27Oakland, United States
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My self-summary
Even with an unlimited amount of time and words, I would find it difficult to summarize myself.
Sometimes I find that randomness gifts me in the form of social debacles.
So, in the spirit of that, I'll keep it in list form for now.
- I am forever an awkward person. I am destined to knock things over and not to know what to say afterwords.
- But I am told that I do it in a cute way. ;)
-I love to laugh and to make others laugh. Both make me smile.
-I take it upon myself to feed people I like.
-I love to dance by myself and sing in the shower. :)
What I’m doing with my life
I am "Doing me" as one might say (And yes, in a slightly dirty way, also).
I’m really good at
On a random note, I am good at cooking meals. I am good at painting the nails on my left hand. I am good at losing cell phones without meaning to, and memorizing things. I am good at finishing books really quickly, and staying up really late. At making dirty jokes, and appreciating them. At putting up tents, and hiking, even when I am out of breath.

I'm good at not taking forever to get ready, and keeping the friends that I have. I'm good at writing short stories and whistling. I am good at never backing down from a challenge, and becoming a little too aggressive when it comes to mini golf.
The first things people usually notice about me
If I am being completely honest here, the first thing that someone would justifiably notice about me would be my breasts. I mean that in the least vapid way possible.

But, if you paid a little more attention to me, you would probably notice that I'm the kind of person who genuinely likes to smile. I'm the kind of person to almost always have a song stuck it my head and to never stop trying even when it's hard. I'm the type of person who isn't afraid to get my hands dirty and experience life.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I find this hard to answer because my favorites are vast in contrast. I have a few off the wall guilty pleasures and a few classic favorites.

My rule regarding books, which I will embarrassingly admit, is that I go somewhere that involves a purse or backpack, I always carry a book. This sometimes helps me in awkward moments, but mostly its for pure entertainment. I've always loved to read, so picking a favorite would be torture. My tastes are always changing and evolving.

As far as movies go, I've seen far too many that also contrast in great ways. I love the witty romantic comedies, I am not afraid to admit. But I would have to say that my favorite genre is horror. I love jumping into my bed, scared of what might be under it. I am childish in that way. :)

Ahh, music. My guide light to all that I do. Whatever I am doing, it usually involves a pair of headphones. My favorite genres are punk, alternative and indie. But it's not uncommon to find old school rap, folk, corny pop songs and even a few country. All time favorite bands: Alkaline Trio, Motion city soundtrack, the Matches, the Front Bottoms and Moose Blood.

In my eyes, food makes the word go round. I love to cook new things that I have never tried. I love to feed people and do it quite often. It makes both my mind, and my stomach, satisfied. :D
Six things I could never do without
One thing that I could never do without would have to be people in general. I am a firm believer that physical contact with another human is very important. This could be as simple as brushing your hand against someone, or as anticipated as a first kiss.

Another would be words. The written word in particular is a vitally important form of communication. Even now, as more and more people are on social networks and busy texting on their phones, without the language, it would all mean nothing.

My Mom. <3 She did give up a lot in order to raise her children, after all. I have respect for people that are not afraid to admit when they need their Mom. :)

Music. I would go insane without music. To sing to, to dance around, or to just simply listen and appreciate someone else's talent.

The ability to experiment. Even on a small scale, it is important to test things out, if only to be able to honestly say what you like, and what you don't. I don't like to say I don't like something unless I am absolutely sure that I don't.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I am attracted to intelligence.
You should message me if
You are an unique, genuine person. If you aren't going to give me run of the mill, perfunctory answers or lines.

You should also message me if you don't mind run on sentences. :)
The two of us