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My self-summary
FYI #1: Complete Self Fix For a few weeks, I was unable to modifiy my profile, reply to messages received, to send message(s) from your profile. Fortunately, I had one of my "Favorites" go to the bottom "Blue" area below their profile and open CONTACT and load in my complaint (which I could never get "contact" to send to OkCupid) and she reported that hers did disappear.
The self help solution is: Clear Your browser's Cookies and Cache. This I did and now I'm adding this comment for your consideration.

FYI #2: I never enable my I.M. capability because I’m I.M. challenged and hell will freeze over before I can type a legible sentence with correct spelling that the recipient can read before every part of their body goes numb.

FYI #3A: Visitors! Please please note that you may have to take a needed bathroom break(s) and/or a snack break while reading MY PROFILE which is way too big is true.

FYI #3B: My original INTRO has been shoved down through a series of cut & pastes a mile or two below. 1st, let me point out that Satire & Tongue-in-cheek humor flows through my vains and vanity. I do all this for your sanity. 2nd, Hugs, sfdino

FYI #4: The best way to measure your height is to lay down with your feet against a closed door and having a box at your head end. If you are alone, place the box inside your height area and push it out with your head when stretching out.

Your height is the distance between door and box. If you are between whole inches, fudging to next whole inch is acceptable.

In MY DETAILS Diet: is defined as MOSTLY because my EX feels she could put canned pet food on crackers and that I wouldn't know the difference. For you, yes I can tell! It's all about the odor.

As a GEMINI I cling to inspiring horoscopes such as the recent 9-29-2013 one: There is always room for improvement. New friendships will lead to higher standards and expectations. ***

In MY PHOTOS section, the first selection is a mosaic selection of me at legal age and above.

When I find that the TEST(s) results seems to say "You are what you think you are.": I say their words are better than what I could say about myself and are worthy of sharing with you all.

12-23-2012 results for A Short, Accurate Myers-Briggs Personality Quiz ... ENFP - The Inspirer: Extraverted, Intuiting, Feeling, Perceiving ~ ENFPs are open-minded, imaginative, caring and outgoing. They thrive on the drama of life by observing everything enthusiastically and associating meaning and human motive with all they survey. To the ENFP, no life event is devoid of significance--a belief which may justify others' perception of them as hyperalert, oversensitive and even suspicious at times. Charming, interactive, charismatic, communicative and ingenious, ENFPs often are expansive in their approach to life, love and work--multitalented individuals who may succeed in a number of creative endeavors, so long as a strong human element is present. "Do this, do that!" jobs demanding strict compliance with rules, regulations and procedures, and attention to logic, facts and details are stressful for most ENFPs. Their characteristically short attention span and diversity of interests may sabotage their accomplishment in enterprises demanding tenacity and single-mindedness. This type's natural gift for inspiring others often is their salvation: the projects ENFPs start may be completed by their followers.

The Dating Communication Test, Your result: ALL-IN-ONE LOVER 82% Datability! Your date will perceive you as having everything they want and more. There is no doubt that you are long term potential. Their loins will shutter at the simple mention of your name. You have kindness, gentleness, honesty, and faithfulness and confidence, all in one hot body. You have IT!

The Your Type of Girl Test , Your result: The Girl Next Door
55% Sexy-Cute, 62% Dark-Light, 42% Artsy-Stylish: Cute, neither Dark nor Light, and neither Artsy nor Stylish. This sounds like a blah category, right? Oh, my, no. The Girl Next Door has been the subject of more dirty fantasies than you could possibly count. She's so sweet, and innocent, and infinitely corruptible. Every morning you glance out your window hoping she'll have forgotten to draw the blinds. You may feel bad about it, but you know you'll be doing it again tomorrow.

--------- Previous Test Results ---------
On the OkCupid Dating Persona Test, you scored... Steady & mature. You are The Gentleman. For anyone looking for an even-keeled, considerate lover, you’re their man. You’re sophisticated. You know what you want both in a relationship and outside of it. You have a substantial romantic side, and you’re experienced enough sexually to handle yourself in that arena, too. Your future relationships will be long-lasting; you’re classic “marrying material,” a prize in the eyes of many.

It’s possible that behind it all, you’re a bit of a male slut. Your best friends know that in relationships you’re fundamentally sex-driven. You’re a safe, reliable guy, who does get laid. In a lot of ways, you’re like a well-worn, comfortable pair of socks. Did you ever jack off into one of those? All the time.

Your ideal mate is NOT a nut-job. is giving and loving, like you, but also experienced.

THANK YOU for visiting my profile. If you haven't checked out my Photos please do so before moving on. FYI: Photos (quantity or OMG none) does convey specific messages. My TAG is based on my years of middle and high school in San Francisco. The remainder is an anagram of my first name. And if you insert 2 consonants in it, you will get my last one.

When I first became a born again bachelor: For several years I was a member, at a higher than entry level, of the Monterey Bay Aquarium, California Academy of Sciences, S.F. Zoo and S.F. Exploritorium. I got season tickets for the S.J. Repertory Theater. I continued my active membership in the Kiwanis Club of Mountain View for a total of twenty years. I invited (old) married friends, (new) married friends, work friends, lover(s) and my relatives to join me to visit these places; and some to attend special members' events. Then I reached the time when (old) married friend were gone; single friends and lover(s) were unreliable for me to commit to yearly memberships and seasonal subscriptions.

Shifting gears, over time I participated as a Bass/Baritone in three different church choirs. Went back to square & round dancing, had to take beginner classes over and over for each new dance partner. Was a House Sitter (with commute) several times for friends traveling outside CONUS.

When I needed to work partime, I stopped singing in the choir several months before employment, as I needed to decompress from rehersal nights and Sunday services. I worked partime five years for a Home Depot plumbing department. Talked to hundreds of people there. Personally, nothing developed into outside friendships. My transition into early retirement occurred in this period. In addition, more names of old friends have appeared in the Obituary Notices. Yesterday, I was notified that the male living at the place where I previously house sat, (where I was on & during the day of 9-11) is no longer with us.

After watching ABC's The Bachelor and The Bachelorette and all the stuff they go through to communicate, I'm getting a feeling that someone is going to say: "Stop coloring outside the boxes here at OkCupid!" What can I say? Only that I'm addicted to satire!

My special talents include Emotion, Intuition, Instinct and Clairvoyance. Because I am Intuitive and Perceptive, my Mouth becomes an Indicator ; ] or : [ if Drama is Detected.

Instinctively I can also recognize "Passive-Agressive Behavior!" However "Bipolarism" does not have much advanced warning time on 1st first occurance. And if I was Harry Potter. their instant teleportation to another dimension would be totally magical.

...and I have bedroom eyes. Here's the poem I wrote back in June 8, 1988.

Beware of the Bedroom Eyes.
They're as blue as the sea,
and into your inner soul
they long to spy, you see.

Beware of the Bedroom Eyes
above the nose of a man,
You know of the effects
that these eyes can!

Beware of the Bedroom Eyes.
Below are lips that pout,
that smile, and grin,
and many kisses give out.

With his passion and his love,
surely he will hypnotize.
Yes, You should be aware!
Beware of these Bedroom Eyes.
What I’m doing with my life
(October 9, 2010)
Lets see how small the world is. My new goal is to make contact with any of my school classmates. If any of the Gals are on OkCupid! they should contact me to find out if we were in class together or just at the same location at the same time.

San Francisco 1948 - 49
Daycare at a downtown S.F. elementary school (*Susan)
which was located behind a Coffee company, where (ugh!) smells of roasted coffee was more the norm than the exception.

Santa Rosa, CA 1949 - 56
Elementary: S.R. / Procter Terrace (*Marci)
/ Doyle Park (*Elizabeth)
Middle: Slater

San Francisco 1956 - 1964
Middle: Aptos / Hoover
High: Lincoln (*Suzy & *Lori) / Summer Typing Class (*Crystal & *?)
City College of S.F. (*Leona)

UC, Berkeley Class of '66
Barrington Hall (Student Coop)

I look forward from getting info from you (and *you) if our paths crossed and we dwelled for a few moments at the same location.
I’m really good at
Having real experiences to write about:
Scene #1, Take #1: Out of Court Ball-Boy

I was driving in my 2002 Prius down Monroe Street in Santa Clara, CA, and just passing by Wilcox High School. As I was approaching the school's tennis courts on the right, a yellow ball dropped in front of me approximately 50 feet ahead. It touched the pavement and bounce up and back down until it hit a front car part, out of my vision.

The ball flew by the windshield with such speed that I didn't see it as a single shape. In fact I don't think I saw it at all. I looked in the rear view mirror maintaining our forward speed. When I did see the ball, it had reached it's apogee of 15 feet above the street and was beginning to fall in its attempt to see what the next Ball-Boy could do.

When I got to SaveMart, I couldn't find any sign of where a tennis ball had landed and touched my dirty, needs a wash, vehicle.
The first things people usually notice about me
1a) That I look straight into their eyes.
1b) That I have lovely eyes!

2a) That I’m not afraid to talk to strangers.
2b) That I'm easy to talk to.

3) That I can reach stuff on the top shelf in grocery stores.

4) Over the years of my life, people say I look like their brother, cousin, and once, her fiancé. My remark to her was “if I was, I would have at least said ‘Hello’ while riding with her on the S.F. “L” Taraval Street Car.” (Kind of a bad pickup line from her, wouldn't you agree?)

5a) Lovers have classified me as a person with bedroom eyes.
5b) One gal in Denver, CO, said "I was a hunk of LOVE!"

6a) That I have a great sense of HUMOR!
6b) "I don't know you. You struck me funny yet, here I am writing you. Who are you? .....thanks for the laughs. "

7a) Hi, yours was the most interesting profile I have read on this site. If I had stayed in California I definitely would have wanted to meet you even if we had only become friends. However a few weeks ago I moved to San Miguel de Allende in Mexico. If you ever want to visit here let me know and I could show you around. Good luck at finding a great gal who lives close to you. Gngrblu

7b) After two restroom breaks, one cup of ... break and hunting for some chocolate to nibble on ... I have finally finished reading your profile. GGS....

8a) I get along better with Socializer personalities than with Director or passive aggressive personalities. I can adapt to the pace of Thinker personalities, if I see our couple potential.
8b) My core is a Relater who's personality occasionally exhibits socializer, director and thinker behavioral patterns. "A little off the center in a circle you see." ~~~~~~;>--< sfdino
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Commute Radio: Classical for tranquillity, unfortunately the stations with "CLASS" have now vanished, so now I'm an understudy for "JAZZ" hoping that I can survive on that. Please help me to do that! -- Country for sympathy; NBR for Talk/News.

MOVIES: In my youth I saw many foreign films with subtitles & without for free in S.F. (with my parents). I like R, PG13, G, X and minimal V, as well as, Horror films that are funny or musical that do not create nightmares no matter what age you are.

LIVE ENTERTAINMENT: Most everything that requires advanced ticket purchases and someone to sit next to me with my second ticket.

FOOD: My late father-in-law years ago gave me the nickname "G.C." based on my capacity to consume after he saw me eat.
In my neighborhood, GC.. are picked up and dumped on Monday mornings.

MAGAZINES: Those available in waiting rooms, libraries and barber shops.
Six things I could never do without
Apply frequently as necessary.
1) Walking on a nearly level beach.
2) Walking through a redwood forest.
3) Walking across the Golden Gate Bridge.
4) Eating at a wharf restaurant, any city, any location.
5) Eating at someplace new.
6) Going on Three day, Two night Outings (with you).
I spend a lot of time thinking about
SUMMER CLEANING: One Addition and several Deletions.

7-09-13 Profile Pictures and meeting you in person in today's world (Sample size 6+1) ~ There is a noticable time difference between the younger profile pic's and the face-2-face meeting. I've been more impressed with the Face-2-Face with You! The dilemma for me is: If your profile pictures are of the present you, Will I have a possitive, a neutral or a negative reaction when face-2-face occurs? On June 30, 2013, She matched the pictures. And was everything I knew about her.

LOL I've noticed in the Similar Users list in your profile located just below "Your Details" in the right hand column, there are individuals that are described as less boring or more caring or less pessimistic than you. When you visit my profile you see a list of my competitors that I'm unable to see, just like you cannot see yours in your profile. Bee Leaf Hit Ore Knot.
On a typical Friday night I am
Currently, I make surprise visits to incarcerated OkCupid Gals on Friday nights.

Previously: When you are retired, every day seems the same. Anyway I prefer to make my Friday nights out on any night that isn't Friday. Of course, I would make an exception for you.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
#10. Chemistry: I always felt that good chemistry meant the pheromones were so strong between you and I that keeping our clothes on was very difficult to do.

Some of you are concerned about chemistry before you actually meet someone face-2-face. Whether you're too busy to physically checkout everyone on your list; Or you're afraid that meeting someone, one time, means some future commitment to each other; all I can say is, "Chill out!" Giving out your phone number to a Guy isn't as wise as asking for His. Then call Him if you think that you might the cancel the face-2-face (which has been done 2 me before) after your phone conversation. Otherwise do the first meeting. Then later reflect on your feelings of the chemistry or "whatever!" between you.

#9. Do you have a "HEART" Profile ICON? If yes and if you HAVE THREE (3) of the following: NO PIC(s), NO PROFILE TEXT, NO "MY DETAILS" or NO "M F E Stat's" then you are in a numerious group that all look alike. And I would like to visit your profile but cannot figure out which one is yours.

#8: Each time I have a first date with someone that only has one profile picture, I have to brace myself for an emotional transition of my mind's expectations to the today's age vision in front of me.
In two cases, both looked better face-to-face. especially the one of a B/W photo, taken 10 - 15 years ago, to a full color face-2-face 65 or more in years old person.
Recently I made a Mosaic of my face (some with the entire body) My first profile picture now has all my legal age pictures which includes my current face (Top Left Pic, Dec 25, 2010).
#7: "I'm having a recurring dream where someone special and I spend time together. When the scene changes, her name is never declared before she departs."

#6a: "I've added new data to my 'His Details' to snare A-LIST GALs, i.e. GOLD ACQUIRING LADIES." OOPS! I think my leading 2 digits are much larger than "10" and decimal is misplaced.

Hey! A-LIST GAL's Leave your comfort zone and Contact me direct! I'm not willing to pay OK Cupid direct for access to you. I'd rather spend it on our outting being together.

** Lookie here! I caught a GAL! **
#6b: My Profile: (GAL wrote) "It's too long to read. Your income is too much to believe. I am atracted by it so that I'd like to make a friend with you. Helen852as"

#5: "In my 'The Two of Us' Q&A tab, you might want to view my answers and intimate comments by 1st: SORTING by TOPIC then you won't be overwhelmed by the grand total of 1705 (or more) questions answered when compaired to your number." (11-11-2011) OMG! I just noticed that OK Cupid has removed all the duplicate questions.

#4: "In the morning I find I've woken up with Lady Gaga!
A Lady Gaga Coiffure to be specific. The hardest part is teasing it back to normal. Would U like 2 help?"

#3: "Why do I now wear suspenders?"
When I worked part-time at the Home Depot, plumbing department, after each time I bent over or got down on one knee, I found myself pulling my pants up and tucking in my shirt. If my bottom bulged out at belt level I wouldn't have to wear suspenders!

#2: "If I was dating someone, I would be wearing all new underware." NOTE 2 SELF: Get some next time you shop! [ DONE ]

#1: "Eye half maid miss steaks. Az eye nose dew hovers har knot pasta bull, eye joust wok won wiz piece enema hart. Eye ma fairy sore reed."

Ground 0 Caution 4U: Because you are a grandparent, your adult children can cause serious problems. They want without prior notice, instant babysitting services. Your daughter-in-law or your son-in-law may not want your current dating companion to join you at major holiday celebrations at their house.

Termination of our relationship will occur for one of the following:
a) If my request is ignored, for your family to have in reserve, a backup for babysitting, so that given advanced notice, we can go on a 3 day outing together.

b) If your daughter-in-law or your son-in-law makes you feel uncomfortable about inviting me to their family celebrations, and you choose to "bate and switch" to spend time with me afterwards that same day/night, the answer is NO! HELL NO!!!.
You should message me if
If you are a smoker, a smoker trying to quit or a ex-smoker with only two years of nonsmoking experience, the following below does not apply to YOU!!! (cough! cough!)

REASON: My father-in-law died sooner than he would have normally because my mother-in-law could not give up smoking, nor would she confine her smoking to areas outside. Even I had trouble breathing when they came out to San Jose, CA, to visit. She lived many smoked filled years after he died.

LONG DISTANCE VISITORS HONOR ROLL: N CA: S.F.; E CA: Lincoln CA; S CA: Calabasas CA; CONUS East Coast end of MA/ME.

My 20 year experience in the Kiwanis Club of Mountain View has taught me that everyone has value. If you know when you will be in SF Bay Area, we could arrange to meet. Message me with the when/where and we could schedule a time and place for your convenience.

Past experiences suggest that if you are visiting several friends and past associates first, and thus leaving me for the last before going to your relative's place, your energy level will be at the very tired setting. Just because your 'dogs' (feet) are very tired, I'm not sympathetic to your plight.

The OKCupid question about bringing a child (or teen) on the first date is fine with me.

Our phone conversation (1 hr max) prior to the day of our first date helps to reduce any anxiety. So in essence, the date is really the second time we've spent time together.

Attention 'OC' Profilers in Mountain View, feel free to say hello when I pass by going to/from my P.O.Box at the main Post Office on Hope St.

If you want to do one or more in MY SIX THINGS LIST with me. And...

If You like to play "Party" Bridge or duplicate occasionally. And If you like to play tennis more for exercise than for trophies. Rattle my cage. FYI: At present, I'm a little rusty on both. --sfdino
The two of us