50Salt Lake City, United States
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My self-summary
Prelude: I am not, and have never been nor pretended to be, photogenic.

Concealed within a body that far outpaced its readiness for maturity's rigors is the mind of the boy I once was: prone to sit or stand, stupefied and aloof, alone in a crowded room, staring wide-eyed at the social morass I have never fathomed and which has always seemed too perilous to wade in.

The Hartman Profile's “yellow personality” description somewhat suits me (inclined to fun), although I test rather evenly between all of the personality colors as well as between the right and left brain hemispheres (acknowledging that the right-left dichotomy has been largely debunked). One might regard me as a creative, sensual, and artistic; an idea man; while another would find me logical, driven by lofty and uncharted objectives, and constantly pondering the meaning of life and things. I am usually playful, mischievous, and secretly preoccupied with adventure. Alas, I suppose some of those preoccupations will have to quaff another draught of patience ere their fulfillment.

I am modest and malleable, fiercely open-minded, and believe my self-evaluation to be neither too high nor too low.

I remain, as yet, detached from intimate associations, though I am abundantly courteous with everyone and make it a practice to deal the same way I want to be dealt with. Being among the weakest of mortals, I aspire to infinite patience and a strong character.
What I’m doing with my life
I currently devote the vast majority of my time, day and night, to business-related endeavors. However, I regularly shut off the phone and escape to

the gym (now benching 365 to 400)

the theater

reading and researching

any of various restaurants in town - preferably Vietnamese, Cambodian, Burmese, Thai, Laotian, Chinese, Indian, Pakistani, Afghani . . .

anywhere that is somewhere else (and preferably in a remote place).

How I wish I could find some ancient treasure.
I’m really good at
The guitar, singing, pumping iron, swimming, all forms of fine art, research, analysis, thinking and meditating, skirting the vortex of insanity, and enduring all manner of adversity.
The first things people usually notice about me
I really wish I knew.
You should message me if
. . . you are patient, rarely or never annoyed, just, tactful, quick witted, adventurous, open-minded, intensely curious, have a raucous-yet-dry sense of humor, and are willing to sacrifice everything you think, do, have, and are, for the truth.

Production note regarding the profile photos: Unlike most normal humans, my internal programming does not permit me to deign ask someone else for a personal photo op. So I am sorry, but "selfie" photos are probably all I will ever have, and even those are intensely painful to the psyche to capture. Moreover, it is easier to exert strength for pumping iron than it is to fake a smile for the camera - and I fear the mounting social pressure to undergo the latter will pose the risk of serious injury to me - so I beg your forbearance. (Don't worry. My teeth and oral hygiene can be certified "excellent.")
The two of us