28Perth, Australia
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My self-summary
-in a relationship, looking for interesting people for friendship/getting to know reasons only, please don't message me otherwise-

Joyous bibliophile, audiophile and mostly self proclaimed/acknowledged otaku.

I am in a relationship with an awesome lady named Kat who works in private child care and value our relationship's communication and depth more than anything else, especially amusing as we never intended to date to start with but it just ended up that way.

I value honesty, clarity in communication and humour that isn't at the expense of others highly, and consider a person's ethics as a good guide to their merit.
It is my personal belief that the best kind of mind is an inquisitive one.

A summary of my interests include:-
-Sci-Fi and Fantasy
-Pen and Paper Roleplaying (pathfinder, dnd, WoD including vampire, savageworlds)
-The Arts
-Animals/Plants/Natural Landscape
-Decrepit buildings (I love the for some aesthetic and thematic reasons)
What I’m doing with my life
4years of qualified freelance web development who often jumps in-between labouring contracts as the labouring pays well but doesn't include the stress factor.

I love traveling and intend to do more of it in my near future, I also love Canada and New Zealand to bits.

Various other things that just happen naturally and trying to organise myself and others around the roleplay sessions that should be starting up again... january -sighs- herding cats I say.
I’m really good at
Visual Co-ordination (artistically this is)
Endurance Walks/Hikes
Finding things where others cannot
Critical and analytic thinking.

Reading too I guess, although I wish this topic were titled "I excel at" and then it would make more of this seem a little less naff.
The first things people usually notice about me
My hair (redness or curly/wavy nature)
My height
My extensive knowledge and enthusiasm on subjects that interest me.
I can be fairly tense before I know someone better, it is mainly due to despite the wordy nature of this page my being somewhat introverted in many senses.
And that I can follow 3-4 conversations simultaneously and meaningfully contribute to each.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Pretty much everything clive barker
Near all HP lovecraft (no I am not a braying cthulhu fan I actually read his works... and audio book them sometimes)
Terry Pratchet Discworld series
JV Jones Sword of shadows series
Shakespears Complete Works it never leaves my desk
Hannibal and Silence of the lambs books not movies
Ian Irvine Well of shadows
Oscar Wilde A Picture of Dorean Gray
A Song of Ice and Fire George RR Martin... I liked it before it was cool -goes all hipster-
and many more :P being a bibliophile and all

Too many to list that I do remember and too few remembered that should be on said list.

Too many to list again, and they really cover such a broad spectrum.

I like a large variety, from Chopin to Manson, I tend to like what I like regardless of era and genre.

Sadly I have had to cut down my expenditures on live events in the last year and a half... Sad but necessary due to other lifestyle choices I still hold a subscription to ACO performances though.

Oh and I am always searching new artists, underground groups and sharing my discoveries.

I am very critical when it comes to food, this said I eat to survive. I love cooking though and have done for years.
Six things I could never do without
Six things I would rather have in my life than do without:-
Books (I love physical books,although my tablet does get utilised fairly well these days)
Anime (Just love the medium as a means of expression and how the Japanese don't tie themselves to reality as heavily as western society does)
Freedom of Expression (self explanatory but something that gets overlooked a lot)
My dogs (I love my animals and treat all living creatures with due respect)
My cat (she is crazy and tiny but she is loved)
My bike (It is my favourite method of transport)
Music (I love music)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Philosophy (various and sometimes mundane)
Visual Aesthetics (visual art)
Visual design
Video games industry news, developments and intricacies
Childhood development and societal roles
On a typical Friday night I am
When I am not working too much or too hard I enjoy either staying in with a friend, by myself/kat or going out for a meal with friends or companions. I love the night air.

Oh and walking the neighbours dog sally, because she has a lovely nature and I love walking her :P
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Not really sure?
I don't really lock much of myself away from others but I am not in the habit of broadcasting stuff that isn't that important.

Ah I find glasses on men and women attractive? I enjoy muscularly fit people of both genders more than people just being thin? I don't know.
You should message me if
You desire to do so and or share some similar interests.

Oh and especially if you are interested in pen and paper roleplay or talking about stuff... psychology, anime... the psychology of anime ;)
The two of us