with the aim of becoming economically viable and ultra tech savvy.

I also studied photography at an unaccredited school.

I've lived in Boston, Austin, Albany and Schenectady.

I've been to Coachella twice ('03 & '04).

I've been overseas.

I just picked up my own radio show at a college station. I'm pretty happy about this (read ecstatic).

What I'm working on: 1. getting a real job/ career
2. getting insanely fit (I've no gut as it is, but I'd like to be cut) and
3. getting signed (I'm super experimental, and that's part of my sound, but I want to hone in a tad more and throw a demo at these 2-3 labels, which I think may be receptive to my material). I would just like a small cult following. I've been at it for 4 years.

Less significant, but maybe more important: :P I'll never stop being an autodidact, though I don't count this. I dropped (lowered) my car two summers ago, I cook, I go to the market, I'll jump on a bus and poke around NY, I go cycling, I'm getting pretty decent with multiSIM, I just saw live (crazy good) jazz at a performing arts center... I know what I'm doing.
I’m really good at
You may be thinking “I can read, too. What a joke.” Only people who read truly know what I mean. In other words, literacy admits degrees.

being compassionate, tolerant, attentive (try sitting through video art) etc.
physical things (cooking, frisbee, cycling, and so on).
cerebral things (reading, writing, conceptualizing etc.).
(I've boat loads of –what's referred to as– emotional intelligence.)<--the period goes on the inside here. :D

I'm a generalist (specialists kind of seem challenged to me) and I think I've dodged the 'mile wide and an inch deep' pejorative expression. (I'm maybe a foot deep in this respect.) :D

the rest are TOP SECRET
The first things people usually notice about me
is that I don't appear to be a 36-year-old.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Summing up my taste in a general sense, I like things as odd as spectral music (and probably odder), but if you catch me in just the right disposition I'll be happy to listen to My Mamma Said by Talib Kweli, for example. :D

Books: I read quite a bit. (Or, I've read quite a bit [I just finished studying math and science now, so...].) Most people who claim to enjoy reading seem like phonies to me. Dostoevsky is one of my favorites, but I haven’t read a lot of his work. I just really love the way he writes (or, maybe the way it translates) and what he writes about. It's been said that he's one of the "existential authors", and I think that's accurate. I also think I want to read more science fiction. I primarily read nonfiction. I really feel that books and music are too sacred to list extensively on here. Meet up with me and I’ll natter away about it all. :D

Movies: Food Inc., End of the Tour, Examined Life, Inglorious Bastards, Atomized (The Elementary Particles), Upstream Colour, The Happening, Tony Takitani, Fight Club, Black Swan (for the right reasons), Love Liza, Avatar, The Illusionist, The Decalogue, Three Colours, American Psycho, American Beauty, Magnolia, Annie Hall, Bottle Rocket, Moon, The Sheltering Sky, Zeitgeist, Whatever Works, Man on a Wire, The Corporation, Princess Mononoke, Adaptation, Examined Life, Requiem for a Dream, Unbreakable, Deconstructing Harry, Blue Velvet, American Splendor, Food Inc., High Fidelity, 12 Monkeys, Caché, Being John Malcovich, The Wrestler, Cast Away (this may be a bad movie) etc.

Shows: Television sucks. With that said, here's what I sometimes watch: Real Time (Bill Maher), Jeopardy, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Art:21, Californication, CBS Sunday Morning, msnbc (Okay, I've given up on MSNBC [back at it Lol], House of Cards, The West Wing, and I watched all of Breaking Bad (over the course of about two weeks). Lost was also pretty incredible. Also Cspan (seriously).

Music: electronic music. I'll give you one name, which you've probably heard of: Boards of Canada. I've already pretty much exhausted pop/ rock (indie, classic etc.). I simply like music. You know what it's like to be ahead of the curve, I'm sure. You likely wouldn't like my absolute fav. group though. Second all-time fav: Radiohead.

Food: whatever. Carbs and calories, I suppose. Pizza may be at the top of the list (but I make my own, with topping such as spinach, basil, artichoke hearts...). I don't order pizza. In fact, takeout sucks when compared to my cooking (even when I take shortcuts).
Turn me into a vegan
Pasta (Italian)
Tacos (loaded) & other Mexican
Sushi is alright, but I can't quite handle sashimi.
Not much for sweets and I don't mess with junk food.
(I cook and enjoy grocery shopping.)

Things I've never liked:
muscle cars
brussel sprouts
guns (or any weapons, really [I'm always at a loss in COD and the like])
dip (tobacco)
country music
energy drinks
fancy trucks
star trek
pro wrestling
scarves (for me)
pop punk
most metal (as a serious genre)
Six things I could never do without
My parents (they were together over 50 years until I lost my mother recently).
Good food (whether that means tasty or wholesome, it doesn't matter).
Companionship (this is why I'm here).
Music and the means to make it.

As far as possessions go, I really love my collection of books and my bike (synths are covered by "the means to make music"). The books keep my mind sharp and are a sort of physical residuum of my accomplishments and understanding of art and the world. The bike keeps my body fit, and subsequently my mind as well.
There are, of course, other things, but those two are the most important, I suppose.
I guess I have to add my auto to this list. I really do appreciate it. It's a 'stanced' e46 (my father's last ride). It's not a status symbol, but it's a rad car (with relatively low mileage). It's a personification of me in a lot of ways and a tribute to my father's good taste (he also drove a first generation RX-7 when I was a pup).
I went the longest time without an auto, and during that time I discovered (rediscovered?) that I really like walking and mass transit (which takes the form of busses in this area). In one of my recent trips to the city –I go for music and museums– I made a walking city out of NY. A walking city it is not, but it was an incredible day.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Art, politics, sex, death, abstract intellectual concepts and health. I'll add an addendum to this as well: financial stability... lots o' things, really. If I'm anything, I'm a thinker. ;)
On a typical Friday night I am
I'm in. I'm cooking for myself, maybe watching msnbc or HBO, maybe fucking with my synths, drinking coffee... I don't really go out unless I've made plans.

I guess I'm viewing this field as an opportunity to disclose the following:
I find Albany to be more than a little underwhelming, so I'm pretty reclusive. I'd like to see if I can make Albany work out, but I'm entirely open to relocating in the near future, preferably to someplace more urban… …or rural.

I like EMPAC quite a bit... let's go there.
You should message me if
If you understand that intelligence and sensibility doesn't imply softness, or whatever pejorative term it is you think of or would like to use. I'm not a pussy just because I'm not quite common. Common to me is, honestly, a little fucking trashy. For example, yeah, I like words. I also know when/ how to be quiet, when to get loud, when to be aggressive etc. I'm a man, I'm just not a mouth-breather.

Anyway, if you're inclined, just message me. We'll determine our particular level of compatibility one way or another.
Want to go to an art museum/ gallery? Message me.
Want to grip some edibles (I mean food)? Message me.

I'm not sure it's a good practice, but I'm going to list a few things that I don't think I can deal with (i.e., I'd rather be single):

1) an out of control BMI
2) anti-intellectualism; I think the tendency is to, sort of, bro it up for the cerebral stuff. I'd like to be with a capable, knowledgeable and intelligent bird.
3) commonness (is your posture typically pretty 'run of the mill' or 'middle of the road'? That's probably a bummer for me)

I'm looking for cute/ fit/ smart and interesting.

Post script: if I sounded arrogant or 'full of myself', I really don't believe I am. I just want to make things clear as to avoid wasting anyone's time. I'm super loyal, looking for love/ monogamy (or, I guess, some thrills) and will give you my everything if you're able to put me at ease. :D Cheers!

PPS, or whatever:

A few guidelines for being a decent adult:
Try not to be reductive.
When arguing or discussing points of contention (the umbrella of serious matters), try not to use straw men and the like.
Try not to be insular.
Don't assume (even if there exist isolated incidents supporting your inference).
Whenever possible, know what the fuck you're talking about.
Use rationale to explain your position ("because" isn't rationale).
Don't cast aspersions willy-nilly unless you're an absolutely perfect specimen (you're not).
The two of us