26Santiago de los Caballeros, Dominican Republic
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My self-summary
I am:

- Civil engineering student
-Casual painter
- a person that enjoy exploring thoughts, ideas, innovation
-friend of the surreal, the odd and the weird.
-a Lesbro because a lesbian friend is like a female friend that likes women as much as i do, and i like that. Its cool.
-Random at times
-Lover of the insanity (but the good kind of insanity)...everybody needs a bit of healthy insanity in their life.
What I’m doing with my life
im learning guitar and at the same time i'm doing my college things X.X, uff that is a lot to do.... also i have many crazy ideas that i put into paper, that makes me a writer. I want to do a novel one day also.

As some one with many insights i have been looking for ways to express them but also i want to be practical. When i have an insight either i look for a way for showing it to others or i find a way to apply it in reality, i dont want to be just an idealist, i have a lot of energy that i want to use.

In the other hand: I have always been a bit shy, and i got tired of it, that is why i force my self to interact with people... and as time pass by i'm pushing shyness out my life...
I’m really good at
Taking weird-abstract-good photos with the precarious camera of my cellphone.

Detecting people that are similar to me.

Inventing interesting food combinations. (EG. oreo + peanut butter; pizza+pineapple+jalapeño+chocolate syrup).

Originating insights.

Being a mage.

questioning & contradicting pre-established statements. with frequently begin with me thinking..."...why not?"
The first things people usually notice about me
My hair, when i wear my orange sneakers or when i wear a beige converse along a black converse. yes, i like to experiment with my cloth also i particulary like cloth that are kind of different but looks good.

(search my photos)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
books: song of ice and fire, Harry Potter, linchpin, brain rules, The myths of Cthulu, making ideas happen...

Movies: inception, spirited away, howl's moving castle, medianeras, The Amazing Spider-Man, matrix, collateral.

Tv series: [Death note]] (i love it), Big bang theory, how i met your mother, Game of thrones, Ranma 1/2.

Music: i love music, it renews me, it defines me... i like a lot The mars volta, Liquid Tension experiment, Dream thearer, Tyonday Braxton, among others... jeje i kind say that in general i like avant garde music and progressive....

...But i have a special place in me for my favorite band...."BATTLES ,its complex and kind of serious and makes my mind relax and meditate, but at the same time it makes my body want to dance, even if have never been fond of dancing. So it creates the contradiction of my mind feeling involved and my body engaged. (one of things on my to do before dying list is: to make out or even have sex, while listening to Battles, which some one who also likes this band as much as me. .. xD kind of crazy i know, but it would be awesome)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
You should message me if
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