40Santa Monica, United States
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My self-summary
Lover of snuggling, really tall man (6'2"), manly man full of adventure, maturity, generosity, ambition, and passion.
What I’m doing with my life
By day: Developing software for a new approach to learning that'll hopefully revolutionize everything. I quit a really nice job at Google to follow my own dream.

By night: Flying people and occasionally getting to fly myself. That's code for acroyoga. It looks like this:

On vacation: I've been to a ton of transformation festivals (Envision, LiB, Lucidity, Serentiy, Enchanted Forest, Symbiosis, Beyond Wonderland). As much as I love them, I'll probably be going to more Acroyoga events. Divine Play 2016 was a lot of fun.

For maintenance: Kundalini yoga every day. On my off days from lifting people (acroyoga), I lift weights at Equinox. The diet is relatively healthy: mostly organic, no sugar, no processed food, no fast food.

When I get a chance, I try to squeeze these in:
- Writing creative stories (short stories and a few novels).
- Canyoneering (= rappelling down waterfalls and the occasional office building).
- Offroading (drive a Jeep Rubicon; coolest trip was three days through the Mojave Desert with camping).
- Leading hikes for the Sierra Club.
- Taking communication and relationship workshops.
- Doing massage and Thai Yoga (850+ hours of professional training)
- Swimming in the ocean with a super thick wetsuit.
- Taking UCLA Extension classes.
I’m really good at
being horrible at something and doing it anyway because I love it. It takes a certain courage to try something new, especially when it's outside of one's strong suit. I once walked into a ballet class as the only guy where all the women had started ballet as kids. So you gotta be okay with sucking at it for a while, sometimes quite a while, or you'll never get started.

I'm good at learning anything. I've learned the geekiest in computer science. I've learned to be super goofy with comedy improv. I've learned to be in the moment and connect with massage.
The first things people usually notice about me
My neck is fused. So, a lot of people notice that and assume that I'm tense. I've been in a yoga class where the teacher preached the whole class about how people with a stiff nick are uptight. The upside of being noticed is that people tend to remember me. I have random people stop me in the street because they met me at some event.

Because I'm tall, I can be intimidating to people. In one comedy improv class, a girl once raised her hand to complain how towering and scary I am to be in a scene with. All the girls in class chimed in because they felt like that as well. The teacher smiled calmly and said that it can be an asset to have impact. And going out, friends sometimes notice melting looks in girls' eyes when they see me. Some girls are turned on by dominance, and I like that.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
District B13 is a French movie about parkour with a very in shape good guy (that I wish I were) and his really hot spunky sister (that I wish I were with). Parkour is an urban sport about getting from point A to point B in a direct line. The direct line means crossing obstacles like bridges, buildings etc in a very fluid way athletic and aesthetic way.

My own food is definitely my strong preference. There is something special about the food after spending hours with it in the kitchen. Of course, the first tries of a recipe sometimes end up in the trash.
Six things I could never do without
Oxygen, water, food, vitamins, and liberty!
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Work, creative stories, and analyzing people/psychology.
On a typical Friday night I am
Friday's I'm usually at an Happy Hour Yoga class at Equinox. The teacher is completely yoga inappropriate by talking about her tinder philosophy and playing rap music for bootie shakes in yoga poses. That's how I like it. I hate dogma!
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I started doing orgasmic meditation with One Taste. When I showed up to the first meetup, I thought the orgasmic part was simply an emphasis for how good the meditation would be. It turned out an hour into the meetup, they demonstrated an actual orgasm! What I found is a group that is very open and well spoken about sexuality, desire, and connection. In a world where most intimate talk is short and a joke, it's very refreshing to find a group that talks in depth about topics that are such central to being a human.
You should message me if
I appreciate difference. I appreciate people who can teach me something and bring talent/perspective to the party that complements rather than duplicates me.

I can be serious and logical in day to day life. It's a good strategy for dealing with business and outside life. It's also a bit of a professional hazard of dealing with technology all day. When I kick off the shoes in the evening, I really appreciate being emotional, playful, and wild. I'm really happy to bring my logical side to fixing a flat middle in the desert, and you bringing the right brain/emotion.

Our shared intention should be connection and intimacy both emotional, psychologically, and physically. My ideal Saturday would be to lounge in bed cuddling, screwing brains out, talking deeply about how feel and experience the world, and going between that. I like physical touch, skin conversations, and sex. Sex the first time tends to be special in its own way. Yet, the best sex usually only happens after getting to know each other and the deepest, darkest kink fantasies. Somewhere, we'd squeeze in a workout.

Sunday would be going on an adventure somewhere, a road trip, nature thing, urban exploration, workshop, SUP paddling, etc.

I do want a kid or two. Details are negotiable. Having the experience of at least one kid is such a special human experience that I want it. This isn't quite the starting topic: "Hi, what's your name? Okay, let's get started making a kid: 1 - 2 -3." At the same time, it would be better to be friends if that's complete nonstarter.
The two of us