39Paris, France
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My self-summary
"I am neither this nor that, I am this AND that. I am a hidden treasure".
With this quote from Rumi, I wish to stress the difficulty to define oneself in a few words. Either you go for the main traits at the expense of subtlety, but people are full of contradictions and their imperfections and flaws are often their most essential qualities as well. Or you can also use humor or a trick (kinda what I am doing here) to evade the self-summary exercise, in a mildly-convincing attempt to express originality.
In simple words, I hope I am balanced by my contradictions. I like intensity and sensuality, poetic quotes and subversive jokes ; elegant shirts and bars full of dirt. (Am I seriously tryin' to bring rhymes into my summary ?)
I like to watch Rugby and practice Yoga. I value silence (almost) as much as music or intense conversations. My tea cups are plain and Japanese, but the chiseled saucers are Moroccan.
Whenever I take the "Left brain / Right brain" test, you know that one with the spinning ballerina ? I always see her do it clockwise at first (Right brain - Creativity), but after a few seconds, I can have her spin either way. It seems my brain is facing a tough choice between Logic and Feelings.
The second line of my introductory Sufi quote is probably just as important. I believe there is a gem in all of us that gets expressed to its full extent when you share your life with another one.
What I’m doing with my life
After I finished my studies in the city of lights, in the country of Freedom fries, Freedom kiss and smelly cheeses (or is it Free cheese and smelly kisses ?), I moved to NYC, where I've worked for 7 years. Just got back to Paris. I love the city and try to enjoy it as much as I can. My life is sometimes quite hectic but I am secretly lazy at heart. I have an intense mind but a hedonist body. I like to think of hundreds of things that I want to discover, but I also like to let things happen and I often trust Life to show me the way. I guess I'm lost.
I’m really good at
Being bad / paying attention to details / cooking crepes / remembering Bdays / taking B&W pictures with my old film Camera (Geek alert !) / using the color RED quite extensively / harvesting Maple sap / stay silent when silence is better.

I'm really bad at :
Paravritta Janushirasana / being in pictures, as opposed to taking them / pronouncing the word "focus" without being laughed at / taking full advantage of my subscriptions to the NEW YORKER and the MoMA / Despite knowing that to be waited for is to be desired, I am hopelessly (and comically) punctual / waking up is a catastrophe, every morning / My Lily died again, and I'm not even sure whether I watered them too much... or too little.
The first things people usually notice about me
Well, after the initial shock associated with my cat-like ears... and whiskers, not to mention the pair of wings and high heels, people immediately notice the "greenish, blueish, greyish with orange sparkles" colour of my eyes.

BTW, contrary to what some may deduct from my profile pic, I actually do not wear glasses, not even contact lenses. Doesn't make sense, right. But I usually don't make sense !
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food

- PHOTOGRAPHY: Ray K. Metzker / Sebastião Salgado / Reza Deghati / Carlos Freire / Edward Burtynsky / Elliott Erwitt / William Eggleston / Ansel Adams / Irving Penn / Willy Ronis / Henri Cartier-Bresson / Berenice Abbott / Depardon / Man Ray

- MUSIC : Almost everything. Music is a passion, from Schubert, Chopin, Debussy to Miles Davis, Brad Mehldau, Ella Fitzgerald, The Beatles, The Kinks, S.Gainsbourg, Supergrass, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Elliott Smith, Mamas & Papas, Sergio Mendes, Fela Kuti, Radiohead, Tom Waits, Oumou Sangaré and of course The Velvet Underground
All-Vinyls, Babe !
+ anything Gypsy : Manouche, Balkan Brass Bands, Flamenco...
+ Brazilian stuff : Bossa Nova, Samba, Funk
+ Thank you Gilles Peterson !

- CUISINE : Lebanese / Japanese / Italian / French. very open minded. I love to cook and experiment. When doing so with my loved one, and a glass of Pinot-noir, I consider myself in paradise.

- CINEMA : Kubrick / Kusturica / Kurosawa / Kiarostami / Kieslowsky
Indeed, I do suffer from a terrible genetic disease that makes me irresistibly prone to loving Movie makers whose name begin with a "K". Probably has to do w/ my own first name.
But don't worry I'm not too anal with that, I also like directors such as :
Karlie Chaplin / AleKsandro Inarritu / Kes Anderson / FranKois Truffaut / WooKy Allen / F.F. Koppola / Terry Killiam / LuKino Visconti / Kentin Tarantino / Kean Renoir / Guy RiKie / Orson Kelles / Lars von Krier / Kim Jarmush / Koen Bros... and of course "Four weddings & a funeral"
Just watched Nadine Labaki's "Where do we go now ?" - speechless

- LITERATURE : Dalva (J.Harrison), La Chute (A.Camus), Heart of darkness (J.Conrad), For whom the bell tolls (E.Hemingway), Luna Park (B.Easton Ellis), The portrait of Dorian Gray (O.Wilde), King Lear (W.S.), Persian Poetry (Rumi...), Voyage au bout de la nuit (L-F.Celine), American pastoral (P.Roth), Salammbo (G.Flaubert)
+ Nabokov, Ellroy, Faulkner, R.Gary, T.Williams, Moliere, J.Gracq, S.Zweig, H.Selby Jr, Borges

- GRAPHIC NOVELS : Hugo Pratt / Moebius / J.Giraud / Bourgeon / Loisel / Bilal / Marjane Satrapi / Manara / M.Prado / Gosciny / K.Otomo / Neil Gaiman / Joann Sfar / A.Spiegelman / Franquin / Tardi

- as for SHOWS.... well I actually do not own a TV ! (Did I mention I also live in a cave ?). Nothing against TV, I just don't have time for it.
Six things I could never do without
- Women (Not that I am a womanizer, though)
- the smell of figs, and my passport
- my print of Matisse's Nu Bleu IV, and the Winter light in NYC
- my 1967 manual SLR camera, and Shaun the Sheep
- Chopin's Nocturnes #2/5/8, and The Rolling Stones' Midnight Rambler
- Cherry blossoms, and "This American Life" podcasts.
- Espresso / Darjeeling tea / cilantro / shiitake / figs / asparagus / sushis / pesto / boquerones / red snapper / olives / rhubarb / cheese and a bottle of my favorite Burgundy
- The final scene of Chaplin's "City Lights" (No matter how many times I watch it, it remains the most intense piece of cinematographic work, to me)
- YOGA (Vinyasa) for the Body, & IAGO (Shakespeare) for the Soul
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Women's legs (The only serious food for thoughts in this world) /
The beauty of the light, the perfection of the moment /
How it would make a great photo /
How come, I forgot to take my camera ? /
Am I late ? /
Where did I leave my Ipod ? /
Am I more of a romantic nerdy scholar, a sarcastic and insecure lover, or an irresistibly dumb soap actor at heart ? Still not sure whether I am a Ross, Chandler or Joey ! /
Probably all of them at once. Days of our lives !
On a typical Friday night I am
There are several Fridays per week in NYC. On a regular one, I am your average "pterodactyl-hunter / intergalactic troubadour" kinda guy. But, as it happens, I also like to walk the city late at night, or have a bowl of Japanese Ramen or a Vietnamese Banh-mi after a late night Yoga class.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Emotions and Beauty bring tears in my eyes more often than I am willing to admit.
When I was a kid, I suspected that inert objects had a soul and I used to apologize to chairs before sitting on them !
You should message me if
- After all, you already went through the crap above + I do have a strict policy of answering every msg I receive.
- you believe that taking no risk is even greater of a risk,
- you would be an outlaw for my law,
- you are slightly crazy, and you often (want to) drop the umbrella under a shower rain,
- you think they are the elect to whom beautiful things mean only beauty,
- you think we are similar enough, but sufficiently different, to remain mysteries to each other,
- OK. too much romanticism here, if you like single malt Scotch, Tartare steaks, really subversive jokes and great sex, that should do the job, as well ! ;-)
The two of us