65Pine City, United States
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My self-summary
Hello Welcome to My World!!!

Heh Boys we are just Girls. Be yourself. Don't fear. Be kind. Never lie or spin your imagination. In thee End Love is All there is. :-)

Don't you dare talk to me if you are married, just want sex or any other then being earnest. Look it up.

Yes I am afraid I am Fairy Tale here.
But I am afraid I believe in The Fairy Tale..:-)

If you say yes, I will do my best. If you say no, heck let's dance some more. :-) Anonymous

Have enough courage to trust love one more time
and always one more time.
Maya Angelou TY

Substance means more to me then Status.
Heart means more to me then Ego.
Revealing ones self takes time n grace.
Otherwise it's not worth the Chase.

A True Relationship is not about Age
Not about Distance....TRUST & LOYALTY....

It's the Simple Things in Life that mean the most to Me.

Oscar says "You don't Love Someone for their clothes, or their Fancy cars, but because they sing a song only You can Hear!"
Thank You Oscar

Hi all You "Eligible" Prowess Beasts....If you aren't Single Bye!!!

I've been enjoying Blood Sweat n Tears lately!
Awesome band. Great vocals...timeless music!!

Aint life Grand....been dancing tonight n it feels fantastic..... hope You are all letting your heart dance lettin yourself Soul Breathe...Hold Tight!! Love Sky.

Life is Short.
Forgive quickly
Kiss Slowly
Love Truly
Never Regret Anything or Anyone that made You.....

It is not despite the imperfections but because of them that many people are "Beyond Beautiful". Sky

I'm Sky...."Hello".....I am a realist & I know finding our new love in the midst of our population is not easy for any of us. We all have pasts, things to share.....I've not been left, I have not experienced what some have...Still We are all in the same situation.....I am kind, considerate, communicate, & I can compromise. I still hold true it would be great to meet in person by accident but geez not for us or we wouldn't be here.....I am not your usual cookie cutter girl. I guess You'll just have to find out for yourself!

Personally I'd rather just walk past you in a public place...a perchance meeting & say HI........I'd rather a smile, a nod, an embrace. Enjoying people, conversation, mingling, and an ocasional drink or meal. Sharing moments creating new memories laughing at ourselves. Life, the good times at a car show or art gallery or a special event. Heh it's those holidays sharing w/ our families Or planning the Great Escape! Or just plain hangin out at a coffee house looking out the window watchin people....hmmmmmm. It would simply be nice to stay home.. relax...cook together...share some vin maybe read or read to each other....very nice.

Just real life here. Not child but a loving passionate Girl looking to continue my journey with a new romantic partner. I'm not new but experienced. knowledgeable not arrogant. Friendly n lovable. Alive not dead.

Aren't we all in Transition....change....Part of my life I was a happily married woman when my husband died and I've had more then enough time to adjust to being a single person again.

I retired in 09' after managing a family business for over 32 years. I thrive on creativity in my Life. I am Interested in finding out what You are interested in. Stop by~say Hi!
What I’m doing with my life
“I am good, but not an angel. I do sin, but I am not the devil. I am just a small girl in a big world trying to find someone to love.”
Marilyn Monroe

Road Trippin...:-). Peace Garden ND.& Canada....Crazy fun! Turtleback MTS.
Weather we can't escape...all with Grand Daughter..:-). My little Redheaded Spirit!
Roads less Traveled...I'll see you out there!!!

Tonight was wonderful! I turned all the lights out and sat in my living room & watched the first thunder storm of the season! Fantastic!! Lightning...cracking thunder..lights flashing in the brilliant sky. Rain on rooftop...sometimes like a train engine...sometimes soft ..peaceful. Nice.

I did a lot of running this past summer. I decided to concentrate on photography. Took 2500 photos of Lake Superior all different times of day and weather....clouds were great this year too. And of course Danced when I could...lovely summer!

Thinking about Traveling....well I Traveled. Went to Sweden to visit 1 of You!!! Fantastic time!! Beautiful country..Lovely People...Everyone Wonderful...amazing relaxing time. Lots of laughs..1 Snowball incident...:-))) Go again in a heart beat!

Went to the Gothenburg Art Museum & wrote this poem.

I thought...
I should live in a Painting
where Roses never wilt
Where the grass is always green
where the winter sun glistens bright
Where everyone remains the same
i should live in a painting where you will always stay. JBL.

Was a beautiful collection of paintings...happy to see them.

I am thinking about traveling...and You of course..Woot Woot!!!
I did go to Vancouver BC. to visit my BF and see the Flamenco Dancers! The Flamenco Dancers were fantastic!! I like to do a little bit of everything. Going to hear music and dance. I enjoy staying home too. Mellow relaxin'.

I've had a ball this past few of years just sleeping in if I felt like it....Trying to catch up on all the things I didn't do while I was busy running the business...My life's in Transition so I am sorting and's going pretty good now! Went to New Orleans twice last year and it was a blast! I went to the Bob Dylan Bayfront concert, Bayfront Blues Fest, The Upper Pennisula twice, Bemidji 3 times stayed at a lovely resort and took the train to visit family in Minot ND. I spent time on The Brule River & my special places on Lake Superior. I also got in plenty of swimming & Great Music & Dancing....Wowza!

I live on the lake and I love watching life go by. Nature is a friend of mine. We have Eagles nesting in the area and lots of other Birds. Today I saw Majestic Swans flying at eye level...gorgeous!!

Nature gives me such a thrill. I'd like to go to Churchill Manitoba to see the Polar Bears, to California to see the Red Woods , The Sea Otters, & my friend Janet Planet! I'd like to go to the Island of Sicily and enjoy the slow pace. Life is My Oyster and I hope to enjoy it to the fullest!!! Just another day in Paradise!!

If I knock on Your door know I am Genuine & Sincere!!
I’m really good at
I do care about People & The Planet! I'm good at being generous, considerate, compassionate. I like to hoot n' hollar. I am good at laughing. Giving to others. I am not judgmental at all. I am not perfect & neither are one is. Life is an incredible journey.

Managing & marketing have been my forte. I've started various businesses....I Believe anything is possible....yes I do.
I am very good at house design and understand most of the language of building. I still see the possibilities & get a kick out of it.

Livin, Lovin, Smiling at the World!!
The first things people usually notice about me
I guess my long hair. People mention it! Then my smile. I am a social butterfly...I hug! Went dancing Friday nite....still smiling...are you!
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
All time favorite Movies are Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, African Queen, And lots more. Jane Austen novels they taught me so much about how far women have come in owning their own security....otherwise it depends on the moment. The 3 local bands I love one is a Tom Petty Tribute band, the other is a hodgepodge of wonderful dance tunz called Milk Bone, & Willy Murphy & The Angels doing there thing.. If you haven't figured out yet I love to Dance!! I love Jazz, bluz, current Rock & Hip Hop ya good to dance to. I enjoy instrumentals by John Coltrane, and many others. Bruce Cockburn & Van Morrison are great favorites!
I have a library of books and some of my favorites are childrens books from before the 50's back into the 1800's. I've spent years gathering alternative building books includng renewable energy & water usage developement. Plus gardening books. I love my books!
TV is limitted..not alot I like. Just a handful of shows.
Six things I could never do without
One Best Friend
Swimming where ever possible
Dancing even in the living room
family and more
Obviously I couldn't live with out basics in life!
I spend a lot of time thinking about
You, My One Best Friend.
Keeping fit n healthy.
Music & where to go dancing...woot woot
political analysis especially in todays climate
my finances for the future and how to protect myself
Our Future
Sustainable World
renewable energy-Bio-Digestors
water conservation & Reclamation
writing a Screen Play
Fullfiling New Dreams of a Partnership w/a Love.
Painting, sculpting, art glass, photography
Poetry John O'Donahue, Sylvia, Whitman, Thoreau..More MoreMore
On a typical Friday night I am
There is not a typical Friday night I roll with life. I do go out to hear music and socialize with people. I get out on the dance floor & truly enjoy myself! Woot Woot!! Come on out let's dance!!!

I watch for interesting events like meteor showers..eclipses..and comets...and solar flares....yes. Now If you are lucky you've been seeing The Northern Lights more this's our solar Flare Cycle.....Check out Norway...amazing!!!

I enjoy trying to remember birthdays & special occasions too.. .life is to be celebrated!!

Depending on which movie is coming out I love the preview at midnight it's just fun changing up the routine of life!! I hope you are enjoying!!
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I guess you'll just have to get to know me!
You should message me if
You are interested in getting to know me.....this is just a slice of my life. If you are single. If you'd like to talk. If you are interested in finding a person to share your hopes & Dreams for a new life....with humor, warmth, fun, & Consideration well Yodal then!!
The two of us