43Attleboro, United States
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My self-summary
OK let me start with this..
This is me... some would say an average guy, but I think I am special and to the right person I know I would be a prize. I believe a man should treat the woman in his life as the beautiful and unique woman she deserves to be. Am i perfect?...NO, but then no one is. But I do not lie, cheat or hurt those I care for. I have passion in me and a strong sense of caring. I can go from the woods to the symphony without a blink. A quiet night snuggling? Gotcha. A night on the town?Sure bring it on. I am a book of many chapters. The cover may be worn and well handled but the words inside have meaning and depth to one who takes the time to read me. There is so much more to me than can be said in a mere few words. To some one I can be their dream. There is a soul inside me that is rarely touched but when someone takes the time to do so they find a rich and deep experience. I give with out regret, share and ask for naught in return. To those that matter to me i would give the clothes from my body were they to ask.

I will never lie to some one. Period. I am who I am and that is it. The truth sets us free and brings us together. No relationship can be built on a foundation of lies. I know who I am. Like every one I am a work in progress but on its way.

The best way to describe me is hard to figure. I like riding motorcycles, video games, books, movies and my dog.

Lists of facts are boring...
Tell me about YOU. What makes you so different from all the other 3,634 women out there who's profiles say the same exact thing?
I look across from a biker and a viking. I work in steel. I like some one that has thier own stories and maybe followed a different path to get where they are. I certainly did.

Just because I message you do not immediatly assume I wish to have sex with you. I do not play that way. If that happens it would be after I got to know your mind and soul FIRST. Not all men think with the little head you know.

In conclusion I have tried to be purely honest. I am not making myself sound better. Of course I am leaving out the bad parts but ask and I will tell you them in all thier shame and glory.
What I’m doing with my life
Some days I think I am looking for that which is not there. Apparently I am on a quest. Not unlike knights of old who rode forth in search of the Holy Grail or even in search of unicorns and dragons. Maybe what i seek is out there and maybe it is just a dream. But the truth will never be known unless the journey is taken and the quest followed through till the end.
I’m really good at
Fixing things, cooking, affection, giving to others

Apparently I am not really good at traditional "first dates". maybe I talk too much, maybe I am too nervous. I just don't know the answer but I did I would sure work to fix it.
(see there is something bad about me)
The first things people usually notice about me
Sadly how I look then they don't take the time to learn about who I really am. Its all eeeeekkk scary big biker man run away!!!! But hey there is way more to me. Give it a shot. Besides some say they like a big teddy bear to snuggle.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
ok as books go I read alot. i read many thing. I often have three or more books going to a time. they are random usually. based on what was on sale, what a friend tossed me as a good read or a yardsale find. But I do read the warhammer 40k series and have been for years. bonus points if you are familiar as i have tattoos from the series. for movies i like funny stuff, music is eclectic to say the least. and for food i try anything once twice if it didn't kill me

I have read the classics. No they do not dominate my book shelves. I do not sit pondering the thoughts of the great masters in the dark of night. When I look into the woods my mind is not cluttered with the words of Whitman, thought they are there. Yes I am capable and quite good at deep thinking and discussion of so many topics. But when I read or movie or tv it is actually for one relax my mind.
Six things I could never do without
my dog
my motorcycle
my friends
my kindness
the person i am looking for
the life we would have together
I spend a lot of time thinking about
the world and my place in it. and why some days it seems i am left to be alone and others aren't

And recently why people put so many things on a dating site that seem to just be out right lies. HONESTY people. lies will get found out. You never have to cover up the truth.
On a typical Friday night I am
usually home. be nice to not be.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I appear to be some what socially akward and may not know all the rules of dating or social ettiquete but i am trying and will only get better if people give me the shot to do so.
You should message me if
We have things in common.
If you are looking for a real genuine nice guy who will put your needs before his and treat you like the woman you deserve to be treated.

Also if you made it through all of that and understand I am trying to be honest here and only seek the same from you. i really am a nice guy.
Just because it says I am logged on does not mean i really am. but message me i will get teh email letting me know on my not-so-smart phone and get back quickly
I would also like to add that I often update this by my phone and thus my punctuation and such fall by the wayside in the needs of expedience.
The two of us