37Wentzville, United States
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My self-summary
At one AM i think I am much funnier than I really am. You have been warned!
I am gingerish, and as somone else on this site said,"Go take your stereotypes and play in traffic =)" I am the king of unasked-for advice. I frequently need time to myself. I am not good at being alone. I am the biggest geek you are likely to meet. I have maintained my sense of wonder. I am open minded and love all kinds of humor. Strange random things come out of my head. I am prone to excess. I want to die in a better world than i was born in. I am a giant squirrel. Like Princess Bride ROUS of squirrels. The difficulties facing me number only one less than one hundred, though none is of the female persuasion. I like the outdoors, love water and am inclined to stare at brightly colored bugs, and small furry or scaly things. I love games: video, board, pen and paper, love 'em all. I like to cuddle, which is good, because I am eminently huggable.

I am here, there, and everywhere
What I’m doing with my life
Waffles, pancakes, and an endless sea of eggs.
Running a D&D game, looking for a Shadowrun game
Collecting what I need for making things out of dead cows.
Honestly, not nearly enough.
I will be tinkering with this profile occasionally so expect changes.
I’m really good at
Conceiving stories, though I am not very good at actualizing them which makes me an inconsistent, but interesting DM/GM
Confusing People; making interesting things seem hopelessly confusing.
Acquiring facts, skills.
turning facts into skills.
Ranting, particularly about religion and politics
Opening my big mouth, inserting foot, and proceeding to choke
Snuggling. I believe I mentioned being huggable.
The first things people usually notice about me
My vikingness. I'm big. (Like huge. 6'2" 350 ) with long red hair that varies from bronze to strawberry blonde depending on season and sun exposure.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
The Books:
Fiction:Stranger in a Strange Land, Octagonal Raven, Shade of the Tree, Ender's Game, If I Pay Thee Not in Gold, A Call to Arms, in the courts of the sun, villains by necessity, anything Niel Gaimen, most Piers Anthony, anything Clive Barker, NIEL GAIMON, Omerta, The Fifth Elephant
Nonfiction: Entering Space, The Case for Mars, How to Stay Alive in the Woods

music: I tend to be techno, hard rock, or metalish, I particularly like fast things, and love songs about death and/or subjugation.
cello metal. Lindsey Sterling Most things Marco Hietala like nightwish and Tarot, things that move the soul, Nobuo Uematsu, Symphony of Science (

I am a creature of moods in my music and may listen to half of the System of a Down discography or set the most recent piece of pop fluff to repeat for hours.

movies: labyrinth, the dark crystal, sin city, die hard, Don "the Dragon" Wilson and Lorenzo Lamas martial arts movies, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Does anybody read this crap? The Number 21, Requiem for a Dream, Starship Troopers, anything Star Wars, anything with likeable or pitiable villians, anything Spacey (The Usual Suspects American Beauty, etc.), most thing Shamylan (Unbreakable in particular), The Fifth Element, Next, Jumper, Dawn of the Dead, The Crazies
TV: Dexter, battlestar galactica, babylon 5
Six things I could never do without
Stories, be it a novel, a video game, a movie, tv, or listening to peoples problems. i feel constrained if i can't live vicariously

The tools to create. I have a bass guitar i can't really play, a c++ compiler and references for several other languages, though i have only done a little web scripting and a couple simple console apps, books on physics, chemistry, rocketry, robotics, etc, although i will probably never build a spaceship, and scores of books for games i seldom or never play. these things inspire the imagination, keeping me from sinking to a bottomless pit of misery. One day i may do something with some of them.

Not being Evil.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
fictional worlds,
How not to think about things.
ways to attract lightening bolts with particular properties
how to make a 12 mile long, spiral vacuum tube.
humans, nature, human nature, sex, and kink
making spaceships out of synthetic diamonds with Chemical Vapor Deposition
why vanilla is better in rum than coconut
WoW, yeah.... I design Healadin spreadsheats...
Mars, specifically building and living on it.
The Implications of an expanding universe on the sustainability of matter as we know it if the nuclear strong and week forces really do propagate in more than 3 dimensions
The unmitigated awesome of snuggeling up with a fellow reader for a couple hours and listening to the rustle of pages and the changes in her breathing as she wanders through the dream or nightmare that so recently blew my mind.
Coilguns, Railguns and other accelerator-based weapons

If you have a profile here and a profile on Fetlife I will probably find the Fetlife pictures more interesting. Although, this one will probably be the better read.
On a typical Friday night I am
Bored. Screwing around on the internet. Other things not fit for public discussion. Honestly, I am usually bored, sitting around watching stuff I DVR'ed or downloaded. usually looking for something better to do.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I am actually a giant squirrel masquerading as a mature, responsible, adult.
You should message me if
You are bored and share some of the same interests

You want to play round of Settlers of Catan or Call to Arms. Or if you need a Paladin or Enchanter for a D&D game(3.0,3.5 Please), Or a Shadowrunner of any kind, Or you have another game i might be interested in (WoD themed, for example)

You like man-sized, and very huggable squirels.

If you are tired of being alone or just want to hang with somebody new.

You are awake In the middle of the night, and bored.

You are an interesting, intelligent gymnast, with an oral fixation.

If you read all this, feel free to brag i doubt most people have the patience to deal with this much drivel.
The two of us