34Los Angeles, United States
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My self-summary
I live in Los Angeles.

Comedy nerd and computer graphics nerd. I should probably say geek out here because "nerd" and "geek" sort of invert in meaning in different parts of the country. Oh, and language nerd. Let's just say nerd in general. I'm originally from Chicago, I spent ten years in Denver before I moved to LA about three years ago because I was running network operations for the mortgage capital division of a financial company. It was exactly as exciting as it sounds and I decided I wanted to do more interesting stuff with my life so I packed up and headed to LA.
What I’m doing with my life
I am in the process of launching a small software development startup, and catching up on TV shows on Netflix. I was working at a visual effects company, but I left a few months ago to do my own thing.
I’m really good at

Bumping into things when trying to be smooth. Stumbling over my words. Not quite making it to my mouth with that whole spoonful of soup. Creating awkward tension in conversations. Saying the wrong thing. Ignoring your birthday. Forgetting the important. Remembering every detail of the trivial. Burning dinner, and not doing the dishes. Saying that great things aren't good enough. Never admitting ignorance. Trying to make other people feel bad for my own benefit. Sleeping in too late.

And, traveling. I love to get lost.
The first things people usually notice about me
The most popular answer is my eyes, according to the surveys that I have done. I confusingly assume that this is somehow a secret code for my bosoms.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I break bookshelves. Seriously, my current bookcase is only partially populated because the previous one exploded under the strain of my library. Also, I left a lot of books in Colorado when I came out here.

Pixar stuff, 2001, Star Trek II, Amelie, Kin Dza Dza and Night/Day Watch (Russian films). Naturally, I also like anything that I've been in or worked on, no matter how terrible it actually is.

I like death metal cello duets, bluegrass covers of funk standards, Barry White, and Johnny "Guitar" Watson's "Ain't that a bitch."

Milksteak. I'll eat everything, and my first job was cooking in a restaurant so I can cook most of what I like to eat.

Past the specified topics...

My favorite:

War: First Barbary
Brewery (Beer) : New Belgium (Eric's Ale)
CPU Architecture: Alpha
TV Shows: Daily Show, Top Gear, Wonderfalls, Firefly, Yakitate Japan (Anime about baking bread competitively), The Middleman
Appliance: Rice Cooker / Steamer. (Or, Toaster Oven, but I don't actually have one right now.)
Comic: xkcd
Six things I could never do without
1 - Internet connection. Especially wikipedia. I'm a wiki-addict. It means a lot to me to always be able to learn something new.

Uhhh, I need to have five more? But, I spend all my time reading wikipedia. I try to look up one thing real quick, and then it's the next morning, and I haven't eaten or slept, and I have a zillion web browser windows open from following links, and I no longer have any idea why I'm reading a page about a senator from the 1930's when I had originally just wanted to see if there was an article on boobs.

2 - Pizza. See, this is a lie. There is no good pizza in Denver. I'm from Chicago, and by living in Denver, I proved that I can do without it. But, lack of good pizza is the #1 reason why Denver is a terrible place. There are a few decent New York style places, but it just isn't the same as back in Chicago. I haven't yet had a chance to make a fair appraisal of LA Pizza.

3 - Asian Food. Sticking with the food theme. I have 40pounds of rice in my kitchen. Three different kinds. That doesn't count brown rice or wild rice. Just varieties of white rice. I am also learning to love living in K-Town.

4 - Alien Death Rays. Actually, I don't have a ray gun. So, again, this is in the category of things I actually do live without. On the other hand, it seems like having alien death rays with you would be extremely handy, and it would quickly become one of those things that you can't remember how you ever managed without them. I mean, I can't help but think how much easier shopping for things would be when you can plausibly say, "At that price, I shall vaporise this whole continent!" And then the used car salesman is all like, "What do you think about 10% over cost?"

5 - Privacy. Solitude. Don't get me wrong, I love hanging out with friends,a nd meeting new people. That's all great. I just also need some me-time on occasion to recharge.

6 - Complete lists. I'm usually pretty laid back, but occasionally completely pedantic. (I would have felt like I was cheating if I had a list of five or seven things here.)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Ghouls. Little green ghouls.
On a typical Friday night I am
Working on the construction of my evil lair.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I know what pants are. I don't know why particular pants are fashionable, nor on what timescale they stay fashionable. But I can recognize a garment, and say, "That's pants." I have been known to ask a coworker to go shopping with me to avoid having to take responsibility for making my own fashion choices.

I think the term "sapiosexual" is sort of ridiculous and I mostly checked that box because I find it silly to treat liking interesting people as a specific orientation. But a part of me actually takes it 100% seriously.
You should message me if
You are not (real and normal). It seems like everybody is looking for somebody real and normal. I mean, sure, you should have a real component, but if you also have an imaginary component then you are complex. Complex is so much more interesting than real. And why all the focus on normality? What good is a right angle, anyway? I've always found that being tangent to certain curves can actually be quite pleasant.

And you should definitely get in touch if you got the math jokes in the last paragraph.
The two of us