24 Prague, Czech Republic
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What I’m doing with my life
I don't know about long-term plans but in short-term I'm trying to successfully finish university , where I study informatics.Particularly computer linguistics seems interesting, but that may be just because it combines computers and linguistics ( I've always found interesting the way languages evolve , change their meanings and are so strongly intertwined with culture ).
However, I've had a bad year and I don't know if I will be able to get my performance up again as I still seems to lack a lot of willpower and generally feel down due to my study problems.
Hopefully, it will get better ... but I still don't know what I would/could do after my studies.
I’m really good at
+ analyzing myself ? :-D
+ to be interesting in movies/Tv shows/books/topic enough to read/watch (about) them and remember some details, but never enough interested to know every last thing (especially those things from outside) . This kinda always excludes me from conversations, because people either don't know what I'm talking about (and don't care) or they do know it but they have so in-depth knowledge, that they are not interested to talk with me.
+ math? Umm, I'm not genius or anything, but I've got feeling that generally people hate math and I don't. I quite enjoyed it in (our equivalent of) high-school, even some at university.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I take 'favorite' for a strong word ... I don't feel overtly strongly about anything. I like things for numerous reasons , usually because it shows a new thing for me, or show something from new point of view. I like things because I liked them as a child, but I can see now they're simple or silly or down-right stupid. I like things in spite of their mistakes although I'm afraid to say as much. I like song because I can listen to it - even though the lyrics are bad ( I can tune them out) . I don't like bands , because I'm not interested in them - I usually like like 2 songs from the same band and often don't even know that it is band I've been listening to before.
Sooooooo, I like ( in no particular order whatsoever) :

Hunger Games (books) - it has interesting concept. I like heroin journey...
Time Machine by H.G.Wells - it's been a while since I've read, but I was mesmerized by it. The Traveler's thoughts are very very intriguing.
Planet of Apes (60's series of movies) - I've watched this as a child and only lately discovered that the series is showing that by traveling back in time the Earth has changed - I've always thought that the last film was showing us society that will in some hundred years evolve (despite attempts to change ) in what we've seen in the first movie. Which reminds me of ...
Planet of Apes (book) - this one had exactly what I've always seen in its movie(s) adaptation. I don't want to spoiler anyone, but I've been told that the the book has equally shocking although different ending than the aforementioned series first movie. I must say that I've guessed it before I was done reading, but it was still good book and the reason why Human-dominated planet ( not Earth in books actually) became Ape-dominated-human-hunting very worrisome and I wasn't anticipating that at all. Also I see as plus that the main character spent months learning ape's language and not just started speaking English or French or whatever!

(At this point of filling out my profile I'm getting the feeling I was supposed to write a list of things I like and all I've managed is write my thoughts of Planet of Apes - which is a book I once read and movies I've seen many times. There is so much more things I like, that had occupied more of my time. I didn't even get out of 'books' part - and I rarely read!!!

I think I will just name out things as they come to my mind and if I would like to elaborate more I either edit this and elaborate in here only higher or you can ask me about. Really ask me! It would prevent misunderstandings - for example if I write that I like both Simpsons and Futurama it doesn't show that I like Futurama much more and don't feel much strongly about Simpsons. :-)

Soooo list:
Simpsons, Futurama, Stargate(SG-1,SGA), Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Back to the Future, Sphere(movie), Starship Troopers(Book,movie), Dune(Frank Herbert book), Evanescence music was and in some days is still to my liking, The day of triffids( Book) was interesting. Red Dwarf(TV show), Soundtrack to Amélie ( Le Fabuleux Destin d'Amélie Poulain) finds itself in my playlist too , the movie wasn't bad either.

Excerpt from what I've been listening to in about month before writing this to demonstrate my jumping interests in music:
Die Another Day - Madonna
Sail (Unlimited Gravity Remix)
Victorious - Sasurai Goza Makura
L O V E - Nat King Cole
Counting Bodies Like Sheep to the Rhythm of War Drums - A Perfect Circle
City -Hollywood Undead
In the mood - glenn miller
Grace Kelly - Mika
Parachute - Ingrid Michaelson
Seven Devils - Florence & The Machine
My Name - Charlie Winston
Fight Inside - RED
----> Actually most of those songs I've been listening in the last week

How is it I haven't mentioned I read a lot of fanfiction. It's like huge amount of my life - reading fanfiction. And I like variety of genres , tropes, etc.

Also I'm very picky about what I like in food.
The six things I could never do without
I believe that I could eventually live without anything ( not something I physically need, like oxygen, of course).
Of course, in the spirit this section is meant .. I'm always listening to music - either on my computer or my mp3 player.
Also I have some sort of dependency on computer, but considering my study field and that it has music in it and I use it as searching device for most of my reading material (fanfiction and forums about books) I'm not sure if if I was supplied appropriate alternatives to these (and some others of my needs) I wouldn't give up my computer. After all when on holiday I'm known to make do with my mp3 player and ebook reeder - both stocked to its maximum capacity as to withstand my changing taste of what I want to read or listen to.

Ha! I've finally thought about something I couldn't do without ! My solitude! As in 'ability to be alone, be left alone '. Seriously , one year I had a dorm mate who believed I owned her my time - as in she thought I had to make time to talk to her ! And she was always bothering me with question I didn't want to answer after some time. Soooo, really , my solitude is very important to me .

( Wrong usage of the word 'solitude' is possible )
On a typical Friday night I am
Thinking about what to watch/read(etc.) now that I have finally some time.
You should message me if
you find me interesting and you're willing to try that 'friends thing'. I've heard it's fun. I've always had only school-friends and when I've finished school I had trouble keeping in touch as nothing connected us anymore. So we can try and if we're unable to connect or stay in touch - no hard feelings.