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My self-summary
Warning: I'm fucking weird. I'm like that kooky professor you probably once had for a science class that gets extremely excited about theoretical concepts and starts going off on wild tangents crossbred with that eerily quiet shrink eyeing you like they can dig into your soul. Maybe throw 'traumatized war veteran' and 'nihilist' in the mix.

I love ancient cultures and languages (Egyptian and Sumerian), electro music, computer languages, unusual photography, learning about quantum mechanics and physics, horror movies, deciphering things/figuring things out, creepy surreal atmospheres, minimalist camping/hiking, philosophy, literature, weapons (guns, knives, crossbows) and sharp things, old books, graveyards, secret passageways, original fairy tales, translation, occultism and logic, myth, objectivity, Libertarians, Invader Zim, contradictions, straightforwardness, challenging people, mischief, danger, sparing (of all kinds), sex, opera, cherry lollipops, cats, anything vanilla (besides sex), sadomasochism (switch), the colors red and green, dark forests, dark humor, sexy hair, high cheekbones, tattoos, sarcasm, honesty, confidence, INTELLIGENCE, and self awareness. That last one is prolly the most important.

I like weird, difficult people. Birds of a feather, and such.
I'm very attracted to androgyny - mental, physical, or spiritual... if I can't tell if you're a boy or a girl, major plus.
I have the same qualities, at least mentally.
I'm totally cool with cis, trans, MtF, intersexed, etc... don't care.
I'm mainly attracted to those who identify as female or "other" but occasionally I'll make an exception.
Being blunt is not offensive, it makes me happy.
Also major plus - interest in/familiar with some form of occult study or energy work that's not Wiccan.

I'm looking for someone like me. Intellectually curious, catalystic, someone who will push me to be better and who I can do the same for. Who also has a high sex drive, an open mind, a strong will, and a passion for knowledge... who can also be silly as fuck.

I am an INTP... usually those types of tests do nothing for me but it's pretty accurate.

...I'm spontaneous, tend to stay up late, love learning new things, having random adventures, etc.

I admit I know nothing, so I always want to learn everything. \m/

Si minor plus est ergo nihil sunt omnia.

chce spotykać większe ilość ludzi kto mówią po polsku rzeby praktykować język...

I am sex, mathematics, and icy fingers
What I’m doing with my life
"The Great Work is, before all things, the creation of man by himself... it is especially the perfect emancipation of his will." -Levi

I do what I need to do when it is called for and change often.

Majoring in astrophysics at SMC, likely transferring to CSUN (unless I gain a substantial inheritance from a mysterious estranged uncle or something - then I'll be out of here faster than 2.998x10^8 m/s, even if it looks like I'm still surfing the asymptote). I sincerely despise LA and leave as often as I can in favor of nature, greenery, lack of psychic fog, and the sheer fact that wherever I'm going is NOT LA. After I gain my Bachelor's I'm considering taking the patent bar and working as a patent agent either prior to or concurrent with grad school. I currently work as an animal care attendant/vet assistant at an animal hospital full time while attending school full time as well. I'm ambitious. I prefer partners be as well. I used to not care about the material at all, at this point in life I recognize its importance to the freedom of pursuit.

If you're interested in magick, study math (please don't let me end up like Newton).

Also, I'm learning how to play the theremin. EM manipulation at its best.
I’m really good at
technical stuff, computers, sex, cooking, strategizing, being unpredictable, fixing things, blowing things up... science.

Friends use me like Google or Wikipedia. If there's something someone doesn't know, they tend to ask me regardless of the subject... and I usually know, sadly. Seriously, sometimes it's ridiculous. Do you know why horsepower is called horsepower?
The first things people usually notice about me
My eyes, they change color sometimes, or appear to at least. I often get asked if I'm wearing colored contacts.

I'm the most pale person most people have met. You can count my veins through my skin (sexy).

People tend to think I'm not paying attention or daydreaming/spacing out when I'm taking in information and... eh, thinking/scanning? I guess I look weird? I'm just going through the beehive. I'm quite conscious of what's going on around me even if I don't actively point it out. I'm constantly observing/analyzing.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I might as well actually fill this out.

Books: non fiction spanning from quantum physics to egyptian mythology to foreign languages to translating interesting Latin texts, also Ayn Rand, Nietzsche, Kafka, Vonnegut, Paglia, Palahniuk, King, Anne Rice, Clive Barker, Storm Constantine, you get the drift...

Movies: Anything gore or horror, especially Asian horror, some action, some mystery. Fight Club, A Tale of Two Sisters, No Reason, Human Centipede 1&2, Audition, Visitor Q, Ichi the Killer, Oldboy, Sympathy for Lady Vengeance, Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance, 3 Extremes 1&2, Red Room 1&2, The Pact, Kill Bill 1&2, Natural Born Killers, The Others, The Mummy Trilogy, Sin City, Dark City, Perfume, 8mm, Cabin in the Woods, The Cube trilogy, All the Hellraisers (yes, all 9 of them... some better than others), All the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo movies (originals), Day and Night Watch, Skin I Live In, Dans Ma Peau, 12 Monkeys, Constantine, Scott Pilgrim versus The World... I like some lame teen comedies (like Superbad) and some sci-fi rocks (Code 46 or Minority Report are good examples).

Shows: Dexter, American Horror Story, Invader Zim, Tales from the Crypt, Masters of Horror, Big Bang Theory, South Park, Lost Girl, Supernatural, Grimm... love modern day fairy tales. I watch everything online streaming/only use my TV for movies.

Music: Electro, Metal, Goth, Industrial, Punk, Indie... NIN, Angelspit, Ayria, Metric, Spinnerette, Dresden Dolls, Uffie, Crystal Castles, Florence + the Machine, The Grimes, Mary Magdalan, Mr. Oizo, The Knife, Combichrist, Kidney Thieves, i:Scintilla, Cradle of Filth, Nile, You Love Her Coz She's Dead, Chicks on Speed, Andriod Lust, Rob Zombie, Sexy Sushi, the Faint, Sexydeath, Jack off Jill, Radiohead, Garbage, Justice, Knife Party, Miss Kittin, She Wants Revenge, Bloody Beetroots, Unter Null, etc.... also like some classic rock along the lines of Kansas, Bon Jovi, my fav classical music is Rachmaninov... hate rap, everything that is popular right now, r&b (especially, makes me cringe), and hip hop. No lesbian dance clubs for me!

Food: I would eventually love to live somewhere where I could grow my own food. I also cook almost everyday. I don't really eat junk food or sugar (stevia is the bomb, sometimes super super dark chocolate or raw honey) and try to stick with high protein/lowish carb/mostly paleo options but am not strict about it (strict diets of any kind and routines tend to irritate me, I'm not hardcore like that - but I do love healthy food/listen to my body)... love Japanese, Thai, French, Mediterranean, Mexican... all the spicier the better (seriously, my spicy food tolerance has impressed many a restaurateur - I put chili flakes or cayenne on virtually everything and occasionally carry a bottle of Tabasco sauce in my purse). I can't stand Indian food, though, it smells like vomit to me. I love making food for friends and expanding my culinary knowledge... I seem to pick up on techniques quickly. It's made me happy when very picky eaters have loved my cooking (or, well, anyone I cook for). I try. I don't think I could date someone who lives on junk food or just doesn't care in general about what they are consuming. Knowing how to cook is sexy.
Six things I could never do without
Freedom, my Self, Will, metaphysics, change, catalysts...
I spend a lot of time thinking about <--- this stuff, take my quiz.

That and the connection between science and metaphysics/magick. I'll give you my metaphor sometime.
On a typical Friday night I am
Masturbating wildly looking at inverted crucifixes and nazi sexploitation porn while smoking cloves and drinking absinthe or at a club/rave planning the destruction of the world or a great party.

That or sitting at home sipping some scotch reading or studying. Toss up.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
a)I am one of the more kinky people out there. Blood and weapons and duct tape are awesome... either way. I've had a lot of experience here but I'm hoping to have a lot more with the right person.

b)I didn't know WTF to put for the mostly/strictly monogamous/non monogamous and etc. option. It really depends on the situation and is on a case by case basis. I'm not "strictly" or even "mostly" anything... I don't think I'd be interested in a serious poly arrangement and I'm not a serial monogamist.

c) I say drugs sometimes... I really mean sometimes/rarely. I would not be able to tolerate hard drug addicts (and I don't do hard drugs). Responsible drug users are fine. I usually take a shamanistic, healing, or ritualistic approach versus seeking to get fucked up for no reason. If you do meth, heroin, crack, or inject anything besides insulin or hormones... just stay the fuck away from me.

d) I've had oodles of life experience (read: unpleasant things have happened... I've risen and fallen), but I can't stand people who *only* focus on the negative/play victim and don't look forward. I like some fire, and I'm all about change. All is will, and nothing comes without risk.

e)I don't typically go for guys, but if you look like Jaye Davidson from Stargate (Ra) or Frank Dillane from Fear the Walking Dead (Nick)... I'd hit that.

Oh... and my user name means "to open numbers" in Middle Egyptian... pronounced (to the best of educated assumption) "sen rekhet". You know, in case you were curious. I enjoy numbers.
You should message me if
If you think you can keep up with me, have knowledge I don't and appreciate what I know, think outside the box, have a life/are not codependent, are interesting/weird, have some intelligence (the more the better), are a rebel, root for villians, have a job, are a Libertarian, share sexual proclivities/compatible sexually, are not a "god person" (actually, yeah, if you ID as Christian, Muslim, or religiously Jewish I'm not interested) but find questioning how the universe works fascinating without limiting yourself to what's known, love science and nature, are not destitute or certifiably crazy... meh, a little crazy is good. :P

it's a start, the rest is esoteric chemistry and chance.

Potential friends are welcome.

Don't message me if -
You have nothing interesting to offer (aka, you're boring/normal/curious) and you find me "interesting". I'm looking to have my curiosity piqued by someone I want to get to know, not to be someone's entertainment. If you're tempted to message me with "ZOMG you're so cool/different, [insert question I've heard a thousand times]" or this gem - "I'm really into goth girls/pierced girls/tattooed girls"... just don't. Thanks.

Please do message me if -
You're not the above, and you think you'd click with me. I'm pretty lenient with introductory messages. I always hope people will read my profile before I need to exert true hardcore communication effort ( I suck at intro messages, I feel your pain), so I'm not offended by brief interest indicators. Also, as far as sexual or romantic stuff goes, my friends tell me I have a "type" physically... true enough. I don't know why... but something about blonde hair just turns me off, always has. I have a preference for dark or red hair, angular features, and pale skin (besides general androgyny). Quote from my good friend SamuraiHunterDX, "You really go for the pale brunettes, huh?". Indeed. Yum. I have a thing.

You don't mind that I have a regular fuck buddy (and no, it's not the person referenced above... go at him, ladies!).

Disclaimer - Sorry if I don't get back to you promptly, I'm incredibly busy right now. I also don't check this site very often - probably 1-2 times a month, if that. But I do read all messages.
The two of us