31San Francisco, United States
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My self-summary
**Travelling away from the bay. Just did a solo, cross country road trip and about to bike camp the Pacific coast trail starting in Vancouver. All that to say I'm happy to meet up for casual dates in Vancouver, Seattle or Portland but won't be returning home for a while. If I don't respond to bay area folks for a while please don't be offended.**

Brace yourself. Unlike most profiles this is actually a self-summary.

I grew up in the deep South where I developed an immense respect for eye contact with strangers, live blues/folk music and front porch swings. I went to a small college in the Midwest which further radicalized the progressive southerner my Daddy had raised. Studied anthropology, religion, and political science and developed a fascination with labor, indigenous and immigrant rights. Spent a semester in Bolivia which absolutely changed my life. My parent's divorce during college taught me a lot about the woman that is my mother and helped me to find and embrace my own feminine side. Graduated and moved to San Francisco.

I discovered the joy of cycling for everyday use and the weather to do it year round. I worked in asylum and immigration law for two years before I took a summer to find myself. More accurately, I gave up some parts of myself and found a few new pieces to take their place. I came back to SF after a restorative summer of urban gardens, camp counseling, potlucking and cycling. Ran an after school program in a homeless shelter for about four years and now run a large volunteer program.

I stay active, mostly by riding my bike everywhere I go. I also love hiking, climbing, and generally getting away from TVs and automobiles. I love to dance. In the same vein, I like to garden, build, craft, and play. I like using my hands and take pleasure in not hiring help when things need to get fixed. I am also a decent musician and writer but do not put near enough time into practicing those crafts.

I love people and trying to understand the reasons we act the way we do. I can often be caught people watching, but to be honest, most of my attention is saved for big dogs and little children. I love sharing food, drinks, energy and ideas with my friends and lovers. For me, that is the definition of a happy life.
What I’m doing with my life
Trying to not grow stifled by the indoors.

I'm a volunteer manager for a large, social service non-profit. It requires a lot more desk work than my last social work gig, but I enjoy the organizational, strategic, and communication challenges of the job.

I also founded and volunteer for a community organization that addresses and prepares for environmental issues on a neighborhood level through community building, activism, art and education. I'm also cycling every day and trying to cook real food at least a few times a week.
I’m really good at
Being goofy, communicating, challenging others, being patient, and thinking critically. I am a natural educator and mediator. I'm constantly looking for opportunities to teach as well as learn.

I think my greatest gifts are teaching patience, compassion, non-violent communication and intentional vulnerability. I believe that emotional vulnerability and openness are essential to creating meaningful human interactions and connections. I also try hard to find and appreciate the humor as well as profundity in everything around me.

I'm also good at putting people at ease, helping them open up, and just making folks laugh. It is not uncommon for people that have recently meet me to say, "You know, I don't think I've ever told someone that before." I guess I'm also good at asking provocative questions and having the patience to hear out the answers.

I'm also the quintessential (volunteer) volunteer coordinator.

As for kinesthetic skills, I'm a decent bicycle mechanic, carpenter and musician (guitar and piano).
The first things people usually notice about me
Hopefully, my smile and dance moves. :)

My nose ring with which I'm very happy.

Generally, my curly hair (although it is too short to tell these days) and my silliness. I tend to open up to people quickly and I am very comfortable in my own (particularly goofy) skin.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Food: There are too many, but biscuits and gravy is high on the list.

Authors: DFW, John Steinbeck, Tom Robbins, Langston Hughes, John Irving, Robert Frost, Toni Morrison, Kurt Vonnegut, Barbara Kingsolver, Ernest Hemingway, Edgar Allan Poe

Directors: Cohen Bros, Cronenberg, Aronofsky, Scorsese, Kubrick, Lynch, Wes Anderson, Bergman, PT Anderson, Kurosawa, both Copollas, Hertzog (scary genius!)

Beer: Brother David's Triple, Belgium-style and hoppy microbrews, and lots of US craft beers

Music: Indie, Folk, Blues, Hip Hop, Rock, Jazz, a lil Metal, and Post Rock. Right now listening to a lot of
...Indie hip hop [Milo, Busdriver, Open Mike Eagel (and all of Hellfyre Club), Bambu, RA Scion, Grieves, Blue Scholars, Common Market, Brother Ali, Doom Tree];
...Indie folk/rock [Andrew Bird, Broken Social Scene, Cloud Cult, Sigur Ros, Mogwai];
...Electronic music [Mux Mool, Phutureprimitive, Flying Lotus, Bonobo, Justin Martin].

Mode of Transit: Bicycle!

Hobby: To break and recreate
Six things I could never do without
My bicycle, tools, books, beer, biscuits, and instruments.

I don't know why there are so many 'b's in this list.
And I don't consider people or animals as things - if the list were more serious it would read humans, animals, plants, water, then my bicycle and instruments.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
My bike
Youth development
Environmental and social justice
Urban planning
Globalization and capitalism
Break dancing and street art
Queer identity politics
Poverty and homelessness
Plants and animals

How I am going to say/write something difficult or meaningful?

How to multi-task better.
On a typical Friday night I am
At home sharing food and drinks with friends or out at a local bar or cafe. I'm usually dancing and bicycling somewhere in the middle (sometimes both when traffic is clear and I'm in a good mood).
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm struggling to write and produce a hip hop album. I grew up on hip hop music, but I still feel a lot of insecurity around it. I find it hard to remember and internalize that I have as much to say as anyone else, that my voice is just as legitimate in the scene.

If you've gotten this far, it's fair to tell you I identify as bisexual. On the site, I change my orientation back and froth from straight to bi because when on the bi side, I tend to get flooded with guy visitors. I know some women probably understand this - I have bi female friends that often keep their orientation as gay so as to not deal with too many dudes. Just want to be up front because women that have 'straight only' listed, that find queerness as a deal breaker are honestly not people with whom I want to date, have sex, or probably even be friends.

Also, I'm growing real tired of plastic mustaches and tiger photos on dating websites.
You should message me if
...You DON'T have your smart phone listed as something you could never live without. (It astounds me sometimes what all we've lost sight of in this world.)

...You want a tennis partner or to go climbing. I'm decent but not amazing at tennis, still a beginner at climbing.

...You like dancing with a guy that feels sexy in his body when it is in motion or just breathing. (I'll probably out dance you - yes, that's a challenge ;)

...You want a solid date who will make you feel beautiful and interesting because you are.

...You respect the health of your mind and body above all things. You take pleasure in challenging yourself and appreciate the many opportunities that the world puts before us. You are graceful but silly. You are sexy and have learned to love (or at least ignore) your imperfections that can't be changed. They are what make you unique.

...You are hopefully a person that is very comfortable in your own skin and don't feel the need to apologize much. You are kind and courteous but not to a fault. You stand up for yourself and know when to fight and when to make peace.

Hopefully, you also love to cook, bike, cuddle, dance, have great sex and explore! I feel that it goes without saying that all of what I seek in a partner, I also try to find in myself.
The two of us