44Sydney, Australia
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My self-summary
*****I am stuck in Dallas again.
I'm freeeeeee!!!!! Back in Sydney.

Dabbler, dilettante, jack of all trades, master of none - probably my best asset but also the biggest criticism you could point at me.

And i REALLY hate writing about myself.

In summary: I'm friggin' awesome, ask anyone who knows me. Seriously, come take the Pepsi challenge.

I rule.

I am "a man you don't meet", an "excellent friend", and a tinkerer
What I’m doing with my life
Wasting it, apparently.

Once upon a time, i wanted to go to uni, but ended up going into advertising, and wrote (inappropriate) copy for an oldies radio station. A lot of my work was rated as good, but not what the blue-rinse set which made up the audience would respond well to. There were no jobs available with the rock'n'rolling, trendy stations at the time.

Once upon a time, i went to a six week acting course (i do not remember why), and ended up turning that into a two year course. I did not pursue acting as times are tough for young actors who are not pretty, so i got a job instead at the casino, dealing cards, taking thousands of dollars from demanding rich people and drug dealers.

Once upon a time i decided to quit my job and go to England, but ended going to Uni instead. Without a clear direction, i merely enjoyed learning things, and made lots of new friends, allies and contacts.

Once i decided to go to uni, but got sick of being broke, and found a fun job, which i was very good at instead. That turned into another job, because i say "yes" (too often) when people say "do you want to come do this thing?".

Once upon a time i was a BNG, a minor celebrity in a small special interest community, and led revolution and war to the very doorstop of the gods. Years involved in Young Labor had taught me the skills of intrigue, alliance, and bloodletting.

Once upon a time, i made short films for audiences around the world and our friends, with a great crew of people creative and energetic, professional and unprofessional, however, we were pre-youtube and struggled to get seen.

Once upon a time, i built a cricket club, albeit a much better off-field club than on-field. Talent and skill was never a requisite for a player, nor gender much to the horror of the typically highly conservative cricket traditionalists who controlled the competition. Recently, i found out how well regarded and how treasured the memories of time spent as a member of the club has come to mean for some.

Once upon a time, i got sick of it all, quit my job, packed my bags and went to England. The closest i made it was New York. I spent most of it in Dallas, although there were many exciting and perilous adventures around the country.

Once upon a time i was a bouncer at a bar. Then i was a bouncer at a lot of bars, criss-crossing the street on different days. Then i was head of security. Then i was a barback. Then i was a bartender. Then i was a bartender at a number of venues, crossing the road on different days. Then i was senior bartender. Then i was a manager. Then i was manager of two bars. Then a manager of a bar, while bartending another place.

Once upon a time, when the shine had gone off the rockstar bartender lifestyles, i decided that Miami was the place to be, and i packed my shit and left too much behind, and attempted to Burn Notice my way through life.

Once upon a time, I came home, and things had changed. Things also had not. I had, and also had not. So i got the nearest job, was denied some others, got another. Then another. All the while trying to draw together the strings of the puppet i was previously.

So once upon a time, i finally updated my profile ...

******** where's my strikethrough tags?
I am playing bartender in America instead of growing up.

but from an objective view i look at it this way - i maintain a job, as well as own my own business, provide employment for americans, work with a charitable organisation, and pay my bills on time, even though *i* am the alien here. So perhaps i am not doing too bad.

At some point i will get out of this place and back on the road. England and Europe await, as does the Carribean (and is dangerously close and tempting, and South America is just a short boat ride away from there.....), and eventually, i am pretty sure i will need to go home. If only to apologise for being away for seven years.
I’m really good at
I seem to end up being good at just about anything i apply myself too. I have had a pretty broad formal and informal education, so i can figure out whatever i need to to look like i know what i am doing. I find that's usually enough until i have the time to work out what i am actually supposed to be doing.

I seem to have some unusual mutant powers as well, which crop up at interesting times. Sadly there is no yellow spandex in my future as neither the Justice League, the X-Men, nor the Avengers have returned my calls.

I am also good at collecting people - not like a big game hunter, there's no heads on my walls or skins on the floor (or lampshades), more like a naturalist - i generally like to observe them in their natural environments, but i am not quite restrained enough to completely observe the prime directive.
The first things people usually notice about me
i am obvious.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Will read just about anything, will watch just about anything. Can ignore most any music no matter how loud it is played so long as i can focus my will. But to conform here...

Books: Dan Brown's airport reading matter, Nick Hornby, Dopeland (and anything else by) John Birmingham, Bernard Cromwell's Arthurian retelling, Monkey - Wu Ch'Eng En, Preacher - Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon. I like bios, history and historical fiction.

Movies: Any Ken Branagh Shakespeare, Naked, Confidence, Croupier, an embarrassing collection of b-grade romantic comedies. Will watch Jennifer Connelly, Rachel Weisz, Clive Owen, John Cusack, or Ed Norton do just about anything.

Music: Euro-pseudo-techno-girl-pop - if your fifteen year old sister liked it, i probably do too. Eighties music. Aussie Rock. Folk / Acoustic music.

Food: Dead animals mostly, but i will eat salads.
Six things I could never do without
I don't think there are six things. i am not even sure there is more than one. Everything i thought was important to me before has slipped from my grasp or i have been forced to let go.

Film making, my blog, tabletop gaming, cricket, the loves of my life, fish keeping. All former cornerstones of my being (clearly i am hexagonal) are neglected, left behind, let-go, taken from me by cruel circumstance, economics, and the tyranny of distance.

There's probably nothing that i could do without except my liberty, and something to write about it with. Sand and a stick are in my future.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Now what?

I also spend time plotting the demise of governments, businesses, state agencies, cults, religious figures, my friends, the minipins next door (the alsatian and i have come to terms), and the herd of cats up the road. I have stopped plotting my own demise, preferring to "wing it" when i get to that.

Where the best place is to watch humanity wiping itself off the face of the earth. Eagerly waiting.
On a typical Friday night I am
I used to be working, but since i have rearranged my roster i'm probably watching footy and drinking, or playing games and drinking, or out somewhere doing something drinking. I'm really not an alcoholic (i don't go to meetings) but i did get an AA token once by trading for free shots, in what i consider perhaps one of my finest moments. There is no other way i could have got one of those tokens. And they were already in the bar drinking. I just gave them free drinks. So it really wasn't my fault.

Also possibly that i am being boring and at home, because the new Burn Notice season is on.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Stage fright. Crippling. Which is stupid because i frequently draw focus to myself, and people think i *like* the attention. Made my training and intermittent career as an actor entertaining.
You should message me if
* you don't act like a hooker 100% of the time (up to 75%) is acceptable.
* you want to meet the oddest collection of friends
* you like madcap schemes and shenanigans.
* you can appreciate good beer.

* if you feel like it.

* i'm bored entertain me.
The two of us