33 Durham, United States
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My self-summary

Yes I am a sex positivist who is GGG (google it) and I have as a women checked "casual sex". Before you message me STOP AND READ THIS. This does not mean I want you to message me and talk to me like a slut versus a mature professional women. If you want to get into my bed for real the way to do it would be by showing you are an adult who is similarly interested in *meaningful* intimacy where we know one another in a meeting first to just talk and then maybe open up to see about something more physical ongoing where that is primacy equalled by respectful considerate treatment like you do a friend or someone you are dating. Inquire but do so respectfully or watch out you have it coming for you. One day I have this up and I have 30+ messages with "fuck" in the message. Come on guys.


800 = distance ran and won ACCs for UNC track
1500= miles bicycled around Thailand fear on bike camping with 5 Thai men
5= times I've been told "I love you"
5= times I've said "I love you"
2.5= the overlap between the above 2
11= years in back to back 12+ month relationships
4= years the last ones single and dating
3= times dating someone who for no reason and no explanation went silent
0= times I will ever do that
# = sexual partners. Tell me yours and I'll tell you mine. Or guess and I will and the closer has to say
50= percentage sure interested in monogamy
1= profile on a certain site that if discovered would reveal sexual proclivities
375 = number of runners coached
6 = gallery exhibited juried shows of my photography
45 = percent of the Durham city limit roads walked in quest to walk them all an hour a day. 11.5 months in
5 = favorite number see green knight and endless knot pentagon
12 = years a DJ
5 = years of silent Monday** (answer to the 10 messages or so asking what this means see below)
13 = camping trips to linville gorge
7= times shocked by how offensive and hurtful old folks have been
3 = times as often not the case
100+ = messages with words "sex slave" "rape" "insert term for jacking off - bc of me (thanks for sharing gross), lists of kinky and or xx rated fantasies messaged as the muse, "I'm the best fuck of your life" "come over and get fucked by a real man" "your too ____ for my sexual tastes"
---> see pattern.
11= 2 page erotica prose written (just not messaged)
6 = people who've met me blues dancing and not hit it off but friends now that still come
2 = people seeking for photography shoot and art collaborations including a couple for those in open relationships
1 -100 in 23 seconds = reciting prime numbers in that range.
1 = me and 1 = first purpose do no harm
2= no halves equal whole but Dyad I hope to find someone to love or in meantime have fun adventures
0= text messaging until October. Phone call only. Or anything else.

Ask questions for which I'll answer with a number and add to this list
What I’m doing with my life
Organizational /non profit consulting;
Documentary photography- fine art single exposure store front windows and seeing in and light hits reflects backwards my iPhone and me in the photo that is a collage two ways of seeing reminder that it's all the way we choose to see the direction we look a perspective is one way of seeing. And galleries found me so I'm now a photographer. And
.... Portraiture photography a number of men's profile photos undisclosed and usernames I cannot provide but contact me as many have for this alone I have time to do right now and do it well and love it
Beginner's mind playing GO;
Blues dancing as much as possible.
Yoga teaching to black belts
Logic puzzle making
Quantum physics reading in spare time
Podcast loving
Walking every road in Durham 11.5 months in about 45% done
I’m really good at
-Reading books over the phone or making audio postcards to send
-Reciting the first 100 prime numbers
-The lost arts of nonvirtual but not in person interactions - art collaborations, typewriter magazine and glue = card hand typed letter, making mix tapes, the art of the phone call
-Using Keezy to make raps. Give me the words and I will send you a rap but you have to yourself make vulnerable lyrics you write that make this a collaborative effort
- Dancing
- Dressing up dressing down steampunk dark professional but oh yep that's purple hair
- Running coaching (at approx 375 people, 12 seasons now 1:1 with men mostly 5k to marathon leaving now to meet at weight room and show core exercises)
- Running faster at races men randomly across 3 continents for some reason challenge me to run.
- Surfing
- Silent Monday's
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Lana del Ray
Jamie xx
The foundation
Eternal sunshine
The six things I could never do without
1-the sea.
2- running
3- poetry
4- sustainence and safety
5- sex and intimacy
6- love
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Quantum physics, applied mathematics, Jung, Walter Benjamin, Borges, time, radiolab, spirals, bounded infinity between two people.
On a typical Friday night I am
Blues dancing.
You should message me if
You want to be swept up in a passionate play hard laughing lady's sitting stranger friend making drinking whiskey sit on down on the barstool next.
Lose and find yourself in the woods
Blues dance Friday night all welcome
Special points for the promise if you open yourself to it the best interactions happen on Silent Monday. Do you dare (and no I don't mean sex here, dirty minds. I don't even know you though it's damn good in the times dating folks on Mondays)
Will call me on the phone. I'm off text until October. It's a lost art. Trust me I want to here your voice. You want to cocreate art. Send those rap lyrics. Or writing and I'll make photos or painting or send those and I'll write. Looking for a male to do a two person male female photo series - msg for more info about being involved. Will be on exhibit. All you have to do is stand sit etc as directed. Looking for sketch actor up for performing short play dance mix locally very avante garde or help me finish writing it.