29 Berkeley, United States
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My self-summary
I am a PhD student at UC Berkeley
(I plan to be at Yale and Princeton this summer for research. And in Atlanta visiting friends and family)
--I love art and museums.

--I study early modern and contemporary art with particular emphasis on the Atlantic and the crossings between the Caribbean, the Americas, and Europe.

--Some people find me to be laid back and not the one to create dialogue at first. Sometimes I can be a bit cynical, but I believe that it can be useful and productive in various situations. I spent most of my life traveling around the world.

I like to laugh and make other people laugh.

I'm into movies and hiking.
Because I teach, I would rather spend time shopping for tea under the stress of grading.

I'm a friend, brother and writer.
I've spent time in relationships; I've spent time not.

Love has always saved me, perhaps in ways I least expected.
What I’m doing with my life
I spend most of my time reading lots and lots of academic texts. I study rhetoric and philosophy and art and art history.

--I like fiction, non-fiction and poetry. All this means that I like narratives -analyzing the ways in which stories/plots develop, take significant turns, and mobilize us in various directions. I also like listening to and reading oral histories of people who embody stories of the past.

--I write, travel and teach. I love learning about things about which I know nothing at all and so every new project is usually about something about which I know very little -- but by the end I know a lot! I'm always looking for the next intellectual challenge.

--Some of the traveling I do is oriented around sites of attraction that speak to not just the politics of location and space, but also of people and bodies. All of us got a story, right?

--I've found it to be a pleasure to read all the stuff that I like, in addition to getting funding to do it.

Other things about me:
...I do not follow a script.
I would like to be more structured.
I do not organically create goals. I would rather not know what the future will hold. By this same logic, I am able to be more imaginative and action-oriented in the present.
I’m really good at
Cooking for elaborate dinner parties, finding my way around distant lands, writing and editing, losing myself to the music, getting on the dance floor, listening to those in trouble or need, resolving problems, surprising people by anticipating what they like, want or need.

--I like jogging and running under the stress of work. I find time to work out. I like to think that I'm a true friend and sometimes it is hard for me to let people go.

--I cling onto what I desire, what I want, even when it's not good for me. Ok, that isn't good, right? I like listening to others. I can be a source of empowerment for people who need someone to sort out their mess.

--I like listening to music and staying in tune with politics.
The first things people usually notice about me
Let's see? I would say my hair, smile and clothes. I can be simple; however, I can be oriented toward the occasion. Get it? this means that I am adjustable, in-between a state of unpredictable and predictable behavior, and well-oriented.

So if people notice something about me, it would be that I come prepared and I got the memo for the occasion. bring the beer? sure. do I drink beer? not really. bring the baked goods? sure. do I bake often? not really.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Music: Janelle Monaé, Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Ru Paul, Janet Jackson, Hedwig and The Angry Inch, Usher, Prince, Bjork, Kendrick Lamar, Mariah Carey, Kanye West.

The Good Wife
Breaking Bad
Orange is the New Black
House of Cards

Food: I'm gluten and diary sensitive but other than that, I like trying new things. If I had to pick Indian, Thai, Vietnamese, and Middle Eastern and Soul Food are probably at the top of the list. Like seriously where are the soul food restaurants in the Bay?

Books: Too many to name here. I'll update soon.
The six things I could never do without
1. Gym
2. Food
3. Books
4. Computer
5. Glasses or Contacts
6. Ask me______
I spend a lot of time thinking about
One answer might be the critical embrace of superbad sex objects, that is, not just the "bad" but also the messy, category-defying versions of sex and the ways in which it "happens in art," our embodiment as feeling and thinking critics (sex objects ourselves) with complexly embedded connections and how we come to be "who" we study.

Even more, reading, writing, production, art, aesthetics, sex, politics are all things I care about: that is, I think about creating a world where all these things can coexist without inequality and oppression. I'm forever searching/thinking about/wanting the utopia that is forever out of sight, out of mind, but somewhere and yet nowhere at the same time.
On a typical Friday night I am
My weekends usually consist of a few days of cycling, running, and some time at the gym. Working out clears my head and is incredibly relaxing for me. I used to do a lot of yoga and I'd like to get back into it. If I'm not doing any of these things, I'm typically planning for the next week --with a pen, pad, and red wine at my side.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I got a thing for the academic types.
I got a thing for runners.

I suppose the most private thing I'm willing to admit is that I'm private. In other words, I like socializing but it's rare for me to speak about my personal life with others, even when they are close. Instead, I reveal information on a need basis and for me and this is the best way to share my private world.
You should message me if
you have liberatory politics and are able to check your privilege daily with willingness and humility.