35 Amarillo, United States
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My self-summary
PASSION - that is whats leading my life right now.. I dont care what aspect of life it is, if your gonna go for it, be passionate!

So hi there , My names Craig,

I'm only after lovers who can be friends and dance in the moments of this thing we call life.

I am a Guy with a Back bone and a Heart. I'm 30 , have no kids yet, I have dogs and a cat and some fish + a horse i feed treats too if that counts.. i like nature and many other things. Im a busnessman by trade but really i find my passion being helping the disabled. I also love talking to people from around the world to learn there culture and just be educated on the real pulse of the word

I am strength, warmth, and just me... :)
What I’m doing with my life
living it , I feel like with the right person besides me the sky is the limit. My life is my life... Some days it's fast and complex and others it's chill, but i love it! :-) My long term dream is to go to Hawaii then Japan and Australia.

I have owned my own companys for over 10 years now , I was pres and helped found a therapy center that takes disabled kids and vetts
and puts them on horses for there mental and physical therapy, Then became president of the American Bussness Club chapter in Amarillo and they help disabled kids and inspiring PT's/ Ot's.

My mind and soul are deep and my heart is light.
I’m really good at
public speaking , electronics , talking with new people, chiropractic stuff , animal care , cooking and many other things that a good man should have .... in all honesty i strive to be a better man tomorow than the man i am today .... . So if theres somthing i need to do ... well i learn it... i think of it like leveling my self up ... +2 points.
The first things people usually notice about me
. im kinda the guy who will say what everyone is thinking but no one has the guts to say .. i have a very ironic sence of humor somthing about irony just gets me. Like a beautiful tragity. I am extreamly accepting of others faults. I have seen and delt with things most would never understand and in the end I know all we really have is the moments with eachother.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
i love music... i typicaly like inteligent music or alternitive rock but i have been known to lisen to all types but my personal favs are third eye blind
smashing pumpkins,red hot chilli peppers,incubus ,him.and The Refreshments

.... after college i havn't wanted to read books so much with the power of the internet... cooking wise ... if you crave it , i will make it ... I do love movies and enjoy watching them..

one of my fav songs live - mekong from roger clyne aka the refreshments
The six things I could never do without
i don't think im that possesive over anything but at this point ..

my freinds and the moments we share.. thats what makes life worth living

my animals - they bring me joy

my phone.. it keeps me entertained

my computer - ^

my hot tub.. its warm and i just look at the stars at night

I spend a lot of time thinking about
the past present and future?

What is a nubian? (chasing amy quote)

my fav quotes are " I would like to raise yet another round , and if your bottles empty help your self to mine! Thank you for your time, But here's to LIFE! " . " dam the man save the empire" and " when the power of love over comes the love of power this world will know peace"..
On a typical Friday night I am
??? out with freinds or doing somthing at home... in all honesty there is no telling what i could be doing anynight let alone on a friday ;-)
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I make my dreams reality and I dream big.
You should message me if
This page is designed in hopes of meeting someone thats real. You
will defently have to put in effort vs meeting me in the real world.
we may not be a match as lovers but are you worth knowing as a friend?
I like wisdom, and those who are truly happy in life, do something for
some one else for no reason.. you only get one life so live it the
way you always dreamed of or try too. . When i first meet some one
know it's there eyes i always look into first.. So be your self and
try to be happy with who that person is. I have no time for shallow people so if you have shallow tendancys move on cuz i will call you out and make you see whats real. This is life... enjoy the breeze that comes your way.

thanks for reading my
cliff notes ;-) see ya around