30Seattle, United States
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My self-summary
Everyone always says they are bad at these things. For me at least this is true, I never know what to say that is important or doesn't feel like someone might judge you based on their preconceived notions of what that means. For example, if I were to mention I was an only, or the eldest child in my family you would make assumptions about my ability to share or some other dynamic that most likely isn't true or even formed by that structure of my childhood. Just makes you wonder doesn't it.

I guess I should say I am looking for a partner to compliment me on my journey. Someone that treats love as the ability to allow and encourage your partner to grow emotionally ( and maybe spiritually but that word has so much BS tied to it I hesitate with its use). I want to have a partner in the truest sense. I am looking to meet anyone that wants to get to know me. If that's friends, so be it. If it's lovers, cool. Really open to the discussion of finding what we each want and celebrating it.

I have been poly, might still be interested in that if you approach your relationships from Emotional Attachment Theory on the secure side. I am distancing myself from Avoidants at this time for serious LTR considerations.

I am open, entertaining, and reliable.

Little Bird , I miss you. Thank you for showing me the path I need to walk.
What I’m doing with my life
Project manager for a mid-sized commercial construction company. Avid outdoor enthusiast from your basic hiking all the way to mountain unicycling. I blues dance a lot. I like being social a lot. I never have seen the end of all the tasks I seem to make for myself. I would really like to find another task oriented person that wants to share in the stuff we need to get done and enjoy ourselves doing it together more than apart.
I’m really good at
"Jack of all, master of none, but better than master of one" - Old Proverb

I shortened this to; this question leads me to be far too sarcastic and or arrogant. So I say come and find out :).

"My friend tells me that I'm incredibly perceptive, and will probably pick up on how she feels before she does. She would also like everyone to know how freaking amazing my hugs are." ( she also told me I was not allowed to remove this or she would brain me. I replied " the same thing we do every night Pinky, try to take over the world."
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
In process

Frank Herbert
Ursula K Leguin
Bell Hooks
Jim Butcher

Dune, Guardian's of the Galaxy, Day the Earth Stood Still(1951), more to come.

Stranger Things, GOT, Westworld, Scrubs, The Killing, Adventure Time, Sense8, Luke Cage, Doctor Who, Farscape, BSG, X-Files, Twin Peaks (cannot stress enough how cool it is that both of those are cooking back, especially TP considering the end of the movie), more to come

Alt, Blues, Rock, as yet determined gere. This is a big catagory jsut go check out The Georgia Flood, The Zutons, Lou Rawls, Howlin Wolf, and the Beattles to start.
Six things I could never do without
Empathy: Others for me; and me continuing to get better at it for others.

Tasks: I always have some freaking project I am working on, and often come up with another dozen along the way to its completion.

Activity: I suck at sitting still until I am done.

People: While I score 50/50 on most of the Myers-Briggs tests I get energy from being around people often and love to capitalize on friends.

Animals: Never enough pets. Although I can tell you why a hedgehog is a bad idea.

Secure Connection: I seek out the secure connection of others. I create my own and try to pull people away from avoidant and anxious connections.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Lately it has been a lot about how patriarchal society ( in the most literal sense, ie everything is this, capitalism is this, American culture is this, gender norms are this, relationship norms are this, child rearing is this) shapes how we teach our children through shame rather than empathy. More directly, how this affects everyone and our approach to politics, learning, caretaking, business, understanding of one another. It would be very beneficial if we could move to empathy and nurturance for child rearing as I fully believe it would fundamentally reshape our culture for the better. It is a very complicated and nuanced idea though.

And if not that, why it's so hard to find someone I am as crazy about as I remember feeling about people in the past.
On a typical Friday night I am
I have not had a typical Friday night in sometime. I used to be out blues dancing every Friday. Then it was the two people I hold most dear and I getting into whatever trouble we could find, be it a night on the town or hanging out in a hot tub drinking. Now it is wherever the wind blows me it seems. If you have ideas, I am open to suggestions.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
It's likely that I'd admit anything as it comes up, I'm not big on secrets.
You should message me if
I have decided I really should just start with: If you say you are a goofball, just message me already. Lets go get tea and be goofy please!

You are willing to be honest with yourself about who you are, what you want, and can communicate that. If you practice nurturance and want to get better at it. I am working on being a more receptive and safe listener. If you are not ok with understanding I am making progress towards being a more secure functioning person in relationships and the emotional growth that goes with this, then I am not the right person for you.

I am nice, just do it :P
The two of us