39Denver, United States
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My self-summary
Ok so here I am I am a bit of a nutter and a goofball
I love to ride (I have 4 bikes (motorcycles) and no cage)(a cage is a car) I am big into music of many different tastes (i do not like country) I can't help but dance when there is music I like on (its embarrassing at times to catch your self dancing a lil in the grocery checkout line) but my friends seem to get a good chuckle out of it
I am looking for new friends and some one who I actually have something in common with this time around.some one who likes motorcycles would be nice or dancing some one into kink some one funny and some one who would rather be with a human than a computer for entertainment
I wouldn't mind finding a cuddle slut as well but that's just ambitious.

I am biker, goth/punk, and freak
so if you want to go for a ride threw the country curvy roads and have random conversation about anything and everything I'm your guy
What I’m doing with my life
wow ok I'll come back to this one when I'm in a more serious mood

hahaha for I think the phase same thing I do with every lif "trying to take over the world " is not the smart ass comment that is supposed to go here
I’m really good at
fixing things
if its broken I can prolly fix it
if it ain't broken I can prolly still fix it (big cheesy grin)
more power is never to bad a thing as long as you use that more power carefully
The first things people usually notice about me
I'm vary unique and stand out in a crowed
I am some what energetic and full of excitement
and well I am a black clad goth/rivithead biker/freak with crazy hair (right now its actually shaved bald so I stand out and get noticed in almost every crowd
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I like podio books so I can "read on the road" movies I like typical guy movies the most things blowing up lots of action and eye candy (the more special effects the better) I like scifi and fantasy flics and on rare occasions like mushy flicks and well music this deserves its own box I love music there is almost always music playing around me I like so many different styles of music and even people that have been around me a lot some times get surprised by what comes out of my mp3 player anything from old classic punk goth rock]] metal industrial EBM techno blues jazz real jazz not elevator jazz rap reggae
ok and here goes the food
I love food all food I love to try what the local favorites are no matter where I am or what they are so far thats included rattlesnake , muskrat, gator(I really like gator),mud bugs (crawdad/crayfish depending on where your from),lobster,shark,conk,calamari (squid), and so much more I try and learn to cook as many different dishes from around the world as I can muster (I am not a bad cook)
Six things I could never do without
my friends
my bikes
my hearing
my music
my eyes
my sense of humor
I spend a lot of time thinking about
wow my brain is always a thousand miles a minute (like Schizophrenic add) music, bikes, food,what time is the sunset so I can take pictures , what am I cooking for dinner,what time is it in LA right now, how many beats dose my heart have left in it,you name it all at once

I think faster than I talk and I talk allot so (shrug).........
On a typical Friday night I am
well it depends on the week I am always open to suggestions as long as it dose not involve drugs (not a fan but I don't judge) I don't ususaly do weekend clubs less some one drags me out to them and I'm not big on tv so i do what ever falls in my lap for the night.

I love trying new things so whats on the agenda can be anything
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I like bi girls because I like girls who might get off on me being bi
(hence the more open minded type)
You should message me if
you like motorcycles
if you like to meet a crazy out going guy
if you are bored and want some one to bs with
if you like weird goofballs
if there is nothing better to do on this day that ends in Y
mainly if you think we could get along and be friends
wow this is the box where you squish someones insecurities in contacting you but hay no pressure right hahahaha
The two of us