39Cedar Rapids, United States
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My self-summary
I know its clique to say this but I'm not like most guys. I know I know you have all heard it before, but just here me out. first off I want a foundation before sex. I want to actually get to know you before I see you naked. part of that is that if your in love with me before I get naked then the chances that you run away after are less likely. I love cooking and making my girl feel important. I still feel like girls should get flowers at work randomly. gifts are tokens of love, as are kisses, cuddles, and shared moments. I also think that women should be chased. heres the secret to keeping your man him back every now and then. everyone wants to feel appreciated. when you feel like you no longer matter to someone thats when your guard falls and you fail. I prefer 3/4 nudes to actual nudes. I will be more turned on by you taking a photo of yourself wearing a dolphins shirt with that covers the important areas but have your legs bare, maybe the neck hanging off your shoulder, than I will of your nude body.
be warned I am the type that if we are on the most amazing date we have ever had, and my kids call me telling me they needs me...we are packing up our dinner and getting them that very instant. they will forever be questions asked. if you are not working to provide for them a great life and raising them to be functioning members of society then why do you have them. they are not just expensive pets ya know... that being said...the reverse is also true. I love adventure, sponatious road trips, songs and doing the conga while shopping with my kids. I can have fun doing anything, just depends on who I am with
I have discovered somethings about myself. 1-apparently am not cute enough to keep anyones intrest for more than a few seconds. Which sucks because when I love it love fiercely. 2-i am a cross between Christian Grey, James Bond and Shrek. Bond- good defenses, uses humor and sex as a diversion to get you off the scent and refocused. cunning and quiet, romantic and brutally honest. hard to get close to, but certainly knows how to push you away, but that's half the appeal. you feel like your getting closer to him without actually getting there. never gives up and always seems to find a solution no matter how complicated the situation Grey- sometimes socially awkward and unacceptable, loves with a fierce passion and cruelty. will test your boundries and perhaps allow you to break them. you know your safe even though it feels dangerous. would do anything to make the girl hes after feel special even at the cost of his own dignity. sometimes his motivation may not be pure but the end result he is after is love. just doesn't know how to achieve or let anyone in. kinda kinky but who knows you might like it. Shrek- been burned (literally) by many people. trust is a huge issue and rightly so has an ass for a best friend. love is a foreign concept because whats the point? she wont see him for what he is and he isn't prince charming. funny, witty, and boarish,but also fragile and defensive. but is loyal to his very core. romance is awkward but hey at least he tried. 3- someone who knows what they want is intimadating. 4- i really wish someone i found atteactive would take the time to discover the gem i may really be. Sadly 75% of online dating is based on a few pictures and not on the quality of person.
Now if you made it this far i comend you. yes I'm a little bitter and jaded, and yet somehow through it all I still have some hope that true love exists. I go hard, all day all night, and will fight for ones who I deem worthy of such a fight. but if you scorn me, well not to sound hows it going to but its the hole you dug. live with it and leave me alone.
What I’m doing with my life
i work in the food industry, and im currantly attempting to produce a dating show.
this is the link to my show. enjoy and all comments accepted.
I’m really good at
the quest for my talents is never ending. but i do enjoy movies and writing. i also like cooking and making others smile.
The first things people usually notice about me
my strong personality, and my huge heart
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
friends, comedies, marx brothers, action flicks, sci fi, romantic comedies, really any movie, mostly listen to christian rock. as well as some rock
Six things I could never do without
God, kids, pets, ipod, food, air, love
I spend a lot of time thinking about
i think of a variety of different things to think of or dream about. my mind is deep and my soul is longing.
On a typical Friday night I am
either working, or with my kids.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
anything you have the courage to ask
You should message me if
you want an interesting conversation, and maybe some good movie advice. im always game for
The two of us