26 Baltimore, United States
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My self-summary
I am from the EASTSIDE of the states and California was nice to visit. I am a ready to meet and greet if your interested in getting too know me better message me. Peace & Blessings to you !!!
What I’m doing with my life
LOVE LIVING GOD this life of mine.Nice words / Maybe GOD wants us to meet a few wrong before we find who is the right person in our life the gift of love keeps on giving untill this part of life is over .Dont go for looks : they can deceive .wealth that even fades away go for what makes you smile in a time of darkness when the sunset in the part of the world you live enlightment and love is always something any person can give show and prove if they have enough strength so look to the heavens and for a sign we all have a calling and I have found mine it took years of knowledge of self and wisdom is much greater than wealth . I am divine from the words of Justice to the freedom of speech the meaning of knowledge lives on with me the truth GOD cannot be forgotten or be remember with just words this lesson begins when you want enlightment . I KNOW MYSELF TO BE BEYOND MY LOOKS IF YOU TALK WITH ME I COULD TEACH YOU LIKE A OPEN BOOK WHEN YOU HEAR KNOWLEDGE MOST HUMANS TAKE COVER BECAUSE THEY ARE WITHOUT FAITH . I KEEP STRONG SO YALL KNOW THE TERMS . I GUESS SOMEDAY THE HUMAN RACE WILL LEARN FROM THE PAST TO MAKE OUR FUTURE BRIGHT INSTEAD OF STABBING EACH OTHER IN THE BACK BECAUSE THATS JUST TOO WACK LIKE MIXING WEED AND CRACK PEACE ON THAT NOTE A SUPREME BEING HAS JUST WROTE READ ON SISTERS AND BROTHERS PEACE BE UPON YOU AND YOUR DEEDS.
I’m really good at
I am good at loving my family and friends
The first things people usually notice about me
I would say my slang use of words and handsome looks plus my dress code is off the wall.Most people enjoy my laid back approach and veiws on different topics. I like kids that are well manner and educated by parents and teachers . I am the nicest person you might meet but if you miss judge me you wont see that side of me . I am describe to be a person of morality and very loyal most of my friends or foes would have to admit this to be the truth . I measure my life by my good deeds upon my human counterparts and I enjoy nature and all GODs creations but most of all I enjoy people of up right character with a desire of great morale stance that is what you notice about me . I am not just a face or race that you a human can define. I live with GODS grace and mercy that is a part of me being divine and strong and with GODS greatness through it all I have maintained and proceed to the next level strong if I could get beyond the lower self and grow into a higher education so shall you if you really seek enlightenment and peace from within your being until we meet lets keep up right and justice in our hearts peace thanks for reading the book in my mind .
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Rap and jazz . Reggae . Gospel. I like fish . Steak. chicken and watermelon. I like action movies and truestories.I like all colors of people such as RED.BROWN.YELLOW.WHITE.The main thing is how others treat each other in this world we share as human beings lets live the dream and make things better one day at a time lets keep freedom.justice.peace.and love alive in our hearts and kind words and thoughts of the divine within us all GODand family first always stay connected to your divine inner being peace and rest in peace to everyone who isnt around much these days but I believe yall still here through GODS decree and divine strengh within me peace yall thanks for the lessons and share knowledge because knowledge over come all darkness so I will proceed to the top of the mountain to sing with my Angels .
The six things I could never do without
GOD ,family, friendship,food,Shelter,money
I spend a lot of time thinking about
I think about life issue and my future possibility. I think about GOD and true justice and freedom for all culture.I think about life and death .I think about my past and present the future and what it could be like.I think about romance and why so much hate in the world . I think about poor kids that have nothing but faith that GOD has not forgotten them . I think about the crazy things people do that ends up as our news for the day .I think that sisters and brothers need to stop the killing of the innocent . I think we should try love rather than waiting to hate or I am just dreaming again let me know what you think about and we can build from that starting point alright peace and love .