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i've grown up so it is easy to be faithful, honest and trust worthy . i'm looking for clarity in communication . i want my next relationship to be my last and will work to make sure it works. i want to be a better man when i'm with you . being grown up really aids this .i am intelligent and compassionate , and very accepting and understanding , i trust my mate so there is no jealousy issues . i treasure my mate and she always feels special because of my thoughtfulness and attentiveness , my last girl friend after going out with someone else after me said , i'm going to make sure the next guy treats me like you did , my ex wife for 10 yrs ( married 29 yrs ) said if you were like this when we were married i never would have left you ( would never get back with her , she lives in alberta and loves her job and independance ).i treat my mate special because thats how i honestly feel about them, i don't play games and i'm a straight shooter , but if you are looking for money please pass me by , i'm on a pension, if a loving relationship is more important than money to you message me . the thing i look for most is a clarity in communication , i had it once and will not settle for less . i want to be your best friend as well as your lover . i am very confident in dealing with people , women always feel safe with me , i have a little bad boy left in me making it easy to protect you if need be . i want to still hold your hand when very old and still give you kisses .i am sensitive and caring and will always support you and encourage you . our future will be bright ,overcoming any obstacles in our way. one thing that makes me different is that i never picked up the habit of worry ( i've only had 3 headaches in my life ) and find dealing with life an easy thing to do, i'm easy going and don't stress out and always keep negative influences out of my life , life is too short to do otherwise , i'm always positive and good at solving problems .i like the way i am , the new improved model since i grew up , i can make you laugh too . i'm on health kick of sorts , have lost 21 lbs (jan 29 2015) already and going strong , i just came across this .i think it's important

Here’s what research has to say about growing closer to your mate. (Photo: Getty Images)
There are seemingly endless amounts of anecdotal advice about how to have a more loving, fulfilling, and lasting relationship. But what do researchers with degrees and labs and white coats uncover when they dig deeper?
Read on for the latest on what science says about maintaining true love and happiness in your relationships — and how to interpret it for your own life.
1. Fight Right

(Photo: Getty Images)
“The battles we pick with our partners are often about personal needs to be heard and feel loved,” says Sharon Gilchrest O’Neill, a licensed marriage and family therapist and author of A Short Guide to a Happy Marriage. So it makes sense that a new study published in the journal Psychological Assessment shows that disengaging from conflicts — either by avoiding an issue altogether until it “goes away” or by not mentioning it, but hoping your partner brings it up — can cause negative results.
That study showed that the first method — aka withdrawal — was a sign that the person was bored with the relationship, while use of the second method — aka passive immobility — was associated with feeling neglected and anxious.
O’Neill recommends “the right amount of dialogue” to deal with conflicts, and that varies from couple to couple. But the real key is this: Once the conversation starts, listen. “Good listening equals love,” says O’Neill.
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2. Kiss More

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It turns out kissing comes with more benefits than just the swoony feeling (though that’s pretty great on its own). Dutch researchers have found that 10 seconds of making out results in the exchange of 80 million-ish bacteria — and that has big bonuses: Measurable stress release, immune-system strengthening, and a good bacteria add-on for your system.
How to make these positives even better? “Kissing can become terribly routine for many couples, so make your 10 seconds count,” says O’Neill. She recommends choosing a stress-free moment — so don’t treat that lip-lock like a task as you rush out the door for work.
3. Be Friends

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Many studies have shown that marriage can improve your well-being, but new findings from the National Bureau of Economic Research suggest that these well-being effects are twice as large for people who identify their spouses as their best friends.
“A friendship base means the couple is capable of being a strong team, united against the world when the going gets tough,” says O’Neill, adding that friends have extra capacity for sharing honesty, compassion and humor.
So how do you foster a close friendship in a relationship that is based on a different kind of connection? “Spend time together and have discussions about the world, your families, your passions and your dreams,” suggests O’Neill.
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4. Spoon!

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After the act, don’t just roll over and start snoring — research published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior suggests that the longer you spend engaged in post-sex affection (cuddling, spooning, talking intimately), the higher your relationship and sexual satisfaction will be. While women appreciated increased post-coital attention slightly more than men in the study, both genders were into it.
“Sex alone does not give a sense of security in a relationship,” says O’Neill. “Post-sexual intimacy with some conversation improves the emotional connection and appreciation, which is critical for a long-lasting, satisfying relationship.”

i hope you all find what you are looking for , best to you
What I’m doing with my life
my current goal is simply loosing weight , dropped 21 lbs so far and just getting started , delighted
I’m really good at
dealing with people
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
i download alot of movies , like all types as long as they are good