39Cedar Rapids, United States
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My self-summary
I have discovered somethings about myself. 1-apparently am not cute enough to keep anyones ontrest for more than a few seconds. Which socks because when I love it love fiercely. 2-i am a cross between Christian Grey, James Bond and Shrek. 3- someone who knows what they want is intimadating. 4- i really wish someone i found atteactive would take the time to discover the gem i may really be. Sadly 75% of online dsting is based on a few pictures and not on the quality of person.
Now if you made it this far i comend you. I keep seeing on here someone wants somoene who knows what they want. luckily for me i know exactly what i want, so i thought i would share with you those that is willing to let me. they are in order so if you see some gaps, message me and i will share those with you. phyiscal intamcey is important after Sadly this list is no longer accurate but enjoy reading it for what it is.
1- must love God
2- my son has autisum, there are challenges with that..must be ready for those.
3-geniuanly loves my kids
4-be a good role model for my kids
6-willing to pray with me
7-enjoys sports
9-we need money to live, but its not everything
10-who wants to be happy with me
11- thinks im sexy
13-has eyes i can get lost in
14- has curves
15- drug free
16- doesnt smoke
17- outgrown partying all the time
18-understands i love pro wrestling, and im kinda geeky
20-loves movies
21-likes christian music
22-can see my past for it past. not who i am
25-can have fun
26-who is flirty wih me
27- has eyes only for me
31-shows loves, not just says it
32-sees my potential
35-loves day long adventures i.e. going to kansas city just for lunch
36-understands my love of animals
37-who sees my heart not as weakness but kindness
39-enjoys my "i want to meet everyone" attitude
40-who loves my dreams, some of which can be intimadating
41-lets me cook
42-public expression of love
45-will chase me as hard as i chase her
46-can say "im sorry" and "i forgive you" and mean them
48-says "thank you" when given a compliment and not "yea right", "gross" or anything negative thus negating the compliment she was just given.
49-embarces our fears
50-lets me lead
53-can communicate
54-will discuss her fantasies, dreams, desires,
56-sees my scars for what they are..mismanaged pain, not self mutilation
57-understands addicts are never safe from falling off the wagon
59-thinks im as sexy as i think she is
60-doesnt break her promisies
61-likes kissing
62-doesnt need a hundred pairs of shoes
63-electric smile
64- green or blue or honey eyes
65-will write love notes
67-will watch sports, as i will watch rom coms
68-wears my clothes when she misses me
69- misses me when im gone
70-buys things and "things" with me in mind
71-makes love bets
72-who understands why i would prefer notto give her a diamond...wanna know just ask
74-loves nicknames
75-whos laugh is infectious
78-isnt afraid ot act like a teenager
79-loves getting treats at work
80-brushes her teeth, showers, etc..
82-doenst need tons of make up
83-lets me drive
84-plays games i.e. video/ board..not emotional
87-amazing legs
88-gives backrubs
89- recieves backrubs
91-great sense of humor
92-enjoys life..kind of a kid at heart
93-doesnt like horrorh movies...all the time
95-compliments me
96-will go golfing, four hours almost alone together
97-turns negatives into positives
98-can see the romance in my favorite stories
99-cries at movies
100-doesnt judge me for crying at movies
101- willing ot go slow
102-accepts my love of autographs
103-knows that our realtionship, if married, will last longer than any of your realtionships with our friends. meaning keeping us to us, and when we do vent knowing our friends see our side opf the story not the whole story
106-has freckles
107-is competitive
108-wants me
109- sees the meaning rhinos and parrots have in my life
110-wants to visit scotland
112-nice full lips
113-will sit out at night enjoying the stars and each other
115-celebrates our victories
117-will host parties, family get togethers etc..
118-partying is not a priority
119-sings karaoke
121-loves cuddleing
122- doesnt nag, but encourages
124-big deal out of special events
125-looks forward ot being old together
127-has curves
134-wears yoga pants
the missing pieces youll have to ask about...good luck ladies...
What I’m doing with my life
i work in the food industry, and im currantly attempting to produce a dating show.
this is the link to my show. enjoy and all comments accepted.
I’m really good at
the quest for my talents is never ending. but i do enjoy movies and writing. i also like cooking and making others smile.
The first things people usually notice about me
my strong personality, and my huge heart
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
friends, comedies, marx brothers, action flicks, sci fi, romantic comedies, really any movie, mostly listen to christian rock. as well as some rock
Six things I could never do without
God, kids, pets, ipod, food, air, love
I spend a lot of time thinking about
i think of a variety of different things to think of or dream about. my mind is deep and my soul is longing.
On a typical Friday night I am
either working, or with my kids.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
anything you have the courage to ask
You should message me if
you want an interesting conversation, and maybe some good movie advice. im always game for
The two of us