36 Richmond, United States
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My self-summary
There is worth in brevity so I am in a long-winded nutshell: artistic, athletic, health-conscious, intuitive, intellectual, funny/goofy, quirky, strong, spiritual, empathic, direct, intense, laid-back and grounded yet driven and passionate about new ideas and creating cool stuff with ambitious trail-blazers.
I value friendship, family, honesty, respect, reflection, personal evolution, philosophy, rights, sexual freedom and fluidity, art, music, freedom of expression.
What I’m doing with my life
I simply love traveling. I identify as a world citizen and in most circles am not proud of being an American-in case you are not paying attention, we don't have a good track record over these past few decades.
I came to Australia to get my masters at University of Sydney in Human Rights policy-there is plenty of abuses here in downunder (see: Aboriginal land rights and "boat people") I am interested in social justice, law, psychological impacts of unlawful detention etc. I will be moving home to San Francisco after three years of working in Australia and gaining a permanent residency visa, which allows me to return to OZ whenever I want because having two summers in a year ain't too shabby :-) For now, I want to plant roots again and work by my family and friends in SF further pursuing my interests in law, social justice & human rights.
I’m really good at
understanding people, laughing, traveling, resolving conflict, sports, kissing, dancing for hours on end, singing, uniting people, finding the humor in a hard situation, positivity and perspective. I use to play soccer for the United States U-21 National Team and went to Wake Forest in North Carolina to play in the ACC. I have since had a few knee injuries that keeps me off the field intensely but I still love the game and plan to coach in the future. If you like the REAL football (aka soccer) then we will probably have something to talk about. If you are amped on testosterone and live at the gym then probably not. I always try to strike a balance between my athletic and artistic self. I am seeking someone who is multi-dimensional and balanced.
The first things people usually notice about me
vibrance, plethora of hats, voice, big smile
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Music: ahh music is one of the most important things to me-Nina Simone, Tribe Called Quest, Lupe Fiasco, Eva Cassidy, Aretha, Janis, all the divas :-) jazz, soul, rock, hip-hop funk and blues. I simply love both listening and playing music. I am a singer/songwriter and believe music is the best healing medicine. My mother said I sang in the crib before I could talk. If you are a musician lets play some tunes!

Books- we need to talk in person about this: I majored in English Literature and Philosophy at Wake Forest University in NC so the classic novels are my jam. My bookshelf has so many different genres that I am not quite sure what my bookshelf says about me. I like feminist black women authors and political writers. I love Alice Walker. I once took a "World Poetry" class with the late and great, Maya Angelou*much respect*
Shows: Colbert=Rad. Also, John Stewart is sexy-I am a sapiosexual who digs the smart, grey-fox types. Also like The Wire and 6ft under. I am not a huge TV girl in general but I like good shows without commercials. Still haven't seen "Breaking Bad" but its on the list.
The six things I could never do without
the sun, laughter, the ocean, social and kinetic movement, both bio and chosen family, music, avocados
I spend a lot of time thinking about
-history and herstory-the past depends on perspective and who tells it#blacklivesmatter.
-what music projects I want to do next
-the ocean, sea life and how we are destroying our oceans :-(
-what is truly important to me in this short life and what I need to prioritize to make the best of my time and resources
-how relative 'time' really is
-social justice, social movements and social transformation, racism, homophobia and equality
-spirituality and meditation and personal growth
-the human brain
On a typical Friday night I am
doing something random
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I like a variety of people. I identify as bisexual, which means that I have had sex with both men and women and not necessarily at the same time.
So, Kinsey introduced the sexuality spectrum (im a 3). We are all on that spectrum and we all have our own sensualities, tastes and tendencies. I have dated both men and women in the past and have experienced the differences between them in many ways to form a unique perspective on gender and love.

I am balanced in my male/female energies and desire to meet other people who have explored these things as well. I want someone open, knows what they want, does not mess around, is deep and committed but open for adventure and personal freedom. I am still looking for my life partner and making friends along the way. I want to meet a man who is my opposite but compliments me too. I want to meet someone who expands my world exponentially, would like a family of their own and shares in these same values.
You should message me if
you like my profile and think we could connect in a genuine way. You want a cool friend or maybe more.

I've had many relationships in my life but am now looking for a longer-term, deep connection with a grounded and loving man, who is kind of a badass but doesn't know it-silent confidence and humility is sexy. I am still looking for my male partner in part-time crime. I am in an open domestic partnership to an Australian woman. I seek a male partner who is ok with this.

Please do not message me for threesomes or endless poly relationship options because I am not interested. I am seeking a relationship with a man, preferably intelligent, artistic, athletic, kind and thoughtful-if you are showing your abs in your photos then you probably are not for me. I like a guy who is confident enough not to boast or to brag. I hope you have an active inner and spiritual life. If you identify as non-white, I will probably be more interested.

***You have to be cool with my other relationship.

**Also, if you want to collaborate on music, I love most genres so hit me up if you like any of this: