35Manhattan, United States
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My self-summary
She didn't feel like filling out this section. (I mean who does?!) She was daydreaming in the subway. She was thinking about history while looking at buildings. She was at the zoo. She was dancing to the music in her head. She was volunteering. She was making fun of those who speak in the third person. She was watching hockey. She jumped in the puddle. She had no expectations. She thought it was a good idea when she started. She told a joke that made her laugh more then everyone else. She picked up that penny on the ground. She was listening to every word you said. She was at a concert. She took a picture. She wishes it was snowing. She was reading a book then starting a new one. She changed all her passwords. She was searching for her stolen bike. She was wanting to be taken seriously while wearing mitten strings. She was at the theatre. She wasn't sleeping. She was exploring. She was planning a road trip then planning a far away trip. She was telling a long-winded story. She was holding your interest. She was thinking of hitting the snooze buttons (actually she was hitting it without thought). She was putting on a hoodie, because she is always cold. She forgot her point. She was dreaming of hearing waves. She took a breath. She was wondering if this section is OSTENTATIOUS.?
What I’m doing with my life
Thinking.... Consulting.... Thinking... Consulting.... Repeat.

I'm also "this close" to launching an amazing project with a friend. It's not a charity or not-for-profit, it's more of a Movement!
I’m really good at
Giving high fives.
Leaving work at work.
Ordering Dessert.
Getting my recommended daily water intake.
Internet searching any and everything.
Sucking at video games.
Getting lost and enjoying it.
Mini golf.
Taking a picture without a flash.
Making jokes to cut the 'serious'.
Being overly competitive at board games. (ok, at most things)
The first things people usually notice about me
What glasses I'm wearing...I change them up alot. Sometimes I get super crazy and wear contacts!
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
BOOKS: I devour biographies!

TV: House of Lies, Slings&Arrows, Mystery Science Theater 3000, OZ, SouthPark, the Walking Dead (even though the graphic novels are so much better!)

MOVIES: Being There, Slackers,The Knack, Wild Style, Ararat, SLC Punk, Speed, Happiness, Transformers ('86), The Shawshank Redemption, Naked Lunch, Ghostbusters, Point Break, Might Ducks 123, bomb the system, Clockwork Orange, Saturday Night Sunday Morning, The Believer, Blowup, Some Like It Hot, The Manchurian Candidate (original)....I also watch to many (way too many) documentaries.

JUICE: Apple (and lemonade...not really a juice, but a must have!)

MILK: no fat, organic, white, and cold....although I pretty much only have almond milk.

MUSIC: Joe Pug, Tom Waits, Gogol Bordello, John Coltrane, broken social scene, The Smiths, Mates of State, Neutral Milk Hotel, Miles Davis, Something Corporate, Oscar Peterson, Cake, the Velvet Underground....I've also been know to have solo old school AND 90s hip hop dance parties in my apartment! (please note there is a difference between old school hip hop and 90s hip hop...that is all)

I eat it!

"I've gained no wisdom, no insight, no mellowing, I would make all the same mistakes again, today."
~Woody Allen

yes, please.
Six things I could never do without
and MY GLASSES: they prove to be useful
I spend a lot of time thinking about
If having a mortgage makes me an adult.....?

How Downton Abbey would be a much better show with ROBOTS!

Number sequences: I can never remember sequence with more than 4 numbers to save my life. So I practice.

Why do so many of my friends cheat at 'words with friends' it doesn't make them smarter.

How to beat my cheating friends at 'words with friends'.

life: people: plans: and funny things....

What would Bill Cosby do....?
On a typical Friday night I am
Likely out stringing a bunch of facts together to tell a great story.

OR I'm at home wrapped in a blanket burrito, watching netflixs, ordering seamless web.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I have always wanted braces and still to this day at the dentist move my teeth while getting xrays, and ask the dentist if I can get them...or at least a retainer. I'm convinced my straight teeth could be a lot straighter.

I believe in and practice the rule of "no takesies backsies"
You should message me if
FACT: I'm pretty awesome and as long as you aren't crazy, believe in making the world a better place, dont have a desire to remove my head from my body, brush your teeth more than once a day, dont kick puppies, appreciate art, and can make me laugh till I can't breathe... I'll think you're pretty awesome too!

ALSO: The idea of drinking beer (or Bourbon) while getting beat at bowling or board games, and eating hotdogs sounds like a great night!

The two of us