29Cascade, United States
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My self-summary
Hmmm...well I'm just your average girl =O Errr not really actually. I love anime and manga because they are like so kewl =^o^= I also love reading and writing though I mostly write short stories and such. Ohh! I also love Doctor Who ._. like really. I can be such a science fictiony kinda dork hehe. I went to my first anime convention too =O It was awesome!!! Actually I've been to that anime convention more than once. I just love them. I might try Baltimore's Comic-con this year instead.

If anything I'm a girl that just likes to be herself. I'm very caring and understanding when it comes down to certain things. I also value my friends and family. I'm very family oriented and just love my younger brothers like crazy!

I've really gotten into this Minecraft game lately. I play it on the Xbox 360 which I know isn't the same as the PC version but it is still entertaining. I get jumpy as it begins to turn into evening on the game though because I hate confronting the mobs ;_; Gotta make sure to keep a diamond sword on you at all times! lol

I am humorous, dorky, and lovable. You know what? I'm gonna add a bit more to this! You see, I can be a simple girl at times but there will be other times that you might not get what I'm talking about. That's because I do have a habit of being random! I don't mean to be but it just happens. I'm also very snugly as you can tell by my pics. Well, I guess I mean fluffy as well. Yeah that's right! I'm fluffy! Hehehe wow...kinda random there too. Anywho yeah....that's me...
What I’m doing with my life
And yet another time that I have to update my profile! This girl has moved out on her own and actually has her own place!! I'm now working as a security guard at a food processing place (it's so fun!) and make enough to rent out my cute little apartment which I'm in love with :-3 It's located near my mother's place so I still see my family a lot but at the end of the day I'm so happy to have my own little place I can relax in ^.^

I'm also writing a book, or trying to at least since I love writing. Maybe one day you shall know me because I'll be a famous author =D
I’m really good at
Hmmm I don't know what I'm good at. I'm average at stuff. I'm good at writing stories and such and coming up with ideas for weird things =O If that counts at all.

Hmm I'm also good at taking care of my Pets. I don't get to see them often cause they live at my moms but I have a Cat and 1 Dog that is an australian sheppard the blue marll one or whatever xP. But now that I live on my own I have my own cat to take care of and I love her to death hehehe. At my mother's I also have my two brothers who are so rambunctious. They are a handful! I meant my brothers, not the pets xD hehe
The first things people usually notice about me
Well I'm not sure. I guess that would be a question for them. But they would see that I'm a very funny sort of individual that just likes to be myself around others. At first I can be shy though =/ but I tend to talk alot when I'm shy haha.

I'm kinda chubby =O But doesn't that mean I'm more snugglier. Then again in days like these all people want is a stick girl to hold onto x.X
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: Harry Potter Series + Golden Compass Series + Anything Stephen King + Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Series + Petshop of Horrors Manga + House of Night series + Dan Brown's Books Basically I love also anything that is in the science fiction genre!

Movies: Pirates of the Carribbean + Lord of the Rings + Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy + Syfy's Alice + Thor + The Avengers I LOVE watching movies I haven't seen before. Whether it be in the theater or even just at home watching it on a dvd or something...horror movies are my favorite hehe.

Music: Listen to a little bit of everything actually o.o I've been really obsessed with this russian band called Traktor Bowling but I don't know why hehe. I love just about anything and even more so if it's in a different language. There is just something about the way german, or russian, or any other language besides english sounds that just intrigues me hehe.

Food: Spaghetti + Shrimp + Crabs + Tuna + Pad Thai Foooddddddd hehehe. I can't just say I have a fave food cause sometimes it's just all good.
Six things I could never do without
Hmmm.... 1.)Diamond Sword 2.)Coal 3.)Pick Axe ...oh wait! This isn't Minecraft ^-^;; hehehe. But really....

1.) Family/Friends (Very family oriented!)
2.) A Good Book to Read
3.) My Cell Phone (That is important!)
4.) Anything That Makes me Happy (I hate being sad)
5.) My Pets
6.) Some Sort of Way to Get Online
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Hmmm...I have random thoughts usually. Hmmmm....random thoughts...gnomes gonna eat my brain! Ahh! No wait gnomes aren't real. Real...really cold right now wish I could snuggle someone. Snuggly ^-^ polar bears would be good to snuggle. Hahha see I'm random =P
On a typical Friday night I am
Usually at home on Fridays unless I decide to go see a movie or just go to the mall to do some window shopping. During the Summer I could be outside goofing off with my brothers and their friends. We have this habit of pretending that we are survivors of the Zombie Apocalypse >_>;;
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Umm well...I'm a furry >.> <.< don't know if many of you know what that is but yeah. I'm not a major furry though!! Like I'm not really into all of it. I have a tail and ears that I sometimes wear but it's not like I go out every day like that.

Ohh and that my dad doesn't know about me being bi >.> family doesn't really.
You should message me if
Just message me if you want to make a new friend! I would love to hear from you! =^n.n^= mew! Of course now I realize just how crazy my profile makes me appear -_-;;
The two of us