33 Bombay, India
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My self-summary

Firstly, I'm NOT IN MUMBAI YET, but planning to move by Mid 2017 ...... At present, I'm living in Sydney :)
Before you read further, let me make it very clear & straight to the point, that I’m looking for a Guy, for a LONG TERM RELATIONSHIP & ultimately, a GAY MARRIAGE.
This may sound funny, weird, stupid, etc. to u …… But Yes, I’m looking for a genuine Marriage Material ;-)
So far my life has been awesome in all the possible ways & even in terms of my gay life …… Been There Done that …… Literally Done That All, ha ha ha ha ;-) :p
But I think, finally it’s time for me to settle down with that SOMEONE …… Not sure what life is gonna offer me, but no harm in trying ;-)
While going through my profile, if U find anything that offends u or upsets u, then u are free to stop reading it further or just block me …… Its My Profile & My Views …… Nothing Personal or Offence to anyone.
Very Important: Have your Photos on your Profile or atleast send photos when U message me …… If Not, then don’t expect any reply from me …… Damn you & your Discreteness.

***DON’T BOTHER ME, if U are:-
• Bisexual.
• Married.
• Confused about your Sexuality.
• Money Seekers & Parasites, feeding themselves on others money.
• Visa Seekers …… I’d be moving back to India in 2017, so if you are dreaming of Australian Visa via me, then I’m NOT a good catch ;-)
• Masseurs, Money boys, Call boys …… No Offence, but I don’t need your services …… I can get Sex Easily & for Free ;-)

• I’m 33, Indian, Electrical Engineer, working for a Multinational.
• Out of Closet & Open about my Homosexuality.
• Basically from Mumbai (India) and my 2nd Job shuffled me between Germany, Poland & Dubai for 3yrs.
• Moved to Australia in 2011 and here on a Permanent Residence Visa, so far so good.
• Having said that, I do have plans to move back to India for good, preferably Mumbai, maybe in 2017.
• Ht = 165cms, Wt = 69kgs, Waist = 30cms, Average Built & Smooth Shaven Body.
• People who know me, describe me as:- Straight Forward (saying things on face), Extrovert, Boisterous, Mischievous, Naughty, Funny, Friendly, Social, Independent, Footloose, Short / Hot Tempered, Stubborn, Serious (when needed) & sometimes even Rude & Bitchy ;-) :p
• I Can’t Live Without:- My Family, Friends, Food, Travelling, Music, Dance, Movies, Beach, Outings, etc.
• When in Relationship / Marriage, I believe in Total Monogamy & Commitment …… Open Relationship & other similar ideologies are just not my type.

• Education with Proper Qualification and a Proper Job …… When I say Education, U should be alteast Bachelors or Equivalent, and Not just High School / College Graduate or some Course Certification.
• Open about your sexuality (Preferred) or atleast having a plan to come out of closet sometimes soon.
• Being Open about your sexuality doesn’t mean that U need to announce your sexuality on a loudspeaker to everyone.
• It’s difficult to put a Age Bracket for a Right Guy …… But having said that, I’m not looking for a Son neither a Father ;-) :p
• Yes, Looks do matter to me …… But again, Looks is very subjective and that’s why very hard to describe what I am looking for …… Photos, Video Chats & Meets would take care of that ;-)
• No, I’m not looking for a Model nor a Fancy Faggot, they are just too much to handle, for an average guy like me ;-))))))
• Drinking & Smoking within limits is cool ;-) …… I do drink occasionally & sometimes even get drunk :p ;-) …… But I don’t smoke at all.
• Sexual Compatibility matters & no one can deny that …… U should be Totally TOP, as I’m Totally BOTTOM, as simple as that ;-)
• I do have preference for INDIANS …… No, I’m not being Racist …… Yes, I do have weakness for my own country men, but more than that, having same Cultural Background helps a lot, especially when it comes to Long Term Relationship.
• Additionally, my approach & thoughts on Relationship / Marriage are Very Indian (For E.g. Family Oriented, Long Lasting Marriages, Readiness to Compromise / Adjust for sustaining Relationship / Marriage, etc.) and I would prefer to have it that way.

***Phewww, that was a long read ;-) …… Still Interested to know more about me & Wanna let me know more about U ??? …… Then feel free to Buzz Me ;-) …… Let’s Chat, Meet & Let’s see, How it Clicks between us & Where it leads to ;-)

Cheers ;-)
You should message me if
READ MY PROFILE, to know What I'm Looking For ...... As Simple As That ;-) ...... At present, I'm NOT in Mumbai, but planning to move there by Middle of 2017 ...... At present, I'm living in Sydney :)