45Lawrenceville, United States
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My self-summary
I am bisexual, polyamorous, and mother to two boys, 19 and 3. I also have a 7yo step-son. I have lived in GA for four years now...but I am still a hippie-dippie Philly grrl.

byteraven is my partner--feel free to check him out. I sure do *wink* I am grateful every day that he is in my life.

Some bits that I look for in friends and sweeties:

*geeky--sci-fi, comics, rpgs, movies, music, science, politics?
*child-friendly, even if you don't want/have any
*political liberal or moderate/centrist
*body acceptance--respect for one's own body, and those of others, regardless of size and shape
*socially adept
*queer-friendly even if you are straight
*like nights in, as well as nights out
*a foodie...even if you can't cook
*a city boy/girl who enjoys occasional weekends in the woods

Extra points if you love techno, trip-hop, D&B, dub step...

I am social, nurturing, and affectionate
What I’m doing with my life
I am:

*a recent Bus Admin/MIS graduate (w/ an IT minor)
*figuring out what's next professionally
*trying to fix up a house that needs new...everything
*trying to incorporate more sustainable living practices
I’m really good at
*listening and offering my opinion (sometimes even if its not requested *heh*)
*making soup
*event planning
*belly dancing
The first things people usually notice about me
*my hair--I have lots of it...falling to the top of my ass.
*my fat fabulousness ;-)
*my energy--I am outgoing and people usually respond to that
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
A sample of books in my library: Ender's Game by O.S.Card, Friday by Robert Heinlein, Lucifer's Hammer by Niven and Pournell, The Celestine Prophecies by James Redfield, The Ethical Slut by Easton and Listz, Titan by John Varley, Diamond Age by Neal Stephenson, Sparrow by Mary Doria Russell, Lilith's Brood by Octavia E. Butler, Beggars In Spain by Nancy Kress, Small Gods by Terry Pratchett

A sample of DVDs in my changer: Hackers, The ENTIRE Monty Python collection, The Fifth Element, Se7en, The Matrix, The Cowboy Bebop Collection, Steel Magnolias, Clockwork Orange, Nightmare Before Christmas, Space Balls, Princess Bride, Blade, XXX

Some fav artists: Juno Reactor, Massive Attack, Insane Clown Posse, Chemical Bros., Daft Punk, Covenant, Supreme Beings of Leisure, Nina Simone, Coldplay, Korn, Bjork, Venus Hum, NIN, Goldfrapp, Vitalic, Moby, Digitalism, Supreme Beings of Leisure, Bitter:sweet, Justice, System of a Down, Portishead, Pendulum, Zero 7, Natasha Atlas...okay, I could fill the page...I'll stop now.

I like most foods but lately sushi and Indian have been on my mind *yum*
Six things I could never do without
Let's make that 7:

...are my sons, Marcus, sex, my Tribe, music and the net...what would life be w/o them?
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Well, politics and the environment and how the second half of my life will play out.
On a typical Friday night I am
Chill'n at home with family and friends. Maybe out for karaoke at the local coffee bar.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
...Soylent Green is people! Only in the movie, however...
You should message me if
...your interests overlap mine and if the person described above sounds familiar. I am always open to making new friends, so even if I'm not a match for you, feel free to say hi :-)
The two of us