41Tampa, United States
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My self-summary
Hello and welcome! Please read this entire profile BEFORE you message me. Receiving a reply pretty much depends on it these days.

Before I begin, you should know that I'm openly and ethically polyamorous/non-monogamous, and I have one long term partner, Xquitz, and I'm involved in a couple of flirtationships. I practice ethical non-monogamy (for more info on that, look up More Than Two []), and I'm somewhere between Relationship Anarchy and 'kitchen table poly' as relationship models. What that currently means for me is I follow a set of personal boundaries, which include keeping my partner(s) in the loop about my life and choices.

If any of the following apply to you, please keep moving:
- you're monogamous (or mostly monogamous).
- your profile indicates you're looking for someone single.
- you're outside my stated age range (currently 29-55).
- you're only interested in hooking up.
- you believe you have any say with what I do with my body, which includes believing that women are obligated to shave anything.
- if you do not have any pictures of your face. I don't care if we're a high % match, or highly compatible. No pictures of your face is a dealbreaker.
- if you feel entitled to any part of me. (Also, read this:
- you are discriminatory against LGBTQIA+
- finally, I have zero interest in unicorn hunters.

Continuing onward: I'm an artist. I work in several mediums, including crochet, photography, painting, writing, and surface design. Crochet is my passion.

I also am a driver, and work on an on call basis, Thursday through Saturday (which, I've discovered, can extend into Sunday morning).

What I'm seeking: to meet new people. What happens from there depends on the people and the connection.

I'm introverted, eccentric, strong-willed, passionate, mischievous, analytically random, compassionate, and empathetic. I have a wide variety of interests, though the short version is I love music, the beach, crime dramas, kink, and making art.

My sense of humor is wicked, sarcastic and twisted, mixed with cute and sweet. The more comfortable I am, the less likely my TMI filter is in place. I am not easily surprised, nor offended; my willingness to tolerate asshattery is pretty low. I love creative flirting, after a hello; jumping right into innuendoes or being crude will not get you a positive response. Also, I hate small talk and prefer conversations with substance.

I have a bunch of tattoos (thirty when I stopped counting), with more planned. Starting to plan the sleeve for my left arm.

I rarely discuss politics or religion. I lean liberal. I have settled into being spiritual. I am also passionate about ending mental health stigma.

I like individuals who are funny, geeky, enjoy board and card games, watching weird videos on youtube. Bonus points if you're creative.
What I’m doing with my life
Just returned from attending Frolicon and vacation. Life altering experiences over several days. Awesome convention.
Learning and evolving. In a constant state of self-discovery, along with exploring the world I've chosen.
Creating art. Crocheting is my current artistic passion.
Wrangling my cats. I have seven.
Collecting covers to songs.
Working on my version of recovery.
I’m really good at
Experimenting (with art, among other things).
Kissing and sensory-type things.
Making witty comments.
Knowing random factoids, and song lyrics.
Being helpful and empathetic.
Organization and coming up with ideas.
Logistics and some navigation. Once I've driven somewhere, I can usually find it again.
Bucking the system and doing my own thing. If I get into an adventurous mood, I often jump at the chance to try something new.
The first things people usually notice about me
Either quiet and distant, or open and friendly, depending on the circumstances.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: Favorites include The Bridge Across Forever, Illusions and One by Richard Bach; Lightning by Dean R Koontz and anything by Hiaasen.
I also read art and journaling sites, books and magazines.
I spend a bulk of my time making art, so I don't read as much as I'd like.

Movies: Love Actually, Blade Trinity, Matrix and Matrix Reloaded, LOTR, The Chronicles of Riddick, The Ugly Truth, The A-team, Serenity, Lost In Translation, The Avengers. Generally comedy and action, though if the movie sounds good, I'll consider it. On my own, I'm more likely to wait until a movie is out on Netflix.

TV Shows: Burn Notice, Leverage, True Blood, The Glades, The Blacklist, Firefly, Daria, Lost Girl, Torchwood, Arrow, Doctor Who, Criminal Minds, Bones, NCIS, Life, The Finder, Law and Order (SVU and Criminal Intent).

Music is a passion. I was raised around 50s-60s and (classic) country, along with influences everywhere else with friends and my own explorations. I don't bother with genres; music is good or it isn't. That said, a sampling of what I listen to: Eve 6, VAST, Duncan Sheik, Blue October, Pentatonix, Boston, Big & Rich, Alabama, Adele, Amanda Palmer, Bobby McFerrin, Cake, Dazy Head Mazy, Florence + the Machine, Owen Plant, Dave Ellis, Seether, Shinedown, Three Days Grace, Muse, Live, Jarle Bernhoft, James Morrison, Larry Gatlin, Asleep at the Wheel, George Strait, Kyrstyn Pixton, Cold, Collective Soul, Godsmack, Kaiser Chiefs, Disturbed, Kasabian, ZEALE.
I have a special place in my heart for a capella and cover songs.
Fun fact: Blue October is my favorite band, and their music is as close to a religion as I get.

Foods: chocolate, raspberries, mangos, fruit smoothies, cheeseburgers, cinnamon, grilled cheese sandwiches, Greek yogurt. I make a fabulous, five cheese, spicy tuna casserole. I can cook, though I rarely do.

Drinks: iced tea, chai lattes, raspberry lemonade. I don't often drink alcohol, though I lean towards sweet wines, hard cider or fruity drinks.

Other favorites:
Anything giggle-worthy (Whose Line is it Anyway, Eddie Izzard, Mitch Hedberg, etc).
Word games (Words With Friends, 7 Little Words), resource management games, Fluxx, Cards Against Humanity, Pandemic, cribbage.
I also own dice with more than 6 sides.
Six things I could never do without
chosen family
lip balm
art projects
I spend a lot of time thinking about
My mind is constantly thinking about something, with weird associations between subjects.

Why people misunderstand the privacy section.

All of the experiences I've had and the nuggets of wisdom within them.
On a typical Friday night I am
on call for work. Plans might be possible, though tentative at best.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I have no idea. Some things others would consider private I have no problem discussing.

Once upon a time my hair was blue. It's also been fuchsia.

I don't like the taste of plain unflavored water, unless it is very cold. Even then, I'll probably add lemon, or a bit of flavored drink mix.

I have an astounding amount of camera apps for my phone (approaching fourteen dozen, at last count). I use maybe five of them.
You should message me if
Any or all of the following:

- You like playing board games.
- You're articulate, which also includes spelling out words, using spacing and punctuation and not exclusively using 'txt spk' (u, r, ur, b, wyd, etc). I do use shorthand on occasion (lol, brb, and the like), however, I make every attempt to spell out words in my text messages, and I prefer to converse with people who do the same. Bonus points for using the correct form of a word (think you're/your or their/they're/there). FYI, I'm fairly inconsistent about capitalization when I text, so that doesn't bother me much.
- You're funny and/or quirky.
- You appreciate art and/or music.
- You're polyamorous, and being ethical about it.
- You're curious about anything I wrote here.

If anything in your profile is in conflict with anything I state in my profile, please address it in your opening message.

First request: Please do not call me hun. In fact, it would be fantastic if you don't use any endearments (beautiful, honey, sweetie, gorgeous, etc, etc) with me until you know me better, such as becoming my friend. If you must use a greeting, my name is Skaj. Also, please don't comment on my looks. It's unnecessary, and I usually roll my eyes.

Second request: Please offer the beginnings of a conversation. Saying 'Hi' and having nothing in your profile really doesn't give me much to work with, and I will probably not reply favorably, if at all. Also, while I do read through whatever information your profile and questions contain, sending a first message of merely 'Hi,' or making a comment ignoring my other request, is both annoying and comes across poorly. I offer a lot of information about myself here and appreciate those who have gotten past the pictures and read the words.
The two of us