42Leipzig, Germany
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My self-summary
2014 Feb : updated city as i move on the 23rd

2013 sep : THIS NEEDS TO BE UPDATED ITS 5 YEARS OLD :) things changed. ... actually reading through this, the only thing really changed that i party less, but if someone drags me out i'm not opposed. In the last year (2012-mid 2013) i dated a trans person in an open relationship, but i'm single now. And i look a bit less extreme, the change is not huge, but noticeable, still red hair same style, a bit shorter.

leaving canada forever february 23th 2014 to leipzig germany .. so looking for friends, activity partners (going out to events, clubs...) and maybe short term open relationship

old stuff to be updated SOON:
me: i love a good party, but still has a mind and heart, i love to be sober and have conversations the same as getting trashed and have sex, as well love cuddling a lot, i'm in to anything that's fun, i do not like to create limits for my self, it all depends on the right partner(s). i'm not hardcore in to fetishes, but don't mind occasional play :) i do things for fun, not as lifestyle, i definitely prefer to be dominant, how ever i'm more then capable of going with the moment. I'm confident with my self but not conceded or snobby. I'm very good at keeping a good balance in my life. In short i like to enjoy life to the absolute fullest with out fucking it up.i like to use certain drugs more than alcohol but i'm not a druggy or a drunk by any means, maybe i can call my self a social druggy, i'm extremely easy to get along with, so if you feel like partying or just watch a movie contact me

on matters bisexuality: many gay and even some BI people are offended when people like me call them self BI, once i got verbally attacked by a gay guy because i responded to hes question that i'm BI, hes point was that people like me are just "horny bastards"... so let get the facts strait, sexual orientation is not a 3 choice option, its more like a scale where you have your comfort (once your over your just curious state)... now i'm FAR beyond that curious state, i know exactly what i like and what i don't, on a scale 1-100 where 100 is 100% gay and 50 has no sexual preference what so ever, i might be a 30, whitch means (for me) i do find some guys hot and i openly admit to that, occasionally i even "actively" party in a mixed! group, but i cant fall in love with a guy, i cant even just have sex with a guy alone (although it did happen a few times, and it might happen again) :) , but i could have a 3 way relationship as 2 guys + 1 girl no problem

I am intelligent, fun, and slutty and of course honest

added 2013 sep:
i'm very much attracted to androgyny, but its not the only thing i'm attracted to, a connection with a person is pretty much the key, in general i find people beautiful (or pretty), if someone tops that of with a good connection i'm open to see what more happens
What I’m doing with my life
i'm undecided, my life is at a turning point (not in a bad way) updated sep 2013
I’m really good at

making people comfortable, making them open up, making them think. i love doing that, nearly every one has walls, but they don't need them

i love when i can help people replace they walls with solutions.. it makes me happy
The first things people usually notice about me
i'm not what i seem on many layers, even trough i'm extremely open, for example my look they think i'm serious/quiet & "hard" guy = no i'm not at all. because my reference/openness to drugs & sex/sluttynes they assume i'm superficial maybe cold = no ! quite the opposite. (this things come naturally to me, there is NO conflict), soon they notice too that i'm very trusting person, sometimes seemingly naive
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
generally sci-fi and fantasy.
all time movies: Bicentennial Man, AI.Artificial Intelligence, Riverworld, Idiocracy
Six things I could never do without
fun, sleep, love(being in love), sex, cuddling, being-free

actually there is a 7th one witch I could never do without honesty to/from the ones i'm close too.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
this section does not work, i removed it ! yes i do think ! ; ) a lot in fact, in fact sometimes to much - yes i'm one of those
On a typical Friday night I am
Friday ? you mean the calendar is divided in to sections with cute names... damn - till now i only know Sunday because most stores are closed and that pisses me off
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
i do not have "private" issue, like i said i'm very open, i do not need to make my self interesting by being "mysterious"
You should message me if
what ever, i love covos
The two of us