39El Prado, United States
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My self-summary

there's a lot you could write doing this, I suppose.

What interests you? Why are we both reading this?

My resume lists under 'interests':

Music & Arts, Global Science, Cognitive Science, Number Theory, Cybernetics, Robotics, M Theory, Cosmology, Meditation, Taiji, Holistic Healing, Sports, Alpine Skiing, Running, Racing, Skydiving, Travel & Nature

My acting resume lists:

horseback riding, hunting / survival, armed combat, navanathaaghori, tai chi / ba gua, travelled globally, Boating - Sailing, Diving, Golf, Motorcycle Riding, Mountain Biking, Pilot - Engine, Pilot - Helicopter, Rock Climbing, Running, Shooting, Sky Diving, Snow Skiing, [[Surfing, Tennis, Power Lifting, Yoga, Guitar,

both doesn't really tell you anything about why we're here now..

So, I'll work on this...

I love witnessing and ideas and significance and authentic emotions and all contrast really -- matter and spirit, baby. I've seen some of the best that matter and spirit have to offer and the terrifying visions of the depths of hell. (Kyle says the last part will scare you off)

I'd like to hear from you if you relate. If there is something you can feel deeper than anything you have names or concepts or stories for. Witnessing that in each other, playing with it outside and inside, magnifying our beings - vaulting through this ocean of energies out there.

There so much more...

I am now, eternal, and playing
What I’m doing with my life
The less I think it's mine - the better it works. The less I think, period.

I love life. Love love. Beauty. Nature. Excellence. Art. Science. Magick - that's some of what life is doing with me.
I’m really good at
Hindsight ;o)


nothing - always learning


a lot of things. Look at the corny 'interests' in my summary.
none that matter. 'o)

More internally: I'm good at enjoying and fun. At Sharing. At Magick. At making you and others enjoy with me and us. I'm good at seeing and listening. I aim to follow my bliss to give my gifts in every moment, to the fullest. If I reside in the beingness and source of all; life is a grand adventure. And there's so much to give and do and be.
The first things people usually notice about me
It's probably better to ask the 'people'...
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
The beings that have inhabited my current me have made a point of digesting a non-trivial amount of all the above...

no attempt to make a sane or relevant or in any way exhaustive list

More recently,

Books: a lot of great books were written, my god. Thank you, god. I'm laughing. Ken Wilber's great, Kurzweil, Singularity, Penrose, Wolfram / Mathematica, Open _Source_ architects et. pl. al, Google's great, Kalki, Cloud Computing, the Dalai Lama, hackers, ancient Kaula Tantras, D. Deida on contemporary expression of relationships. Pollock on splattering paint. to waste your time. Sushi. Kiseiko. Mangoes. Lots of Mangoes. Mandelbrot. Him, too. Thank you pattern recognition algorithm. Them as well. Castaneda on assemblage point and M Theory, basically. And, Mangoes. Dance to remember. The Power of Now. And Durian, indeed. So many great books. All these ancient Vedic and Chinese and Greek dudes and some of the stuff that came out of Europe over the last 500 or so years. Japanese poetry and art. So many great textbooks available now for pretty much everything. All human knowledge in the cloud. How cool. Music, Indian Raga, russian HSPTL house spinning.Incense. Don't we all love incense. Rachmaninov. Books that are right now in my bedroom here. Salinger “Franky & Zooey”, Steinhart et al. “Endless Universe”, Kurzweil “The Singularity is Near[[”, Whistler “[[Trade with Passion and Purpose”, Wilber “Brief History of Everything” and Essential Reader, Shivananda “The Science of Yoga” Castaneda “The Fire from Within”, “The Dalai Lama at MIT”, Marcus AureliusReflections”, Kelly “Rules for the New Economy”, Anderson “The Long Tail”, The Dalai Lama “Ethics for the New Millenium”, Woodroffe “Mahanirvana Tantra”, Drucker “The Effective Executive”, Marriott “The Spirit to Serve”, Lao Tzu, Wilhem's Yi Ging, “The Mabinogion”, HawkinsI”, NisargadattaI Am That” Books. Books. Books

Music: there's so much great music as well. ClassicalBeethoven, lord... World, ancient, from all over, recent from even more places. I would turn you on to all kinds of Raga, global fusion stuff likeTabla Beat Science, anything that uses turntables for the benefit of mankind, Japanese Chamber Music Tokugawa would have dug, Mongolian Throat Singing, all kinds of Jazz. Thank you Limewire! All kinds of Jazz! All kinds of everything. Dub. House. Elvis Presley. Lounge. Dance Music. Crazy Ethiopian music. Ayahuasca Music. More Jazz. More House. Lots and lots of music. Thank you filesharing and apple and arpanet because of you we could go on to fill pages. One important thing is, something that really moves you. Many ways to be moved...

Food: Thank you god, for food. How awesome.
Art: Nature rules that department for me.Great Art out there, however.
Movies. Focus on the one in my head.

I'll update this.
Six things I could never do without
Love, luck, laughter, leverage, sincerity, earplugs
I spend a lot of time thinking about
why I am spending a lot of time thinking
On a typical Friday night I am
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
You should message me if
you're beautiful. =o)
The two of us