70Candler, United States
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My self-summary
Am Creative, Curious, Compassionate

Look for beauty wherever I am, and especially love art, nature, and writing. Spiritually fit, artistic, intelligent, attractive and mature. Hobbies include painting, reading, movies (not too much violence), art shows and museums, healthy organic food, occasional dancing.

I'm a Quaker, am interested in metaphysics, am involved with the 12 Steps and am a Meher Baba lover. I am politically liberal.

Meyers-Briggs, I'm an ENFP, (near the center on E/I and F/P. I am a social extrovert need and value alone, quiet time every day like an introvert.) On the Enneagram, I'm a 4. Double Leo, Taurus moon. Human Design I'm a "Manifesting Generator." Bonus for men who know what these mean . . .

What I'm looking for:
Enjoy doing things with a man; also enjoy just being in the presence of a Present man. Seeking someone wise enough to know what he does not understand and understands the infinite depth of not knowing. One who appreciates paradox. Enjoy deep, heartfelt, loving communication. For me, compassionate, open-hearted and open-minded communication is the basis for all relationships, with friends and family and is necessary for deep, authentic relationship. That is the only kind of relations that inspire me, move me, and help me grow into the woman I am created to BE.

I'm looking for a partner with whom I can grow spiritually. I believe that Spirit is everywhere present, and want to connect deeply with a kind hearted, spiritually curious, monogamous man. A good sense of humor and intelligence are very important to me; Spirit dances to the tune of shared laughter...

I believe that nearly all humans want to give and receive love. Would like to partner with a man who is interested in discovering the places within himself that resist connection, authenticity, and love---and who wants a safe partnership space to heal those places. I am willing to be kind, supportive and to reciprocate in ongoing deep healing.

Love my two daughters and five grandchildren who live in Chicago and Memphis

Have studied and practice Nonviolent, Compassionate Communication. Listening, really listening with empathy and an open heart, is a skill that I value and practice. True intimacy comes from kindness, honesty, and empathy. I am very interested in deep intimacy, the kind David Deida talks about in his books on human relationships and sexuality.

Any active addiction is a deal buster for me. Before exploring sexual intimacy, there would need to be deep friendship between us. If you are any kind of fundamentalist or are politically "conservative" as opposed to "liberal," we are not a good match. Also no active addictions, and am not 420 friendly...
What I’m doing with my life
I am writing a book, and am passionate about it. I believe that it will help many people in deep, life changing ways.
I’m really good at
Seeing what is right.

Communicating---listening and sharing.

Smiling. Art. Writing. Appreciating nature. I'm kind.

Have a grateful, open heart, and am a loyal, trustworthy, interesting friend.

Have practiced energy healing and alternative medicine for a long time. I know quite a bit about these subjects and am interested in learning more. I value change and growth, even though my ego occasionally resists these beneficial experiences.

Am intelligent and have a good sense of humor--and appreciate the same in others.
The first things people usually notice about me
My smile.

That I love to laugh, am kind and have many interests.

That spirituality, not religion, is the focus of my life.

My friends often tell me how courageous and kind I am. Many people find me "interesting." Compared to mainstream culture, I am rather "eccentric." In England, eccentrics are called "originals." I really like that!

I am not afraid to do deep inner work and feel growing pains...
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
would enjoy reading out loud to each other...interested?

Rilke, Hafiz, Rumi
Mary Oliver, David Whyte
ts eliot
Barbara Kingsolver
John O'Donahue
Isabelle Allende
Eckard Tolle
Byron Katie
David Deida
Pat Conroy, John Irving
Martha Beck

The 4 Agreements
The 5th Agreement
Letting Go, The Pathway of Surrender by David Hawkins
The Untethered Soul
A Prayer for Owen Meany by John Irving
The Dovekeepers
The Presence Process by Michael Brown
The Art of Driving in the Rain
The Storied Life of AJ Fickery
The World's Strongest Librarian
I read the Hunger Games trilogy and found them riveting, disturbing and at one point, deeply and spiritually moving.

Read "Truth in Dating" and am interested in authentic, transparent, honest communication from the beginning. Interested? It's risky and has the potential to open the door to deep intimacy . . .

I always try to eat healthy, organic food. enjoy some raw food, and interesting vegetarian and fish dishes. Cannot eat hot, spicy food. I have quite a few food sensitivities and allergies, so I'm a bit "high maintenance" in the food arena.

Love a good drama, comedies, non-violent movies, especially true stories that are inspirational. Liked True Grit, The King's Speech, Something the Lord Has Made (true story of the first open heart surgery on a "blue baby"), Off the Map, Freida, films about Christo, Whale Rider, The Secret of Roan Innish, Big Fish, and especially The Fountain and Pictures and Words. When he lived here, I enjoyed going to "Waking Up to the Movies" at John Mark Stroud's home. Google him; "Waking Up to the Movies. You can download some amazing films with his deeply spiritual and revealing comments as the film progresses. John Mark is "awake" to the All One Consciousness.

Like classical music, classical guitar, classic rock, and piano, oldies, Willie Nelson, I love the sound of shared Silence, where hearts are singing, and there is a nearly audible duet between us...

I particularly enjoy live theater, opera, ballet. I think that maybe Cirque de Soleil is the way of the REAL world. What a creative and inspirational experience... anything is possible if we expand our vision and dive deeply into what COULD be... if we dare to dream it.
Six things I could never do without
My spiritual connection; the Divine informs my Life and gives it meaning.
Friends and family
Learning new things, especially in the pursuit of
Creativity . . .
An open mind and a loving, compassionate heart
My belief in Love and Life
My life would not be as rich if I didn't have a computer and access to art supplies.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Infinite Consciousness
Learning more about compassion and love
Becoming an even better listener and communicator
Being of service to the Earth and to other people
What is possible
On a typical Friday night I am
I don't' have "typical Friday nights." When I had a partner, it was "date night" and I would love to have a regular date night again!
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
This is not a venue for sharing "private things." But it IS a venue for sharing honestly and authentically, from the heart. This comes naturally to me . . . does it to you?
You should message me if
...if you like to do things, see things and experience as much as possible

...if you are upbeat, communicative, spiritual, and emotionally intelligent.

...if you enjoy metaphysical and/or philosophical conversations.

...if you know how to laugh and how to make your date laugh out loud~with gentle, warm-hearted humor.

...if you are open minded, liberal, kind and authentic

...if you have a passion for Peace.
The two of us