35 London, United Kingdom
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My self-summary
Basically it boils down to this. Do you love the film Harold and Maude? If you have seen it and don't love it, read no further.

Also Really? You don't like Harold and Maude?? Do you have no soul?? Next you'll be saying that Toy Story 3 didn't move you!

Cynical and at the same time hopeful. Filthy leftie. I want to change the world and I am looking for a New England (but not that new england.)

Looking for a partner in crime come the revolution

I'm also overly optimistic that people will eventually show their better side. That things will always get better and that that the most simple things are often the best.

However I have a dour gallows humour that isn't usually understood unless you're a bit odd. It's also immature and I still laugh at fart jokes and giggle at childish pictures of willies spaffing. I'm also incredibly socially awkward and will take the piss out of everyone relentlessly without meaning to offend. But I'm basically a nice person. Nice. I'm nice.
I've not been to Nice. Nice biscuits aren't that nice either. So yeah - nice isn't really a good description. It's a bit misleading.
Next bit coming up now..

I am an Atheist. Committed. Fully.
My son came home from school one day when he was 8 (he is now 14) and told me that he didn't believe in God because believing what the bible said was like reading Harry Potter and believing that was real.

I couldn't argue with his logic. If you believe in imaginary people in the sky and you aren't on copious amounts of mind altering substances or suffering from a severe form of mental illness (though I do tend to lump religion in that category) chances are we aren't going to agree on much.

Also rather the Feminist. If that bothers you.. oh well. Seeeeeee ya.
My life tends to veer from something straight out of a John Waters film to something directed by David Lynch.
I have a PASSION for Music, Unusual Art, Unusual People, Football, Arsenal of course, Film and things that aren't mundane.
I get angry at stupid things and get offended by cowardly acts.
Honesty and THE TRUTH mean more to me than anything else in the world

I am mental, creative, and honest.
I have no intentions of having any more children. I don't want anyone to be a parent to the child I already have. I just want someone for me thank you very much
What I’m doing with my life
Piss Artist, Creative, Activist. Fundraiser.
I spend a lot of time doing awesome stuff with my life. I have a jolly nice day job which does not relate to anything I do outside work.
I can't complain.
I'm also considering a career change. I share my birthday with Ed Gein and Peewee Herman. I'm already an inappropriate influence on children and have slightly perverse thoughts in cinemas so I guess serial killer it is.
I’m really good at
Being me and being honest. Standing up for people.
Djing apparently. Though not sure if it's a skill to be able to press play on the cd deck or flip a record over but seeing as people are willing to pay me for it I'm going to say yes. It is a GREAT skill.
Is spending too much money on records a skill? Cos if so I'm good at that too.
The first things people usually notice about me
My big mouth and my bluntness.
I don't know since I'm not other people. SO you lot tell me what you notice about me
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Music? I love The Clash. I like music. I like reggae and punk and rhythm and Blues. I like Screaming Jay Hawkins. (good thing as I have a rather large tattoo on my forearm of him) I dj so it helps to like music. I don't like house. I do like drum and bass and dubstep. I don't like bland.
I don't like Oasis. I do like Nick Cave.
I want to be in a 60 girls group. I like big Doomy Metal and Big Loud METAAALL.
I should be in a metal band. I can't sing or play an instrument though. So I should just be in Guns N Roses because by the time I get on stage the audience will have left.
When I grow up I'm gonna be Poison Ivy from the Cramps.

Movies - David Lynch stuff, Films from the 50's and before. gangster stuff such as the godfather and Scarface, Japanese Horror, Horror Biopics and well all sorts. i like b movies and underground things and movies that make you think. I want to be in a John Waters film. I think I AM in a John Waters film

Books i like all sorts .. Bukowski, Irvine Welsh, Kafka. I work with science geeks and am now on a Briefer History of Time. It is expanding my tiny little mind.
I don't like Mills and Boon.
The six things I could never do without
earl grey tea, my records and my ears. My son my friends and my Shih Tzu.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Everything. Far too much. Thinking is bad for the soul.
Also according to some of the inturrrlectuals on here my profile is tedious and the same as everyone elses.
This makes me think that maybe I am unique snowflake. Like every other fucker on here.
And then I realise I don't actually care.
Also - what's this new found obsession with bloody Unicorns eh??
Why not Hosebeasts or Gruffalos. Both distinctly cooler. Bloody Unicorns.
On a typical Friday night I am
If I'm not DJing I'm at a gig or the theatre. And it's not always typically a Friday. It could be a Wednesday. Or just to really fuck shit up it might even be a *shock horror* MONDAY!
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I just danced in the rain under the full moon in a thunderstorm. Nothing can compare to how awesome those moments were!
You should message me if
you can get me off this goddamn site. We'll get married and sit in front of the telly watching netflix and ignore each other for the next 40 years all the while, glad we didn't have kids.