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My self-summary
I interpret non-response if I have written to you as an indication that you might be interested,and I might write again.If you are sure you are not interested,please let me be sure of it too.

I am always either honest or silent.I am hard to tempt out of my shell to begin with,and believe aggressive pursuit of women disqualifies one from deserving them... on-the-make guys always struck me as poor role models...and it's important to me not to be a pest.So, I am still single.

I'm not too sure the "personality awards" here are accurate,I learn more of use from reading people's profiles.I'm glad filters now operate on settings like smoking but was mad indeed that they took away WTF Reports!

Likewise,MatchMe tests seem unreliable.I've gone from 25 to 75 % on the same person's MatchMe based on honest answers to a different shuffle of questions.I hope to do some serious tests here for philosophical and sensual compatibility (I've done some more frivolous tests for practice).The philosophical compatibility test has now gone live but the scoring may still need serious work (my first with three variables).

I urge you to read my leadoff post in the "Tell us Your Mandates!" thread of the "General" Forum.

Generally,"matching" type websites come in two flavors.

Flavor A:you lead with your public personality and sexuality is dealt with only as an eventual private detail (after all,no relationship begins with sex and no first date with a stranger who might possibly become your life partner should assume that sex will ensue).

Flavor B:you lead with your sexual thoughts,checking off your BDSM role type and fetishes from A to Z before you even think about whether you'd be comfortable sharing a breakfast table with your "match" for a day let alone a lifetime.

Finding your interlocking piece in the jigsaw-puzzle of humanity is more complex than just a few facets,and the process of a couple lowering their sights from the stars until they're looking into each other's eyes and smiling should be as informed as possible.

I won't deny that I have a wide variety of fetish interests that I'd like to explore with someone who shared them;things that I would not do myself but would like to find a woman open to doing with and for a thoroughly responsible and appreciative partner.I want a woman who is adventurous and not self-destructive.We should feel safer with each other than apart.

But of course these interests do not define me and her interest in them does not suffice to measure her suitability as a potential mother of my children and most intimate companion henceforward.Two whole people must connect,and on a level that overcomes any persnickety preconceptions that might stand in their way.

I hope it happens here.

P.S. I wrote THE WORLD'S EASIEST OKCUPID TEST and can't believe it hasn't been more popular.Go on...get a world record score!

Det blir vanskelig om jeg kan ikke bruke "æ","ø","å" men no tror jeg jeg har det ned.

Jeg er halv-norsk men har blit i Amerika hele liven min.

Jeg skal fors0ke aa omvide dette senere.

I am sincere, determined, and visionary
What I’m doing with my life
I have an internet business and am active in local political and business communities.

I've recently attended an OKCupid Meetup nearby!
I’m really good at
I'm an infoholic.If I am bitten by the research bug about something I WILL find out about it...and reference book editors have hired me to correct them.Despite my lack of a college degree I've had my way paid to lecture MDs and PhDs on my findings.
The first things people usually notice about me
My beard,maybe.

I'll send a photo privately on request but prefer not to publish one even though OKCupid doesn't trust those who withhold photos as much as others.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Tolkien is my favorite writer and any attempts to film his work are my LEAST favorite movies.Much of what I read is fantasy(Glen Cook is great for serious and Terry Pratchett for funny) and science fiction and I've done some writing in the area and plan to do more. However,I also like reading reference books.And history books.

I'm more likely to track a movie's box office stats than to contribute to them myself (though having a good selection on satellite television is good);the last movie I saw in a theater was Star Wars:The Force Awakens (good but not life-changing...I went to the now-closed Ziegfeld,Manhattan's last big single-screen theater).

I prefer music that has stood the test of time.Some fairly contemporary stuff can hold my interest,but there's so much from the Renaissance through ragtime that those whose idea of music is whatever's currently a hit are missing out enormously.

I like mint,marzipan,and macadamias...not so eggplant or avocado. I prefer my steak rare (just to be clear that I'm no vegetarian). Many cuisines and foods hold my interest but I'm not very inclined to seek out new ones.I bake bread but rarely do serious cooking though I wouldn't mind doing it given a reason.Growing up I never minded eating liver or spinach even though they were traditionally foods kids avoided.

I see alcohol as a special-occasions kind of thing...better a few expensive beers,wines,or liquors than constant cheap ones.

Jeg har ikke lest mye i Norsk siden jeg var barn og leste eventyr (mens jeg kan lese aviser på nettet).

Kino'en jeg sist gikk til i Norge mange aar siden er ikke kino lenger.

Grieg er minst bra,og Sigbjørn Bernhaft Osa var veldi flink på Hardangerfele!

Fiskesuppe og Jule-Øl er til å elske.
Six things I could never do without
Clean air and water,time (and things) to read and write,hope for better futures,kindred spirits,reliable memory,and a place to call home.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
I spend a lot of time campaigning for full-scale reconstruction of the World Trade Center and have opposed the current disgraceful plans every step of the way. I want us to see the optimistic future forecast when I was a child...on to the stars!
On a typical Friday night I am
At my computer(this would likely change if I were in a relationship).

I have usually been off in a corner at social gatherings but my ideal match would be someone more outgoing and flamboyant than I am.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm disturbed by the idea of explicit sexual fantasy about any person who would not in fact be inclined to sex with the fantasizer. If you respect people, don't think about them in ways they'd find disturbing, and if you don't, don't waste intimate thoughts on them! Cast your flights of fancy with imaginary playmates while searching for real ones.
You should message me if
Friendly dialogue is possible with anyone able to contain disagreement with me (see The Difficult Sing_le Philosophical Compatibility Test) and share interests in a way we both consider fruitful.

Those prospectively heading down the date->girlfriend->together-for-life path are doubtless rarer.

Acknowledging that with the right person just about any rule of thumb can fall by the wayside, I'm looking for someone:

YOUNG ENOUGH to have children without rushing into it. The prospect of leaving no biological posterity disturbs me, but the lifetime commitment of parenthood can't be entered lightly on the basis of a whirlwind courtship. And yes, I know I am getting further from that age bracket myself.

MATURE ENOUGH not to be bothered by an age difference, with life experience knowing we would be teaching each other things in any event.

Someone seeking a man and not a meal ticket. Not a spendthrift.

Happy not to belong to a house of worship, but NOT a flat-out atheist. Marriage for me could not involve a ceremony where I affirmed things I do not believe about God. I take no-frills-allowed theism seriously and despise hypocrisy. And it would have to take place in a jurisdiction that does NOT accord marriage rights to same-sex couples (which I am heartbroken that my home state has decided to do...and now the Supreme Court decided to force on the majority of states that know better). That's one issue on which I believe liberalism,to which I usually adhere,has abandoned common sense.

I'll be upfront that I adhere to fairly conventional standards of beauty and prize a certain degree of physical fitness being maintained, although I'm not concerned with sports participation. Better athletic than skinny OR flabby. The less pierced/tattooed you are the better. I see such things as clearly in the "interesting to think about but a mistake in real life" category.

Other things being equal, being tall is a plus. So is long hair.

You should respect the English language and any other you speak.

HONESTY is vital!

I may well be rewriting to add more shortly. I hope to work up a set of serious tests...or at least I did until Helloquizzy trashed the testmaking process here.

Request WTF

The two of us