67Saint Paul, United States
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My self-summary
I consider myself a healthy, well educated and physically active guy looking for a long term relationship with a woman who is also healthy, well educated and interested in being physically active. My outdoor activities include bicycle, cross country skiing, hiking and longer walks. Of course, I enjoy kayaking, canoeing and have done white water rafting as well ... and would again.

Miniature golf is amusing as well. Yes, I like to laugh. I enjoy using my humor to view life from another perspective as well as to keep myself going when things around me are not going the way I would hope.

I may have spent a few years at college, but I have met many people who are very knowledgeable but do not have all those academic credentials. I am more interested in true critical thinking skills, than just an acceptance of the latest article from National Enquirer as fact.

I am on this site hoping to, per chance, find my "lasting treasure, and not just a moment's pleasure." No, I cannot claim to be as poetic as Carol King, but the feelings ring true for me.

I have observed that many women are more than a little irritated by men who are looking for some sort of dating experience although said men may be separated, yet not divorced. Well, I am officially divorced, as of April of 2012 after being separated since 2006. Yes, I have devoted significant time and effort to recovery from a marriage gone awry, and, yes, feel that I am as good as I can be, but you can judge for yourself.

Usually I have only a basic membership on this site, so if you click that you like me, I will not know who you are. That means you have to be a little more forward, and message me.
What I’m doing with my life
I am retired, but always working on my father role with my son as he works with new challenges at college. He will be finished by the end of 2016 .... unless he decides to go through with his threat of graduate school. Home renovations seem to be ongoing.

Retirement is quite a change. I am still investigating some options, and have been doing some volunteering as well.
I’m really good at
Finding the humorous side of untoward events that affect me. At the same time, I can empathize with others people's problems genuinely. I have done much long distance cycling (two long long trips alone totaled over 12,000 miles). I also enjoy our winter's snow for the xc skiing opportunities. I love its rhythms, and the brightness of the snow. As long as those northerly winds hold off.
The first things people usually notice about me
That I look "just like Robin Williams" only without the dark features. My reddish blond hair is now more of a silver blond, (or is that really a silvery white?) plus a goatee. And my sense of humor is better than his. ;-) ...... and today I include this note to express my sadness concerning Robin's passing.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Many books! However, lately, I have become very intrigued by Andrew Solomon .... have read his "Noonsday Demon" and looking forward to getting "Far from the Tree" plus others. His words flow so easily, so beautifully, and his perspectives on issues that challenge our society are so very insightful and sensitive.

It is Oct, 2014 .... reading The Fourth Turning by Strauss & Howe. The 4th Turning presents a very interesting perspective on the characteristics of different generations (Boomers, GenX--also identified as 13ers, and Millennials) as well as the concept of historical cycles (major breakdowns every 80-100 years, i.e., 1770s Revolution to 1860s Civil War to 1940s WWII to 2020??) that repeat themselves routinely over the years just as seasons do during the year. These authors include a lot of very convincing historical data going back to times B.C. Not a doomsday scenario, but very thoughtfully written. Very interesting and very scary .... especially as the book was written in 1997, and the last 19 years are eerily similar to the ideas presented.

March, 2015. At this time I am reading Nomi Prins "All the Presidents Bankers" and finding it dovetails well with "The Fourth Turning" in elucidating how the crash of 1929 with the followup congressional regulation of banking that occurred. Of course, once the memory of the Great Depression grows faint, deregulation shreds the safety net. With that memory so far faded, I feel it is inevitable that we will in the near future have another crash far more serious than our Great Recession. Our big banks control SO much of economy, and of course deregulation has led to their spread into the insurance industry, securities and derivatives, and on .... all of which our entire society will have to subsidize when it unravels, which it will. The big banks are so, so good at maximizing their profits, but remember that they are "too big to fail" ...... and the risks will fall to "we the people." True socialism ..... unfortunately, only the risks are socialized, and the profits are kept by the big banks, at least those in the 1% club. In the early 1900's the 6 largest banks assets equaled about 12% of the US assets ..... total the 6 largest banks have the equivalent of 40+% of the US assets. Think about that means for the next crash. See this site for a clear picture without reading the entire book:
The power of greed :(

Sorry about the diatribe. I guess I just typing away. I am in need of a good woman to keep my balance. Don't we all need a little help from our friends??

Many movies, often the one I just saw as I must be unconsciously still processing it; Monster's Ball; Green Mile; especially those with Morgan Freeman like the Bucket List, Million Dollar Baby, Shawshank Redemption, and Glory; Heartland, Big Chill, Dead Poets Society, True Grit, Mystic River, Gone with the Wind; Good Morning Vietnam!; Mrs. Doubtfire, Gran Torino and the list goes on. And I just saw The Danish Girl: very interesting as well as heart warming in a somewhat tragic sense.

Food: What don't I like! I pretty much stay away from fast food as it is too slow getting rid of the weight past the age of 40 yo. Of course, I love Italian, Thai, Greek, pizza (often I just buy a good premade crust and make the rest), Mexican, Cuban, Ethiopian, Vietnamese, good Chinese, and on.

Music: good old Classic Rock, and a lot of rock since that time as well; jazz like Miles Davis; Pat Methany and others; some music does not really fit a category. I usually fall to sleep listening to Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata lately.
Today (Dec2013) I listened to the soundtrack of the movie "Big Chill" and found the old Motown hits quite moving. The Rolling Stones can really move my feet, but old Motown like "When a Man loves a Woman" and "My Girl" and "Tracks of My Tears" (guess I really like Smokey Robinson) can really move my heart. On that note, I am looking for that special lady who can make the "tracks of my tears" more a thing of the past, and be the "sunshine on a cloudy day." That may be you .... yes?
Thinking of older music, I am truly looking for my Queen of Hearts (as in Eagles "Desperado") after my past experience with a Queen of Diamonds. I have learned that a QofD is not my true desire, and a QofH -- a true friend and lover -- would be my best bet.

Nov 14, 2014: A couple of weeks ago, a well renowed composer Stephen Paulus passed away. I feel very fortunate that I happened to grow up on the same street in Roseville just four houses away from Steve (I never knew him as Stephen). Frankly, I was not very familiar with his choral compositions however, I have become fond of listening to them via YouTube while on the internet. Very peaceful, and it gives me a sense of connection to the Steve of my childhood. I remember Steve as the upbeat guy that I played basketball with ..... not as much basketball as I wanted to though. Steve always had soooo many piano lessons. The world is in a much better place because of his musical accomplishments that resulted from so much time devoted to his artistry. His hook shot was good, but his legacy related to his musical compositions will live on and continue to make so many people happy every day.
Six things I could never do without
Would that be like duct tape??
No, no, no, two things that I have worked hard on and am glad to have them (and there are more, but these come to mind) are:
Sense of Gratitude
Sense of Humor
I know I have had a lot of help getting the gratitude part, and am humble enough to admit that, plus I recall some distinct childhood disappointments that made developing a sense of humor invaluable to get by those rough spots in life.
Of course, I assume everyone feels family, friends and health belong here, I mean, that is just basic...........gratitude. So... some of things that just make the moment for me include: great coffee, touch which can include just an emotional connection, good music, and a sense of purpose. Those, again, just come to mind.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
What this Saturday's winning lottery numbers will be.
On a typical Friday night I am
Why do you think I'm here??
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I am thinking, I am thinking .... of a new witty thing to say here.
You should message me if
you can sing like Carly Simon. I love her voice .... I think she is considered a contralto. Other endearing voices include Nat King Cole, Diana Krall and Cat Stevens (I know, I know, he has a Muslim name that he prefers....).

You like a guy with a sense of humor, and you exercise your own silliness as well. Whimsy is totally underrated. I remember a friend who would hide surprising items in his Christmas tree ..... like a three foot rubber snake wrapped around the trunk, perhaps a dog biscuit or two, or another random item. Not an entire satirical reinterpretation of a functional item or decoration, but juuuuussst enough to keep me on my toes. If that is you, I have to meet you!!

You seriously enjoy a man to share outside activities such as bicycling, cross country skiing, hiking and camping. And love live theatre, great jazz, classical music, and the blues.

As with life in general, everyone has their likes and preferences, and I don't view dating as ordering a pizza with a required set of toppings, and so overall, I want to share life with someone who is a participant in life, not just an onlooker.
The two of us