32Atlanta, United States
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My self-summary
So I've become fond of the 5 favorites trope; this is it in profile form.

5 Most Interesting Things About Me:
5. Forever learner, particularly film and pop culture-obsessed
4. Happiest directing a show (happiest if its on a stage)
3. Sapiosexual as fuck (the best conversations are sex of a sort)
2. Fascinated by adult film (made 2 shows on the subject, one centering on the women who make such work)
1. Learned to dance watching Michael Jackson music videos (still a fan)

5 Least Interesting Things About Me:
5. List-maker (stating the obvious)
4. Policy wonk with a permanent hatred of politics
3. Genderqueer (equal parts Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall, all parts whiskey-drinking wry bastard)
2. Don't feel I ever look genderqueer enough (dyphoria is a bitch)
1. Social introvert (I sometimes ghost from parties, even if I had a good time)

5 Things You Should Know:
5. I'm looking for friends first (love and sex are better with it)
4. I'm new in town (trying to find a steady social group)
3. Open to most things at least once (sex, learning, and general experience)
2. Mostly attracted to women, but anyone of any gender can be a turn-on (likelihood of quality conversation and experience is more important than looks or equipment)
1. Great with mental masturbation; not great with small talk
What I’m doing with my life
5. Enjoying it
4. Learning things
3. Finding new people to love
2. Working on finding a regular performance thing
1. Exploring Atlanta
I’m really good at
5. finding a quote or example for every situation
4. improvising mixed drinks
3. appearing upright and respectable
2. theatre direction
1. internet research
The first things people usually notice about me
5. smile/smirk
4. voice (I'm told my accent comes from every place in the world but the South)
3. whatever blazer I'm wearing
2. sarcasm
1. awkwardness
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
5. The Eyre Affair
4. Ready Player One
3. Transmetropolitan
2. Calvin and Hobbes
1. House of Leaves

5. The Dreamers
4. The Big Lebowski
3. The Rocky Horror Picture Show
2. The Cabin in the Woods
1. Her

5. Batman: The Animated Series
4. Rugrats
3. Star Trek: The Next Generation
2. Avatar: The Last Airbender/The Legend of Korra
1. Steven Universe

5. The Witness
4. Gone Home
3. Metal Gear Solid 2
2. Watch_Dogs
1. Life Is Strange
In short, I like things that inspire me, make me see genres/tropes/ideas in a different light, make me laugh, and make me go whaaa??
To Futher Antagonize Folk--Favorites In Porn
5. Behind the Green Door
4. Barbara Broadcast
3. The Devil In Miss Jones
2. The Opening of Misty Beethoven
1. Alice in Wonderland: An X-Rated Musical Fantasy

5. Sasha Grey
4. Darling
3. Belladonna
2. Penny Pax
1. Kay Parker
5. Broadway ("Out Tonight" from Rent)
4. Michael Jackson ("Who Is It")
3. Frank Sinatra ("That's Life")
2. Luther Vandross ("Love the One You're With")
1. Tupac Shakur ("Keep Ya Head Up")

5. Shrimp
4. Crab Cakes
3. Chocolate Cake/Brownies
2. Quality Cheese (though GI problems have lessened my intake)
1. Pizza
Six things I could never do without
1. The Internet: it's basically an extension of my brain at this point.

2. A good, physical book: no matter where the technology goes, I'll be alright with it, as I currently read PDFs and text files on my computer and listen to books on tape, and I could see myself getting a Kindle or Nook sometime soon for the convenience of travel (EDIT: Received a Kindle Fire for Christmas; so far have used it for scripts more often than books). If, however, we end up living in a world where only virtual copies are sold, I'll be the stubborn old guy with a house full of books and a printing press.

3. Good friends: I need them. I have always been lucky enough to have a few, and I gained two whole fraternal organizations full of them in college. They are my true family, and no person or situation could make me give them up. I should add that I'm always looking for more, and am just as willing and eager to hook up with awesome people for adventures as I am to hook up with awesome people for romantic relationships. These things are not mutually exclusive, by the way.

4. Tolerance: while I generally follow Voltaire's position of advocating strongly someone else's right to advocate against everything I believe in, I am heavily intolerant of a closed mind. The lack of a willingness to at least learn more about things you know nothing about is an instant dealbreaker for any sort of close relationship.

5. Diversity: I can't stand being in a place where people all look the same, act the same, and have the same interests; it's boring. When I find such a group I generally try very hard to introduce them to new people and new things.

6. Hedonism: "the doctrine that pleasure or happiness is the sole or chief good in life", according to Merriam-Webster. I strongly believe that one should work hard to make every living moment as happy and fulfilling as possible--and while some can achieve that happiness and fulfillment through the proverbial wine, women, and song, they don't necessarily do so all the time. (I also take pleasure in reading, dancing, and seeing a good show.) In fact, there are an infinity of personal pleasures to choose from, and almost every human being, whether they are aware of it or not, has their own personal cocktail. As far as I'm concerned, as long as it doesn't interfere with the happiness of others, an individual's personal pursuit is up to them--but they shouldn't resist the pursuit. To quote a Noel Coward play, "life is for living", and it's the only thing we know for certain is promised to us.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
5. Sex, sexuality, and relationships
4. The global political clusterfuck
3. Fighting the patriarchy
2. Random shit related to things I've seen and read
1. Things I shouldn't worry about
On a typical Friday night I am
Exploring the city, finding new places to love. You will probably find me around midnight at the Plaza Theatre, preparing to enjoy Lips Down on Dixie's impressive Rocky Horror shadowcast. It's possible I might be one of them in the near future.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I am most turned on by androgyny, and most turned off by cis men (again the dysphoria).
You should message me if
"Life's too short babe, time is flying--I'm looking for baggage that goes with mine."

If you actually read all that and are still somewhat interested, you should.
The two of us