46Denver, United States
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My self-summary
I realized recently that life really is way too short to waste time doing something you don't like. So I moved to Denver and am spending a lot more time enjoying life.

I'm finally comfortable with being a nerd/geek -- it took a while -- and I'm really hoping to find someone who can channel her inner nerd. I mean "nerd" loosely -- I'm talking about that thing that you're *really* enthusiastic about and you think to yourself "I think I'm more into this than most people."

It doesn't mean you have to like things that are traditionally "nerdy", (I never got into science fiction, and I think the Big Bang Theory is just about the least funny show I've ever seen,) I just want you to show me what it is, about whatever is, that really rocks your world.

So, I'm ready to meet a partner -- I'm not really sure what specifically that entails, because if you're not going to have kids, the framework of marriage/coupledom/what-do-we-do gets a little vague. You're free to blaze your own trail, but you're on the hook to figure out a worthwhile path to take. Anyway, I'm eager to figure that out, and I'd love some company and/or trailblazing help along the way.

My hobbies? I love cooking, baseball (I won't force you to watch it, but I'm usually able to talk people into at least giving it a try.) deserts, mountains, and indie movies. Oh, and any kind of music which makes you shake your behind before you realize what you're doing. Speaking of which -- howcome nobody ever sings about waving your hands in the air as if you really DID care?

By the way, if you have to mention the specific model of Apple product without which you simply feel you cannot live, I don't think I'm the guy for you. It's not that I have anything in particular about Apple, but it's just a machine. If it's a way of life, or you stand in line for a new one, or you really have to identify yourself by the model, I feel our perspectives may not mesh. (How would you feel if someone said "I must have my Nike Pegasus Air 2 with a compass in the stock and this thing that tells time"? I mean, really.)

Anyway, these dang "check this box" things are too vague in the first place.
What I’m doing with my life
For money? I write software. I'm working for a tiny startup (I'm employee #3) which is pretty exciting. There's no money in it, so the "blowing your paycheck on Friday night" problem seems to have solved itself.

Otherwise, trying to live a lot more. Inertia's kept me from hitting the Denver music scene, but I know it's there. The brewery scene here is too good for my own good - all those carbs!
I’m really good at
Slinging code; cracking jokes; drinking; cracking jokes while drinking; apologizing tomorrow morning for whatever I said last night while drinking; cooking; run-on sentences.

I'm a pretty darn good cook -- I really enjoy winging it with whatever's in the fridge, but I also know how my way around Tuscan cuisine a bit.

By Eastern standards, I'm a pretty good skier. I'm an OK photographer, but have been missing a muse for some time.
The first things people usually notice about me
Oh jeez, I dunno. Ask around. My disdain for BS? My Cliff Clavin-like trove of random facts?
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Oh, there's not enough room. Have you seen The Intouchables? (not Un, but In) What a great movie. Really, do yourself a favor.

Apocalypse Now is one of my favorite movies, but I have a lot of things there. I've got a kinda cerebral approach to what I like in a movie. ("snob" is an accepted alternate spelling of "cerebral") I love funky music -- I hate dancing, but I love being compelled to dance. It's like laughing. You never say to someone "may I have this laugh?", but if something's funky and you have to get down, that's the good stuff.
Six things I could never do without
I'll skip air/water/food:
1) coffee. nothing fancy, just good, fresh coffee.
2) books.
3) I could do without a computer, but it'd be difficult and I'd be unemployed.
4) sunshine
5) things to cook
6) baseball
I spend a lot of time thinking about
I spend a lot of time thinking about the best ways to solve the problems we as a people face. It's wonky, I know, but I'm always trying to think of a two-birds-with-one-stone solution to pollution, infrastructure, all those great topics that bring conversation to a screeching halt a happy hour.
On a typical Friday night I am
At my favorite brewery, at happy hour, or on the way out of town to some silly thing or another.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
well, that's kinda the point of being private, right?
You should message me if
if a) you read this far
b) you like what you've seen so far.

I'm sorry - that's a stupid question. You should message me if you want to. That's kinda the point of being here, isn't it?
The two of us