64Tampa, United States
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My self-summary
I love to learn; facts, concepts, people. I believe in fairness and justice. Give me love, life, learning, and laughter; everything else is negotiable or not necessary.
What I’m doing with my life
Currently, I am putting pieces of myself together in new ways. Well, new to me. Call it self-improvement if you will. As I age, I realize more and more that there is a world of opportunities and experiences to be had, and while I may not get to all of them, I’ll certainly have an interesting time doing what I can.
I’m really good at

Being happy

Enjoying the moment

Thinking about things


Playing with my grandkids
The first things people usually notice about me that I’m quiet. That is, until we get to know each other. Then people notice that I’m coming from a view askew.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
My favorite book is usually the last one that I read.

Among the books I’ve recently enjoyed:
23 Things They Don’t Tell You About Capitalism,
god Is Not Great,
Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne,
The Autobiography of Mark Twain,
Play Piano in a Flash!

Among my all time favorites:
All The King’s Men,
Something Wicked This Way Comes,
Starship Troopers,
End of Eternity
Star Maker
Last and First Men

Movies: I appreciate a well made “thrill ride” movie, say for instance, Independence Day or Die Hard. As for movies that stick with you and become part of you, older movies are the way to go. Casablanca, The Big Sleep (Bogart version), Alexander Nevsky, Buster Keaton’s The General, Metropolis, Shane, Lord of the Rings trilogy, An American in Paris, Brigadoon, and many others.

Shows: I do not watch much TV. I use the tube for news and movies, and that's it. My favorite show on now is The Rachel Maddow Show. Among old shows, Babylon 5 and Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Music has the ability to move me, and I prefer movement towards feeling good. So, my playlists tend to the upbeat, jaunty, and joyous in melody, even if the lyrics are not:
Waiting Round the Corner – Mike and the Modifiers
How She Threw It All Away – The Style Council
Great Gosh Almighty – Little Richard
Can’t Get Enough of Your Love Baby – Barry White
Heaven Must Have Sent You – The Elgins, and Bonnie Pointer versions
Fuck You – CeeLo Green
King of Wishful Thinking – Go West
I’ve Got You Under My Skin – various
Dr Who Theme
The Prisoner Theme
and many many more.
I'm in my car, windows down, rawkin' out and singing along.

Food: ah, my Achilles's heel. I love food, too unwisely and too well sometimes.
I cook, and cook well, though I don't cook too much just for myself. This is how well I cook: I can make something I detest (liver and onions, grits, scalloped potatoes) and make it so that a devotee of said food will swoon in ecstasy. OK, that's maybe a bit overstated. But not by much.
Favorite foods: Ham and Swiss sandwich, roast beef, steak, pizza (best: pepperoni, mushroom, extra cheese), fried chicken, lasagna, Cubans, Italian sub, and much much more.
Six things I could never do without
A sense of humor
A sense of fairness and justice
The Internet and associated hardware
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
here is that I've utilized this site. More? Let's find out.
You should message me if
all this is of interest to you, if you like, if you want to roll the dice.
The two of us